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manchester mistress
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Branding a slave

Branding is the ultimate power exchange in a Domme/ sub relationship. Relinquishing ones freedom to your Mistress forms a very special bond. Her mark will stay with you forever and you’ll know how special you were to Her at the time She chose to put Her mark on you.

As an Equestrian I have crossed paths with lots of talented blacksmiths who are able to create beautiful pieces from their steel. Along the road I just happened to find a very kinky sub who was willing to create a branding iron for Me.
I must say I was overwhelmed with the piece once in My possession and although it will not be used on just any slave, I am confident it will make a beautiful mark when I choose to pull it out.

So with that in mind have a think about how much you wish to truly belong, truly submit, truly give yourself over to Me and then offer your servitude, your worship, your soul and I might just choose you to join the very exclusive club of Mistress Eclipse.