24Apr 2019



I will be touring in London on the 21st & 22nd May.

I will be accompanied by Mistress Sheba so please ask regarding Double Domme sessions.

To book

Call 07907622890 or email mistresseclipse@gmail.com

23Apr 2019

Touring in April

Hi guys, just a reminder that I will be in Newcastle on the 24th & 25th April

Derby on the 26th & 27th April

Then back in Manchester on the 28th April till further notice.

Sessions can be booked via phone 07907622890

or email


18Apr 2019

Tour Dates in April

I will be in Newcastle on the 24th & 25th April. There’s limited availability on the 25th so you must book quickly and pay deposit to confirm. Tribute is £160 per hour to visit Me but I do offer Double Domme sessions with Mistress Celeste at the bargain price of £200 per hour.


Derby I will be with you on the 26th (availability from 7:30pm) and all day on the 27th April.

Again tribute will be £160 per hour or I can offer Double Domme sessions with Vivienne L’Amour at £260 per hour.

Deposits are always required if we haven’t met before xx

17Apr 2019

New to the scene


Are you new to the scene? Not sure if you want to top, bottom or switch? Come on in, we can take it slow. I’ll let you have a go at both swings of the pendulum (although I don’t take implements I can show you how to use them correctly) Try spanking My lovely bottom. I can guide you through what women want. How we like to be spanked and the after care we love.

You can build your confidence with Me.

What have you got to lose?

Call / email now to make a booking. Please note a deposit will be required if we’ve not met before.



Mistress Eclipse x

15Apr 2019

Plastic bags, bin bags, heavy duty shrink wrap

I’ve always loved black rubber but I’ve recently been introduced to the wonders of heavy duty plastic bags. I’m having loads of fun with My guys exploring this fetish and have recently fimed a clip for My clip store where I kidnap and then bundle a naughty boy into a bin bag as punishment for his bad behaviour. You can find it on iwantclips or you can call Me to book a session and have your own bin bag fantasy come to life xx

15Apr 2019

Sensual Domination – No Pain

Sensual Domination succumbs the mind, body and soul of the recipient. It is done through words, breath, touch and understanding. I love to play in this area. It’s a much calmer type of play to sadist sessions yet it creates a very intense relationship.

Please note:
Some of these sessions or some aspects of these sessions I can enjoy both giving and receiving so please give full details of your interests when contacting Me. I’ll never be offended by a polite request for anything but please understand that I do not offer sexual services.

Body tracing. Drawing pictures on the body with mine / your finger tips/ nails.

Decretive / graffiti body drawing with pens/ lipstick/ paint/ other things that leave visual pictures/ lines/ shapes.

The electricity between the two can leave both dripping with satisfaction and intense belonging. You can add sensory deprivation or restraints to this to make it even more mind blowing.

Playing with / brushing hair.
From chest hair, leg hair, Pubic hair, back hair, head hair, arm/ armpit hair- all hair can feel good to play with.
It can be very sensual to feel and see fingers / a hairbrush running through your hair. My head hair is long and thick. It’s at its best when it is freshly brushed and shiny. I’m happy to allow my hair to be washed, dried, brushed, curled, straightened, styled but not cut.

A light touch or a fist full of hair with a bit of pressure can allure you into sub space.
Shaving / cutting hair can be lots of fun too. A little bit of adrenaline and lots of trust is needed for this.

I also pose for life drawings. You can create your own pictures of Me to take home.

I enjoy feeding and being fed. I also love to carnivorously pull meat from a bone with my teeth while looking another in the eye, watching them enjoy the show. Holding it with my hands, sinking my teeth in and with a head thrust to the side drag the meat off, chew & swallow. I think there’s something sexy about eating chicken / steak / lamb in this way.

If you’d like to book a session that incorporates any of these things or anything else that you are dying to indulge in then contacting Me is safe, confidential and encouraged.

Much love

Mistress Eclipse xx

15Apr 2019

Newspaper Fetish

Do you love the smell and the crinkle? Do you love the way the ink comes off and dries on your skin. Imagine Me wearing all white and us rolling round in the newspaper together. Would you like me to gag you with it? That crisp taste… mmmm. The way it kinda dries your mouth out and slowly becomes soggy and messy.
Maybe you’d like me to roll the newspaper up and spank you with it? Or line a latex / leather body bag with newspaper so your secured tightly, smothered in glorious newspaper?
Do you like the way the pages rip individually but together are very strong. Would it be torture for me to wrap you up and rip a piece off one by one? How about if I just rubbed you all over with a few crisp pages. Like a slow exfoliating massage.

Would you like to wrap Me in it? I’m happy to switch.

We can have loads of fun together with this so give Me a call and we’ll play.

Mistress Eclipse

15Apr 2019

Non-Intimate Intimacy 


Up to 12hr Non-intimate, intimacy.
This is where you can share your hopes, desires, fears, warmth and interests with me
as an equal, sub (or Domme if you do so wish). This may come simply in the form of closeness & warmth, softly touching, playing with each other’s hair and holding each other tightly. Perhaps helping each other eat, shower, or dress into our pyjamas before going to bed for the evening. I know it can be heart warming to just have someone there when you drift off in the evening and when you wake up in the morning. Someone you can chat to for several hours and feel comfortable and relaxed with.
In our 12hrs together we can go out for a meal, explore the city nightlife or simply chill out in chambers for the night with a cup of tea and a takeaway.

Fetish / kinky play can be incorporated into our time together if you wish but will require an additional fee.

I can do this as myself or in a role play form such as:
Daughter, mother, sister, school friend, auntie, boss, etc.

There’s always a choice of wardrobe options for both of us so please let me know if you do have any requests.

22Mar 2019

I absolutely love ASS WORSHIP. It’s one of My favourite parts of a session.


Ass worship comes about in many forms but ultimately it is you burying your head in my butt cheeks. Stroking, kneading, massaging, kissing, licking and most importantly ensuring Mistress feels relaxed, loved and empowered.

I can use ass worship as a means to degrade you. Totally ignoring you, turning My back on you, texting My girlfriends while you fondle my posterior. I’ll be telling the girls all about what a dirty little pervert you are and as your cock stiffens you’ll feel pain as I will have locked it up and owned it way before I’ve permitted you to touch My derrière.

I may order you on your back and strap you down. Hovering Myself over you, teasing you, threatening to sit on your face. Stroking your nose with My big, juicy, butt cheeks. Then I’ll overpower your airway with My ass until I feel you deserve to breathe once more.

07Jul 2017



Good afternoon to My loyal and obedient slaves and a very warm welcome to those who have only just happened upon My website, I’m sure you’ll soon become infatuated with Me and the activities that I enjoy so very much.
It seems that through such high demand for real time sessions over the past few months I have somewhat neglected My blog (again). It is very hard work to fit in kink around the North and up in Edinburgh along with quality time with My magnificent horses and My handsome pooch and then have chance to write all about it when I’m completely wiped out at the end of the day.

Anyway, where shall I begin? I’ve decided to stop touring as much as I have been as I’m really struggling to find routine and balance. You wouldn’t believe how much junk food you consume when you can’t cook for a few days, when that’s a week or so per month it begins to take its toll on the body and mind. Being away also means a lack of exercise as I’m not even at the farm to care for My horses. In fact I must admit I haven’t even managed to ride over the past two months which is an absolute shameful admittance. Anyway I’m back to routine now. Up at 5:45am, riding by 7am, horses turned out, mucked out and watered by 9am. It’s a labour of love but it’s a necessity for Me to feel the peace and tranquillity that horses and the rural surroundings brings to Me.

With this said I will still be visiting Derby to see My very good friend Goddess Vivienne L’Amour and working from Celestial Studios whilst I am there. I know there would be great disappointment from the loyal boys I regularly see in the Midlands if I didn’t visit regularly.

Also My new latex arrived but as of yet I haven’t arranged a photo shoot to show it off to you all. I’m sure you’ll be excited to see it. I wore a piece for the Manchester spanking party this week and everybody loved it!

So what’s coming next? I have Bitches UnleSHEd on the 29th July, for which I will be the Mistress of Ceremony again, this will give those of you who have not yet had chance to Meet Me in person to come and drool and if you’re lucky I might give you a little play time. I make no promised though! The best way to meet Me is to book a 1-2-1 session and let Me take you into a space where it’s just you and I and you can truly appreciate My Dominance and beauty.

Don’t be afraid to call or email Me, I don’t bite- often 😉

Mistress Eclipse