27Jun 2016

The Kidnap


Below is the recollection of a kidnap carried out by Mistress Buffy Brown and Myself:

My story –
It all started with an email from a girl called Lola.
Let me just say that I am a cross-dresser, my gurly name is Justine and my male name lets say Bob, and the email from Lola said she was also a crossdresser. She wanted to meet up one Wednesday evening in Canal Street area of Manchester – her first venture out as Lola.
Well, Lola didn’t make it but sent me an email to say that she had problems. Then because I didn’t ask what the problem was, she went off on one. I got text and notes pleading to meet me.

Heaven knows who else she told because at the same time I started getting messages from someone threatening to expose me.
She kept changing the meeting place. Finally Lola said she would meet me in the cinema. She had me sit through a boring horror film and didn’t turn up. All the time I was never sure whether Lola was going to turn up, or I was going to be grabbed by this other person (the black mailer). It was a bad enough film without having all that apprehension on top.

I then got a message from Lola saying she had been taken by this other person and please follow the instructions or it would be bad for both of us. I was instructed to trek across town to be measured for a corset – how embarrassing.
Then I was directed to a typical male drinking pub and to order a pint of beer – remember dressed as a girl in a ‘man’s’ pub. Before I had time to say anything, the barmaid loudly asked “Hello Justine or is it Bob, you want a pint?” God she knows who I am how embarrassing – how many more people know? There I am the only ‘female’ amongst loads of blokes most probably having heard the barmaid. I’m sure two were gay. I wished I could shrink into the floor.

From there I was to find a busker. That turned out to be a rouse.
As on the way I was grabbed by two unknown females and dragged hooded down a dark alleyway, and handcuffed to the wall. There they left me stood unable to see or move. Anyone could have come down the alley – don’t let it be those two from the pub.
After an eternity they returned. God what now! Balls and tits were squeezed, really squeezed.
They proceeded to bandage my head. Why bandage my head? I can’t see anyway. I was then pushed down into what turned out to be a wheelchair and strapped in – still handcuffed.
More humiliation was to come, they pushed me round town with onlookers either asking about my health or laughing at me.
I was then left somewhere (I suspect outside a pub) while they had a laugh and a few drinks. So isolated, so humiliated.
Eventually they returned to push me further – to their hideout.

There I was thrown to the floor and left in the dark damp – heaven knows where! I dare not escape – as if it was possible being handcuffed and bandaged. There was a big bloke guarding the door I was informed.
After a while they returned to tie me up, and tried torturing me into confessing that I was not a girl but a man. Why should I? – I am what I am, not what they want me to be. They kept asking “What is your name Justine or Bob?”
There I was securely tied up, and they then started injecting me with all sorts of things. I felt my balls growing huge. I was never going to pass as a girl like this.
And then left again whilst my balls grew massive with whatever they were injecting into them. Please god don’t let the guard come in and have his way with me.
More torture on their return. I was scratched all over and my cock was subjected to something sharp. One of them was definitely more sadistic than the other. Then they started on my breasts. Pressing them, squeezing them, pulling the nipples. Eventually I had to give in. The pain was too much. Plus, I wanted to keep my cock and tits, my balls were probably past the point of no return by now.
Having confessed, I thought that would be it – oh no…
They obviously wanted me alive, so I was fed and watered. For more of their fun it turned out.
The bandaged head being replaced with a leather hood. They seemingly had more in store for me.
So I was resecured with pallet wrap and encased in a rubber sack complete with hood. Then I felt it. They had shoved some sort of electrode up my bum . Ooooch!
So there I was secured in pallet wrap and rubber on a hot night sweating like mad, my bum twitching every few seconds from the electric shocks. Left for the night. At least if that guard comes in I am secured out of his way. Don’t know which would be the worse of the two – shocked and sweating or raped by a big guard!
After a long sleepless night. I was asked if I had learned my lesson. We’ll not wanting to loose everything, I agreed – anything to save having more of the torture.
They untied me and kicked me out.
I’ve no idea what became of Lola. Sorry Lola but I’m not going looking for you.

Yes – I had asked Mistress Buffy to kidnap me and given her a vague (very vague) idea of what I had in mind. Mistress also called in the assistance of Mistress Eclipse.
What a brilliant, at times terrifying, painful and embarrassing experience.
Would I do it again – ‘yes’ – sorry “YES, YES and YES again”.


The Best Bits:

The bar – was really humiliating. Having the barmaid refer to by both names was just so gutting. Like the floor being pulled from under my persona.

Eating – having to sit there, being sure everyone was looking at Justine/Bob. The bar was actually quietish but even so it was bad (or do I mean good!).

The snatch – so unexpected!

Being left in the alley. Gosh that really was so worrying. So many questions went through my mind. (A) was it possible for someone to come down the alley? (B) how long will I be left. (C) what are they going to do next?

The bandage – A stroke of genius.

The wheelchair was brilliant  (if a little strenuous for you). Gosh it is so disorientating. I had no idea what was happening. And not knowing what other people were doing saying or looking at, was really disturbing (good).

I thought you would go straight to the ‘dungeon ‘ – but no you stopped to have a drink and cause more humiliation

Torture – Mistress Buffy you obviously didn’t tell Mistress Eclipse  I’m not keen on nipple turture – I think I’m glad of that as it pushed my boundaries. You genuinely succeeded in getting me to plead to stop – effectively safewording -I’ve only used that twice before. Mistress Eclipse -well done! Gold star.

The two of you should really consider doing more of this. You are really really good. Heaven help the next victim – please let it be me!!!!

The whole kidnap thing was excellent  (20 out of 10),



06Jun 2016


imageDerby Tour Dates 11th & 12th June 2016

Come and serve Vivienne L’Amour and I in Derby. There’ll be a whole range of kinky seduction, severe punishments and mind blowing scenarios.

Can you really miss this opportunity?

When two Sexy, Dominant, Women come together there’s bound to be pheromones, sparks & steam in the room. What a lucky slave you’ll be if you’re apart of it.

Call or email mistresseclipse@gmail.com to book

24Mar 2016


Summoned to the Office

To redden the bottom, bruise it like a peach and score it like a piece of pre cooked meat puts a broad smile on the headmistress’ face. Your adrenaline is pumping. You’d like nothing more than to be over Her knee while your bottom twitches with each stroke that She administers. She calls you into her office. Your ears are ringing with fear and you’re not really taking in the words She speaks until She says ‘Are you deaf? Take them off NOW!’ She’s pointing at your trousers. You’re flustered. But hurriedly you take them off. How embarrassing to be stood in your underwear in the presence of this beautiful Woman. ‘Those too’ She says. You debate arguing but as quickly as the thought appears in your mind you counter it and remove your underpants. You’re over her knee in no time and she artistically switches from hand to plimsole to paddle and back to hand. As the effect of each implement begins to take its toll on your round globes you allow little whimpers to escape your mouth which only makes her spank you harder.
Eventually she she stops her rhythmic thrashing and rubs your bottom.
‘I know you want to be a good boy’ She says…. and your erection grows. ‘I’m going to teach you the errors of your ways. Now stand up.’

She gestures for you to bend over Her desk which comes as some relief as at least you can now mask your wood under Her wood. She begins to caress a cane that She has laid next to your right hand. Your hard on stays in tact.
‘This is what you deserve for being a naughty boy. When I’m satisfied that you have learned your lesson I will stop caning you and you can redress before going back to class. Understood? Now count!’ There is no time to reply with yes or no because She draws her hand back and swoosh your final punishment has begun.

Call Headmistress Eclipse on 07907622890 to be disciplined for your unruly behaviour.

Email: 07907622890

Twitter: @mistresseeclips

Please note withheld numbers and texts will not be answered.

18Mar 2016


The Stable Mistress

When the Stable Mistress opens her doors to new the recruits, she realises the would be jockeys need to learn some manners, luckily she knows how to rein in the boisterous studs.
After equine lectures, Mistress Eclipse summons you to her private quarters, you’re excited to be alone with her, her canary yellow jodhpurs cling to her body and your manhood begins to rise.
You wonder what she’s called you in for? She walks towards you in her pristine polished Ariat boots, her spurs glinting a little in the light, then she’s right on top of you. You take in her scent as she presses her bosom against you, she whispers in your ear ‘You’ve been a very naughty stable boy. Turn around!’ You do as you’re told and as her hand sends a quick, sharp, smack to your behind you realise your punishment has only just begun. How far it will go depends on how remorseful you become and how much fun the Mistress has with your behind….

To be the naughty stable boy in question then call 07907622890. From crops, to straps to canes, my fully equipped tack room will have you pawing at the floor and offering a sorry whinny in no time.
Twitter @mistresseeclips
Email: mistresseclipse@gmail.com

Please note withheld numbers will not be answered

18Mar 2016



Corporal Punishment

When walking down the crowded corridor, towards Mrs Wright’s English class, you accidentally step on the foot of the pupil in front of you. She turns around in a flash and stares at you. Her cold glare feels like it’s boring a hole right through your head and your stomach lurches as you realise it’s Luna Eclipse. The new head girl. She’s already made quite a name for herself in the 3 short weeks she’s been appointed. Apparently her cane can slice rump just like a meat cleaver. Now it seems she has her sights on you.

‘Report to my Common Room after class. I haven’t got time for you now!’ she snaps.

In that moment you feel lost. You feel younger than you’ve ever felt before. Your bottom tenses at the thought of what could be in store for you. How will you ever concentrate in English? Your heart is beating ten to the dozen. The only thing certain for today is that you’ll be stood outside the Common Room in an hour and fifteen minutes, as instructed, and you’ll have to take whatever punishment Miss Eclipse wants to dish out.

Call 07907622890 to book your own slot in the Common Room.

Twitter- @mistresseeclips

18Mar 2016



Luxurious Latex


You’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’ve been looking at pictures on the net for what seems like your whole life and longing to be just like the lucky boys in the pictures. You know there’s places out there where you can dress up in the rubber you so desire to be smothered in. You know there’s a beautiful woman who will also cover herself from top to toe and enjoy the sweaty, squeaky experience with you. You make the call and nervously arrive at the premises.

You look into the deep blue eyes of your Mistress and you know She understands the importance of how it clings to your body, her body, in all of the right places. The wrinkles and folds it makes if you bend or move and the smell. Oh lord that distinct latex smell that lingers in your nostrils and reminds you of heaven. After the effort of push and pull and the high pitched melody that is sung by the material as it’s manipulated around your figure- you feel whole. Relaxed and complete as you catch a glimpse yourself glimmering in the light as your high shine rubber highlights your shoulders and thighs.

Your Mistress. Your stunning Latex Mistress now seems to possess magical qualities. She hypnotises you as She tests the elasticity of the material. Entrances you as She pulls and releases the gummy around your nipples and your crotch. Her breath momentarily changing the shade of the latex as She breathes her rich intoxicating smell all over your body.

Your cock is throbbing from the excitement of finally releasing yourself to your fantasy. Giving yourself over to the rubber and your Mistress. Mistress enjoys watching her latex slaves pull themselves into rubber thigh high boots and you notice she’s placed them in the corner of the room. She orders you to put them on but does not let you sit down to do so. She enjoys to watch you struggle as your movements are restricted in your catsuit and even more so as the second boot is pulled on and you attempt to balance on one unfamiliar heel.

However you know this is not the only thing She has in store for you today. She says ‘Theres no pleasure without a little pain. The more pain you can endure then the more pleasure you shall receive.’ Then She holds your head close and pulls on a hood before kissing your cheek and holding you even closer. With Her arms wrapped around you, both lots of rubber stick together, it’s like they belong to each other. Her presence is magnetic and you’re drawn to Her. The moment is perfect and you know you’ll do anything for this Rubber Goddess.

Then She begins to have her fun….

Cock & ball torture
Nipple torture
Body bag
Spanking / corporal punishment
Breath play
Face sitting
Anal play… And more


Latex nurse with medical play is also available.

Contact Latex Mistress Eclipse 07907622890




16Mar 2016


You Can Label Me But You Won’t Change Me


Fetish: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
~ Oxford English Dictionary.

On reading the above definition I started to think about the words ‘abnormal degree’. To what extent is finding a woman’s breast a turn on any different to her feet, ear lobe, arm pit etc? On the same lines why is rubber clothing any different to sexy lingerie? However boobs and lingerie are viewed as ‘normal’ and if the definition is suggesting that walking around with an engorged cock from viewing these and wanting to relieve yourself from such tension means you have a fetish then I’d say everyone who has ever wanted to rub themselves till they orgasmed indeed has a fetish.

This got Me thinking about labels and conformity and the very boring vanilla world we would live in if we were all frightened to be called ‘abnormal’. Is this why our world is so discreet? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take our pets, slaves, submissives, or whatever to say Asda (or one of the other reasonably priced supermarkets in your area) without being called abnormal or worse!?

You know when I was at college, doing My A levels, well I had a little change of heart. I went from being what we described as a ‘teeny bopper’ at the time. Long blonde hair, tight jeans, pink crop top and ankle boots to transforming into a ‘goth’ not by dictionary definition but basically everyone who was a bit different was a goth in college and so I became one of them. I chopped My hair into a bob and dyed it black with a bright pink side fringe. I accessorised this look with a pvc studded dog collar and leather wrist cuffs. Black crop tops with logos on that said things like ‘I go from 0 to bitch in 0.5 seconds’ accompanied with baggy combat pants that hung from My hips and showed the top of my thong was my new thing.

I’ve never grew out of wanting to be different. It’s more a need than a want actually. I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe in and I will ALWAYS be true to myself because if you’re hiding the real you from the rest of the world then it can be a pretty lonely place. Plus being different gives Me a buzz. I’m extremely happy to report that there is only one of Me and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with the same quirks. For instance I get great pleasure from inflicting consented pain but I still love having a Harry Potter box set marathon every now and then…. If that’s just lowered your opinion of Me then so be it. I’m pleasing Me not you.

Now I know that for some people it is not possible to admit their kinks to their loved ones but as long as you find a way to express that kink be it with a Mistress like Myself or other then you are embracing the real you even for just a short while, once per week, once per month or whenever you can.

One of the fetishes that I’ve found people get most embarrassed about is within the adult baby scene. They always get very quiet voices and a bit stuttery when enquiring if it’s OK to poop in their nappies. It’s the freedom to relinquish all control, even of their bowel, returning to true childhood form that really gets these little cherubs off. However in My AB room anything goes. There’s no need to feel embarrassed and if it can happen to a baby then it can happen to you. I just felt this was a very important point to put across. I do what I do because I’m not vanilla and there’ll never be anything that you can’t discuss with Me. Even if you think you’re the only person in the world that enjoys your particular fetish then I can assure you that you’re wrong. Like I said earlier, our world is very discreet for numerous reasons, if you’re enjoying yourself then I’m enjoying Myself with you. Bare that in mind when you’re booking sessions. The more I truly know then the more things there are to explore.

I’ve digressed a little bit but going back to My initial point. ‘Abnormal’ or ‘different’ or just an ‘individual’- being yourself, is important and if ‘yourself’ is one kinky horny bastard then that’s something to smile about even if it’s just on the inside. Bravo to you!

M. Eclipse.

05Feb 2016



Afternoon Tea


Hello girls.

I’ve listened to many of you tell me that you want to be treated like any other girl and have a civilised afternoon with other ladies, that understand your desired lifestyle, albeit widely open or behind my closed doors.

With you in mind I thought I’d bring my afternoon tea set into chambers and we could eat sandwiches, drink tea / coffee, dress each other and help with hair and make up.

Now I know some of you sissy sluts like it to be a 1-2-1 session when you come in but that’s no problem. There’ll be loads of girly things for us to talk about while eating cakes / scones.
For those of you who are a little more adventurous I could get a few of you sissys together and you can give each other make up and style tips. I know some of you have found some great ways of concealing your desires at home, you can share these ideas and help each other to live in frills more often.

I can condense a 1-2-1 into an hour or spread it across a few, giving us more time to play in stockings and petticoats.
If there’s 2 or 3 girls coming in at once then we’ll need at least 2hrs so please consider this when you’re looking to book.

M. Eclipse xx

Call 07907622890

Or email mistresseclipse@gmail.com

05Feb 2016



Lucky London!!

Due to frequent requests I will be travelling to London on the 16th & 17th February with Mistress Sheba and Mistress Saphire. There will be well equipped dungeons and domestic rooms at our disposal.

Mistress Sheba and I will also be offering switch sessions during this time and Mistress Saphire will gladly assist any new Masters who would like to learn how to administer a punishment. We will also entertain Mistress & sub sessions for your enjoyment or Double Domme for a great pleasure pain experience.

Please note that a deposit will be required for all bookings.

Call me on: 07907622890 to book
Or email: mistresseclipse@gmail.com for more information

Texts & withheld numbers will be ignored

M. Eclipse x

05Feb 2016



Corporal Punishment


As I’m coming into My own, I’ve found corporal punishment to be one of My favourite kinks.

To redden the bottom, bruise it like a peach and score it like a piece of pre cooked meat really gets My adrenaline pumping. I like to watch the twitching of My willing slaves bottom with each stroke that I administer, soak in the effect that My choice of implement has on their round globes and listen for their little whimpers or pleasure purrs when they realise they are getting what they deserve.

Mistress Brown- the queen of CP in these parts, says I’m an ‘absolutely natural caner’.
While Mistress Sheba- an industry expert, says I’m a ‘Natural Domme!’
With these credits I can assure you that you’ll be getting a session you’ll never forget.

Role play is very important to Me during these kinds of sessions. I like to have a reason to punish and sentence My slaves to a particular amount of thrashings. For instance a naughty school boy may be sentenced to an over the knee spanking to warm them up, followed by 3 implements of their choice (if the implements are too soft then they will get 6 cane strokes for each silly choice), followed by 12 of the best.
A slave who has been caught playing with themselves, stealing ladies knickers and fantasising about Me may be flogged, strapped, tawsed, slippered and caned until they apologise and I’m satisfied that they won’t do it again as the skin on their bottom threatens to break.
Sometimes it’s a 30 minute session. A judicial caning. A firm telling off followed by at least 24 of the best and kicked out on their ear. There are no niceties involved with this kind of punishment.

I’ve just given you an idea of a few scenarios that I like to play with but as you can imagine I also play the stable Mistress very well and enjoy badgering the stable boys about their antics. However a cruel aunt, sadistic head girl, wicked teacher or spiteful step-mother suits me just as well. As long as I’m able to have a piece of your bottom then I don’t mind which title I take it by. There may be humiliating games or impossible questions to answer in between your hidings which will result in more reasons for Me to tan you. **I like to keep Myself entertained**

These sessions are about having trust and confidence in each other. A safe word can always be used (apart from in a judicial caning) but I’d like to think that I can read My subjects and push them to their limits without crossing them. I do enjoy being callous but I’d like you to enjoy your session as much as I, so I will stop when I need to, especially as it means I can punish you again in the future.

To be punished by me then call: 07907622890
Or email: mistresseclipse@gmail.com