I absolutely love ASS WORSHIP. It’s one of My favourite parts of a session.


Ass worship comes about in many forms but ultimately it is you burying your head in my butt cheeks. Stroking, kneading, massaging, kissing, licking and most importantly ensuring Mistress feels relaxed, loved and empowered.

I can use ass worship as a means to degrade you. Totally ignoring you, turning My back on you, texting My girlfriends while you fondle my posterior. I’ll be telling the girls all about what a dirty little pervert you are and as your cock stiffens you’ll feel pain as I will have locked it up and owned it way before I’ve permitted you to touch My derrière.

I may order you on your back and strap you down. Hovering Myself over you, teasing you, threatening to sit on your face. Stroking your nose with My big, juicy, butt cheeks. Then I’ll overpower your airway with My ass until I feel you deserve to breathe once more.