07Jul 2017



Good afternoon to My loyal and obedient slaves and a very warm welcome to those who have only just happened upon My website, I’m sure you’ll soon become infatuated with Me and the activities that I enjoy so very much.
It seems that through such high demand for real time sessions over the past few months I have somewhat neglected My blog (again). It is very hard work to fit in kink around the North and up in Edinburgh along with quality time with My magnificent horses and My handsome pooch and then have chance to write all about it when I’m completely wiped out at the end of the day.

Anyway, where shall I begin? I’ve decided to stop touring as much as I have been as I’m really struggling to find routine and balance. You wouldn’t believe how much junk food you consume when you can’t cook for a few days, when that’s a week or so per month it begins to take its toll on the body and mind. Being away also means a lack of exercise as I’m not even at the farm to care for My horses. In fact I must admit I haven’t even managed to ride over the past two months which is an absolute shameful admittance. Anyway I’m back to routine now. Up at 5:45am, riding by 7am, horses turned out, mucked out and watered by 9am. It’s a labour of love but it’s a necessity for Me to feel the peace and tranquillity that horses and the rural surroundings brings to Me.

With this said I will still be visiting Derby to see My very good friend Goddess Vivienne L’Amour and working from Celestial Studios whilst I am there. I know there would be great disappointment from the loyal boys I regularly see in the Midlands if I didn’t visit regularly.

Also My new latex arrived but as of yet I haven’t arranged a photo shoot to show it off to you all. I’m sure you’ll be excited to see it. I wore a piece for the Manchester spanking party this week and everybody loved it!

So what’s coming next? I have Bitches UnleSHEd on the 29th July, for which I will be the Mistress of Ceremony again, this will give those of you who have not yet had chance to Meet Me in person to come and drool and if you’re lucky I might give you a little play time. I make no promised though! The best way to meet Me is to book a 1-2-1 session and let Me take you into a space where it’s just you and I and you can truly appreciate My Dominance and beauty.

Don’t be afraid to call or email Me, I don’t bite- often 😉

Mistress Eclipse



05Mar 2017


All that jazz & Derby


Since My last post:

An update which I’m calling ‘All that jazz’

I decided not to move farms. It’s a very delicate operation to move two large animals and ensuring they have the right environment to live and thrive is imperative. Ultimately ‘the new farm’ wasn’t right and I’ve decided to stay put. It eased the stress as My usual grooms were able to tend to My horses whilst I was getting kinky in Derby. Phew!

I had a blast at SinNation with Mistress Buffy Brown, Miss Kitty Domme, Princess Aurora, Mistress Natasha and the willing subs that threw themselves at Our mercy. It was great to play, let My hair down and mingle with the other lovely Mistresses at the event.

I’ve ordered a few new items from Jack’s Floggers which I’ll be breaking in on My pain bitch as soon as they arrive. I’ve also had a sub make Me a heavy suede flogger and a small dragons tongue with his wood turner which I have yet to try out. I LOVE playing with new toys!!

On Tuesday the 28th Feb I set off to Derby bright and early to make sure I was on time for My first sissy session @11am. Unfortunately in My haste I did not make any pancakes and still feel aggrieved about this! I did have a gorgeous Indian meal in the evening though so it wasn’t all bad.

I’d booked lots of Double Domme sessions in with Vivienne L’Amour during this tour which was great because We really are very good personal friends which makes working together lots of fun. We both strive to get the best from Our submissives and it means there’s always one of Us to tease and torment you while the other is punishing you making it impossible to ever ask us to stop.

From outdoors activities (bondage & bull whipping), to large anal fuckery, to burning and branding this trip had it all and it most certainly ended with a bang when I was involved in a car crash! It’s most certainly not a time I’m going to forget in a hurry!

I did get chance to do a little bit of filming too with My collared slave, toy, who got to shower in his Mistresses piss. Lucky boy. Clips coming soon on Adult Work!


What’s coming up?

I’m hoping to start some professional wrestling lessons soon. I grew up watching WWF or WWE as it’s now known and I see Myself as a cross between My 3 wrestling hero’s (The Undertaker, Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin). I’ve postponed for now as I’m a little sore since My crash but I’m sure I’ll soon be ready for pinning people down and shoving My sweaty socks down their throat!

The 18th of March is BitchesUnleashed of course which I’ve been asked to compare. I just hope My latex dress is here on time or I’ll be going in My birthday suit.

Another photo shoot has been booked so there’ll be more pictures to tantalise your cum buds with soon.

I’m back in Derby Thursday 30th March till Sunday 2nd April and then I’m straight off to Edinburgh from the 3rd April – 6th April before heading back to Manchester for sessions on the 7th. It’s all GO GO GO in My world and I LOVE it!


Check in soon for more of Me.

Manchester Mistress Eclipse

02Feb 2017



Hello all. I hope you’ve had a very kinky week?

So as you may have seen it’s My birthday on the 8th of February and apart from certain individuals that I’ve asked to buy Me other things, then Mistress requires latex! You’ll know from previous posts just how much I love wearing rubber. I’ve put some items on My Amazon wishlist

which can be sent straight to My house or if you’d like to purchase some of the beautiful things from My Latex Catfish wish list you can find it here:

I know it won’t be delivered on time but just knowing it’s coming will make Me very happy. You’ll have to send them to My Doddle address so I can pick them up at My convenience. It’s in a vanilla name to avoid any issues. In fact anything you want to buy Me can be sent to My Doddle address and they’ll just text Me when it arrives. Here’s the details you require:

Name: K. Lamb.
Doddle – Liverpool ONE
Information Centre
5 Wall Street
L1 8JQ

Thanks for helping Mistress Eclipse to have a rubbery, squeaky, slip slidy birthday.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse xx

17Jan 2017


2017 New year and new horizons for this Manchester Mistress


Hello all.

Well I’m back!!

I know lots of you have been asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Manchester Mistress Eclipse has been very quiet you say? Well as always I’m an open book so I’m gonna give you the low down on what’s been happening.

I jumped into the professional Domination scene, as you know, in December 2015. However by February 2016 My father’s health took a turn for the worse and kink couldn’t be My priority. Although I was still seeing a couple of clients per week and continuing to learn more about My trade I wasn’t focused.  I know what you’re thinking but yes! Mistresses do have lives that do not involve their thrown and latex! We are in fact real people. Still more superior to you filthy lot but people none the less.

In May My dad passed away which again took Me away from kink as I was the executor of the estate and nothing is ever simple.

By August My time became free again and I began to session more but unfortunately I became really ill after the bank holiday. Struck down by some African parasite that I have no idea how I picked up? By the time it was diagnosed it had drained Me and it took until November to recover. Meanwhile My pony became injured. Pulling the tendons & ligaments in her left leg. For Me this was very stressful and I needed to dedicate My time to her wellbeing as it was unclear if she would need to be put to sleep or not. At this point I decided to take the rest of 2016 at a leisurely pace and start 2017 fresh, healthy and without complication. So here I am!! (My pony is going to make a full recovery by the way hurrah!!)

Throughout all of this I have however continued to see My regular clients and have enjoyed lots of stinky foot worship sessions, sensual latex and strap on.

Oh you know I can’t help Myself entirely!

I’ll write more about these sessions later so keep your eyes open for further blogs.


Mistress Eclipse



Also to follow:

Pony play, indoor riding space, pony camp.

Monthly calendar schedule.

Photo shoot updates

Filming updates


16Mar 2016


You Can Label Me But You Won’t Change Me


Fetish: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
~ Oxford English Dictionary.

On reading the above definition I started to think about the words ‘abnormal degree’. To what extent is finding a woman’s breast a turn on any different to her feet, ear lobe, arm pit etc? On the same lines why is rubber clothing any different to sexy lingerie? However boobs and lingerie are viewed as ‘normal’ and if the definition is suggesting that walking around with an engorged cock from viewing these and wanting to relieve yourself from such tension means you have a fetish then I’d say everyone who has ever wanted to rub themselves till they orgasmed indeed has a fetish.

This got Me thinking about labels and conformity and the very boring vanilla world we would live in if we were all frightened to be called ‘abnormal’. Is this why our world is so discreet? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take our pets, slaves, submissives, or whatever to say Asda (or one of the other reasonably priced supermarkets in your area) without being called abnormal or worse!?

You know when I was at college, doing My A levels, well I had a little change of heart. I went from being what we described as a ‘teeny bopper’ at the time. Long blonde hair, tight jeans, pink crop top and ankle boots to transforming into a ‘goth’ not by dictionary definition but basically everyone who was a bit different was a goth in college and so I became one of them. I chopped My hair into a bob and dyed it black with a bright pink side fringe. I accessorised this look with a pvc studded dog collar and leather wrist cuffs. Black crop tops with logos on that said things like ‘I go from 0 to bitch in 0.5 seconds’ accompanied with baggy combat pants that hung from My hips and showed the top of my thong was my new thing.

I’ve never grew out of wanting to be different. It’s more a need than a want actually. I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe in and I will ALWAYS be true to myself because if you’re hiding the real you from the rest of the world then it can be a pretty lonely place. Plus being different gives Me a buzz. I’m extremely happy to report that there is only one of Me and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with the same quirks. For instance I get great pleasure from inflicting consented pain but I still love having a Harry Potter box set marathon every now and then…. If that’s just lowered your opinion of Me then so be it. I’m pleasing Me not you.

Now I know that for some people it is not possible to admit their kinks to their loved ones but as long as you find a way to express that kink be it with a Mistress like Myself or other then you are embracing the real you even for just a short while, once per week, once per month or whenever you can.

One of the fetishes that I’ve found people get most embarrassed about is within the adult baby scene. They always get very quiet voices and a bit stuttery when enquiring if it’s OK to poop in their nappies. It’s the freedom to relinquish all control, even of their bowel, returning to true childhood form that really gets these little cherubs off. However in My AB room anything goes. There’s no need to feel embarrassed and if it can happen to a baby then it can happen to you. I just felt this was a very important point to put across. I do what I do because I’m not vanilla and there’ll never be anything that you can’t discuss with Me. Even if you think you’re the only person in the world that enjoys your particular fetish then I can assure you that you’re wrong. Like I said earlier, our world is very discreet for numerous reasons, if you’re enjoying yourself then I’m enjoying Myself with you. Bare that in mind when you’re booking sessions. The more I truly know then the more things there are to explore.

I’ve digressed a little bit but going back to My initial point. ‘Abnormal’ or ‘different’ or just an ‘individual’- being yourself, is important and if ‘yourself’ is one kinky horny bastard then that’s something to smile about even if it’s just on the inside. Bravo to you!

M. Eclipse.

17Jan 2016

manchester mistress

I am Mistress Eclipse of Manchester.

I have a very wide range of BDSM interests and I session in one of the very best multi roomed dungeons in the UK – The Fetish Emporium, just 3.7 miles from Manchester.

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