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Afternoon Tea


Hello girls.

I’ve listened to many of you tell me that you want to be treated like any other girl and have a civilised afternoon with other ladies, that understand your desired lifestyle, albeit widely open or behind my closed doors.

With you in mind I thought I’d bring my afternoon tea set into chambers and we could eat sandwiches, drink tea / coffee, dress each other and help with hair and make up.

Now I know some of you sissy sluts like it to be a 1-2-1 session when you come in but that’s no problem. There’ll be loads of girly things for us to talk about while eating cakes / scones.
For those of you who are a little more adventurous I could get a few of you sissys together and you can give each other make up and style tips. I know some of you have found some great ways of concealing your desires at home, you can share these ideas and help each other to live in frills more often.

I can condense a 1-2-1 into an hour or spread it across a few, giving us more time to play in stockings and petticoats.
If there’s 2 or 3 girls coming in at once then we’ll need at least 2hrs so please consider this when you’re looking to book.

M. Eclipse xx

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