02Feb 2017



Hello all. I hope you’ve had a very kinky week?

So as you may have seen it’s My birthday on the 8th of February and apart from certain individuals that I’ve asked to buy Me other things, then Mistress requires latex! You’ll know from previous posts just how much I love wearing rubber. I’ve put some items on My Amazon wishlist


which can be sent straight to My house or if you’d like to purchase some of the beautiful things from My Latex Catfish wish list you can find it here:


I know it won’t be delivered on time but just knowing it’s coming will make Me very happy. You’ll have to send them to My Doddle address so I can pick them up at My convenience. It’s in a vanilla name to avoid any issues. In fact anything you want to buy Me can be sent to My Doddle address and they’ll just text Me when it arrives. Here’s the details you require:

Name: K. Lamb.
Doddle – Liverpool ONE
Information Centre
5 Wall Street
L1 8JQ

Thanks for helping Mistress Eclipse to have a rubbery, squeaky, slip slidy birthday.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse xx

27Jan 2017

Stable pony play



Pony Play with Manchester Mistress Eclipse


About Me and pony play sessions


So pony play as you know is something I’ve always been passionate about. I spend most of My spare time with My real horses as I prefer them to people. To turn a person into the loyal, strong, magnificent animals that I adore so much has a great calling for Me. I enjoy everything from grooming, bathing, tacking up, riding, training and even mucking out.


Pony play activities can vary depending on what kind of experience each person is looking to achieve. From bondage, veterinary inspections, boot worship, latex wear, leather wear, whippings, pony mannerism and behaviour training, ridden pony training, show pony training, cart horse training, sexual role play etc.

Each pony has to have a start point for their training and I don’t mind what level your ability is when you first come to visit Me, I just ask that you try to carry out all tasks I set to the best of your ability. A horse that is willing to try is much more desirable than one that is lazy / stubborn.

***Please note I have no desire for stallions to be slapping their cocks against their belly to attract mares, geldings or other stallions. All cocks will be tied or locked up as I control the swellings, spunk and actions of every cock in My stable. Naughty ponies may be sent for gelding***


As you may have seen I’ve recently took up residence a couple of days per month at Celestial Studios in Derby. I’m not restricted to pony play in this studio but the majority of My session time will be dedicated to the stable, ménage and field area while I’m there. As you can see from the picture above the space is perfect for Me to carry out My training and just looking at it really puts a huge smile on My face. I’ve worked closely with the studio owner Vivienne L’Amour to make the area as authentic as possible. There’s a spacious stable area where I can offer overnight stays on the rubber matting and cosy shavings bed. Pony blankets to keep you warm over night, water bucket that’s topped up daily, feed bucket, boredom breaker toys etc. Everything My own horses get you can have too.

Exercise and education will take place in the ménage. As you can see from the picture, the arena is complete with sand and dressage letters for precision training. Video clips from a recent session can be found on My twitter page @Mistresseeclips and will help you get a feel for the space available.

Conveniently ponies can be turned out right next to the manage in the play field. Made from Astroturf for durability this is where ponies can stretch their legs, have some special time on their own and Mistress can watch you at play from the gate.


To book a session then please send all enquiries to mistresseclipse@gmail.com and note that deposits will be required to prove your authenticity.


Here’s to forming a very special relationship between you ponies and I. Carrots and Polo’s for everyone J



Review from a pony


Good afternoon Mistress I wanted to write to you today as an expression of how much fun the last two days where for me, as I feel I was a little quieter during training than I thought I would be and did not thankyou enough for all the wonderful things we did.


Everything we did was beyond my wildest dreams, the Riding School setting is absolutely amazing, the feeling of sand on my hooves while trotting around the ménage will stay with me for a long time. I learned so many exciting new things to bring home and train with in preparation for my next trip to the yard and even my once over from the dreaded Vet was not as scary as Jasper thought it would be she was actually really nice.


Then to finally meet you Mistress my amazing trainer, so kind and caring I felt at ease virtually straightaway and my nerves dis-appeared easily. Always offering encouragement and guidance in a clear and precise way the tone of your voice encouraged me to work harder and harder to impress my trainer and even learning the hard way to not be a cheeky pony just spurred me on to do better.


I had the greatest time and cant wait to be back on the Bit and continue my journey as Mistress Eclipses Ponyboy very soon.


Much love and whinnies.



23Jan 2017



The Foot Fetish


I get a phone call…

‘Hello can I help?’

‘Yes Mistress. Can You provide sweaty foot fetish?’

‘Of course. Let Me just finish mucking out My horses and I’ll come straight from the stables. There’s no need to freshen up when dealing with filthy boys like you now is there?’

‘No Mistress, thank You Mistress.’

… After paying a deposit the arrangement was set…


Dressed in My blue rubber wellington boots with brown tops I knew that My thick knee high socks were wet from the sweat that had seeped out of My body during the hard work of the day. Walking around the farm, trudging through the muddy fields with My horses, cleaning out their muck from My stables and depositing it on the big pile of horse shit that had been gathering for months. Where it had rained there were brown puddles on the floor which I like to call poo juice. Partially rotten manure that My feet were stomping through all collecting on My boots. This foot slave was to be in for a real treat. The thought of it made Me smirk as I set off in My car to meet him.

Eager as ever the salivating foot enthusiast was early. Texting to confirm his arrival as I was still driving. Well he’ll just have to wait. I have no interest in responding as I drive. The wait only helps add to their suspense anyway. I like the nervous excitement that envelops them when they think I might leave them out in the cold and not turn up. I’m a professional though soft lad. If I say I’m coming, then I’m coming!

In chambers I noticed My skin tight beige jodhpurs were splashed with mud and I had stray bits of hay stuck to Me. Oh well I thought it would intensify My over all stench and I know that’s what he is here for.

After taking the remainder of the tribute I opened the door expecting to see a naked, kneeling slave. Instead I got a half dressed, piteous excuse of a man that dared to simply sit.

‘Strip boy!’ I shouts. ‘Sorry Mistress’ replied the squeaky mouse and he hurridly took off his clothes. ‘Now get down and kneel at My feet. How dare you greet a Mistress in anyway other than kneeling before Her.’ From this point on the conversation was all one sided. My side of course. Instructing the slave to clean My boots he gladly ran his big slimy tongue up and down My mucky wellington. I explained the hardship they had suffered throughout the day taking great joy in his reaction as I emphasised the poo juice I’d stomped through. I could see little bits of hay and shavings from My bedding disappearing into his mouth as he consumed the debris. Being a thoughtful Mistress I offered the boy a drink to which he gladly nodded his head. Spitting into his open chops I wondered if I should offer a bit more fluid to satiate his dry mouth. Instructing him to stay put I collected the dog bowl from the kitchen and put a little water in that I had flushed around My own mouth first. I decided to add a bit more frothy spit and take it back to the feeble specimen in the dungeon. ‘Here you can lap that up like a little puppy dog. Mistress likes dogs. In fact Mistress prefers all animals to men. Even spiders.’  As he sank down I placed My foot on his head and pushed him into my spit. He slurped and I ordered him to shake his bottom like a dog. This would make Me very happy. Watching him wag a little pretend tail. This boy needed this. He needed Me to tell him how pathetic and disgusting he was and humiliate him until I was ready to chuck him out.

Steering the foot slave to take off My boots You could see the darker colour of My socks were they were wet from the sweat. I immediately shoved all of My toes in his over sized mouth and allowed him to suck the sweat from them. I also noticed a little mud on My right big toe where I’ve got a small leak in My boot. Just think of all the germs and undesirable disgusting bacteria that is harbouring  around My big toe at this very moment. Not for long. That foot can be sucked clean next. The smell radiating was not pleasant. I sweat really easily and after an 8hr day at the yard with My feet festering inside the rubber welly there was bound to be a pong. Yet this slave was loving My bouquet. Taking deep breaths as he explored My foot. Rubbing every toe slowly with his nose to savour the divine moment. He was enjoying himself far too much. Foot fetish frequently comes with humiliation and this lousy slave was going to get a taster of it. Why should all of his dreams come true when I’m not fully amused? Taking My feet away the slave was ordered to stand. ‘Now then. You are here to please Me. You are a slave and I am the Queen of the dungeon so you, you dirty foot licking fool you are going to make Mistress laugh. Do you understand?’ The minion looked confused but nodded anyway. I think he thought I was expecting a stand up comedy act or something? I wasn’t looking to be disappointed! No! I was going to make My own fun.

‘Right then. You are now a snake. I’m going to take my socks off and shove them in that gob of yours. you are going to slither on the floor like a snake. If you can catch My bare foot I’ll let you worship it. If not then I’ll pick another animal and W/we will continue.’ This was hilarious. It was so much fun to have him gagged and squirming all over the pace trying to catch My feet. Of course this was a game he was never going to win. I got to go through several different animals before I decided this foot fetish slave had earned  the right to worship My bare feet. By this point he was so desperate, so deflated that he had not been able to catch Me that I almost felt sorry for him. OK not really but I did pity him a little. I slowly took My socks out of his mouth and spat some fresh water in to hydrate him. I then placed My soft foot on his face and he inhaled deeply, somewhat lovingly and thankful for My kindness. As My feet caressed his face and he licked in and out of My toes his bliss radiated onto Me and I felt the same sexy happiness that he did. Watching him go to work on My size 4’s was satisfying and the relaxation I felt as he massaged My foot with is tongue was stunning. With My feet on his face I whispered to him that he could relieve himself and very quickly a huge spurt of hot cum ejected from his cock. This session was over. After he left I sat for a while. Smiling, relaxing and remembering the details of the session. I do love a good foot worship and I always have so much fun!





The foot fetish continued…


So sometimes when I’m writing I get so into the moment of the session that I’m describing I forget to finish off all My other points.

I just wanted to make some final comments regarding foot worship. I’m well aware that it’s not just simply My foot that gets you so excited, makes that cock twitch and your mouth water. No. It’s the skin that sits on the foot, the shape, My high arch, the way I tilt My foot to admire the small, perfect toes that sit on the end. The way those toes can move slowly, wriggle fast, and torment your nose and tongue. I know it’s important for you to watch Me walk. See the way I land on the ball of My foot and place My heel down flat so gracefully. It’s the smell, the odour that is omitted from My Dominant female sweat glands, that pure female aroma, My Smell, My salty taste, the joy you get from receiving everything that My body pours out of Me throughout the day or in fact days. Any respectful request for Me to wear the same socks for a number of days is welcomed. I have in the past worn the same bed socks every night for a month. I have no shame in wearing the same socks day and night, down at the stables, when I’m shopping, cleaning My house, allowing the sweat to gather in the fibers, letting the stench build, My smell, My boquet, My aroma. I understand this. You don’t want any old smell. Sticking My foot in some rotting fish won’t do because it’s Me that you desire to know better, you want the real thing, the real Me and I enjoy giving that to you foot perverts.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse

17Jan 2017


2017 New year and new horizons for this Manchester Mistress


Hello all.

Well I’m back!!

I know lots of you have been asking where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  Manchester Mistress Eclipse has been very quiet you say? Well as always I’m an open book so I’m gonna give you the low down on what’s been happening.

I jumped into the professional Domination scene, as you know, in December 2015. However by February 2016 My father’s health took a turn for the worse and kink couldn’t be My priority. Although I was still seeing a couple of clients per week and continuing to learn more about My trade I wasn’t focused.  I know what you’re thinking but yes! Mistresses do have lives that do not involve their thrown and latex! We are in fact real people. Still more superior to you filthy lot but people none the less.

In May My dad passed away which again took Me away from kink as I was the executor of the estate and nothing is ever simple.

By August My time became free again and I began to session more but unfortunately I became really ill after the bank holiday. Struck down by some African parasite that I have no idea how I picked up? By the time it was diagnosed it had drained Me and it took until November to recover. Meanwhile My pony became injured. Pulling the tendons & ligaments in her left leg. For Me this was very stressful and I needed to dedicate My time to her wellbeing as it was unclear if she would need to be put to sleep or not. At this point I decided to take the rest of 2016 at a leisurely pace and start 2017 fresh, healthy and without complication. So here I am!! (My pony is going to make a full recovery by the way hurrah!!)

Throughout all of this I have however continued to see My regular clients and have enjoyed lots of stinky foot worship sessions, sensual latex and strap on.

Oh you know I can’t help Myself entirely!

I’ll write more about these sessions later so keep your eyes open for further blogs.


Mistress Eclipse



Also to follow:

Pony play, indoor riding space, pony camp.

Monthly calendar schedule.

Photo shoot updates

Filming updates


16Jan 2017

Derby January


Hello perverts!!

I know I’ve been absent for a while but I’m back in Manchester daily and will look to travel to Derby at least once per month so keep an eye out for Dates.

Vivienne L’Amour has opened a new play space which includes an indoor sand paddock, grass area, stable & kennel. This has aroused My equestrian fetish desires as indoor space is paramount during the winter months. There’s plenty of space for lunging & riding. Oooh I’m so excited!!


I can’t wait to get kinky with you lot so call to book your spaces and keep your eyes open for new dates.




18Jul 2016


Double Domme

Over the past few Months the Goddess and I have become very close and Our love of all things kinky coupled with all things equestrian has synced our personalities. We now aim to work together as much as possible and as such there will be lots of dates where the Goddess will be in Manchester (next dates 5th, 6th & 7th August) and I will be in Derby (next dates 8th, 9th & 10th August).

Mixing sensuality & sex appeal with cruel punishments will make it tough for Our willing slaves to last even an hour before exploding with excitement. Make sure you ask for permission though or you may find yourself caged for the evening and catheterised to ensure there’s no mess in the morning.

Keep an eye out for dates and book in advance to ensure your slot.

please note deposits will be required to confirm bookings.


18Jul 2016



Branding a slave

Branding is the ultimate power exchange in a Domme/ sub relationship. Relinquishing ones freedom to your Mistress forms a very special bond. Her mark will stay with you forever and you’ll know how special you were to Her at the time She chose to put Her mark on you.

As an Equestrian I have crossed paths with lots of talented blacksmiths who are able to create beautiful pieces from their steel. Along the road I just happened to find a very kinky sub who was willing to create a branding iron for Me.
I must say I was overwhelmed with the piece once in My possession and although it will not be used on just any slave, I am confident it will make a beautiful mark when I choose to pull it out.

So with that in mind have a think about how much you wish to truly belong, truly submit, truly give yourself over to Me and then offer your servitude, your worship, your soul and I might just choose you to join the very exclusive club of Mistress Eclipse.

18Jul 2016



‘Thank You Mummy’ – I love these words! 

Latex Baby

So I had a booking from a guy who I’d seen before. Only once before. That time didn’t go so well. He wanted to cum twice within the hour and after his first blow out he couldn’t get his sub space back and we finished early. This time it would be completely my rules. He would do exactly as I said and the decision to allow him to ejaculate would be completely Mine.

I become ‘Mummy’. He becomes ‘My boy’.

After slipping on My black latex catsuit I dress My boy in the same. The feeling of our bodies completely submersed in the rubber is so Devine. We slide a little as we embrace due to the fresh application of Vivi Shine. The smell engulfs our lungs and we both take deep breaths until the moment becomes so intense we almost stop breathing. ‘I love You Mummy’ he gasps, ‘I love you too My boy’ I reply. With him sitting on My lap, the latex squeaks with excitement as we adjust ourselves, then I begin to explain the difference between little boys and big boys as I fondle the latex protecting his cock. As his member grows with anticipation it’s time for a little punishment as it’s revealed My boy has been playing with his little prick in the company of others. ‘Your cock belongs to Me and only Me. I will be the only one to play with it in any manor I see fit. Understand?’ ‘Yes Mummy’. And the spanking begins over My knee until I’m satisfied that My words have sank in and My thirst to hear that delicious smack, pull, squeek sound from My latex gloves on that latex bottom has been quenched.

His latex clad bottom sets alight another fire inside of Me and I explain the right of passage that all little boys must go through to allow them to evolve into big boys, into a man. The thing that brings a big, broad, smile to Mummy’s face. The act that brings forth manhood. I was going to fuck his arse!
Organising him in the leather sex swing I begin to strap up his legs. Wide spread, supported in thick leather cuffs. No escape. Once My boys hands were secured too then it was time to begin.

I made him beg for Me to do it. Beg for Mummy to probe My finger into his tight little arse. Stretch it by adding another and another until it was time to find a big fat cock to penetrate him with.
I climbed into My favourite strap on and added a bit of lube before sweetening his crack with My Mistress Mummy spit. Spitting always gets Me worked up. It makes My pussy as wet as My mouth and My carnal desires begin to erupt. I crave the feeling of power and lust that I get from fucking an arse hole. This boy is Mine in every way. So needy, yet eager, willing to accept whatever Mummy wants to do to him, hungry to receive pain or pleasure, so I plunge in. I consciously thrust My cock in slowly at first but I can’t help Myself, before I know it I hear the chains on the swing grind and groan as I get deeper and faster until it’s throwing My boys hole towards Me and I thrust it away again. My boy is panting and groaning, screaming at times but with pure pleasure until he can’t take any more and cum squirts high and fast out of his engorged cock. A wash of satisfaction pours over Me. My boy has become a man, he’s taken everything that I’ve throw at him and never forgetting his manners he finishes with a very clear ‘Thank you Mummy. I love you’ ‘Good boy’ I reply, ‘good boy.’

27Jun 2016

The Kidnap


Below is the recollection of a kidnap carried out by Mistress Buffy Brown and Myself:

My story –
It all started with an email from a girl called Lola.
Let me just say that I am a cross-dresser, my gurly name is Justine and my male name lets say Bob, and the email from Lola said she was also a crossdresser. She wanted to meet up one Wednesday evening in Canal Street area of Manchester – her first venture out as Lola.
Well, Lola didn’t make it but sent me an email to say that she had problems. Then because I didn’t ask what the problem was, she went off on one. I got text and notes pleading to meet me.

Heaven knows who else she told because at the same time I started getting messages from someone threatening to expose me.
She kept changing the meeting place. Finally Lola said she would meet me in the cinema. She had me sit through a boring horror film and didn’t turn up. All the time I was never sure whether Lola was going to turn up, or I was going to be grabbed by this other person (the black mailer). It was a bad enough film without having all that apprehension on top.

I then got a message from Lola saying she had been taken by this other person and please follow the instructions or it would be bad for both of us. I was instructed to trek across town to be measured for a corset – how embarrassing.
Then I was directed to a typical male drinking pub and to order a pint of beer – remember dressed as a girl in a ‘man’s’ pub. Before I had time to say anything, the barmaid loudly asked “Hello Justine or is it Bob, you want a pint?” God she knows who I am how embarrassing – how many more people know? There I am the only ‘female’ amongst loads of blokes most probably having heard the barmaid. I’m sure two were gay. I wished I could shrink into the floor.

From there I was to find a busker. That turned out to be a rouse.
As on the way I was grabbed by two unknown females and dragged hooded down a dark alleyway, and handcuffed to the wall. There they left me stood unable to see or move. Anyone could have come down the alley – don’t let it be those two from the pub.
After an eternity they returned. God what now! Balls and tits were squeezed, really squeezed.
They proceeded to bandage my head. Why bandage my head? I can’t see anyway. I was then pushed down into what turned out to be a wheelchair and strapped in – still handcuffed.
More humiliation was to come, they pushed me round town with onlookers either asking about my health or laughing at me.
I was then left somewhere (I suspect outside a pub) while they had a laugh and a few drinks. So isolated, so humiliated.
Eventually they returned to push me further – to their hideout.

There I was thrown to the floor and left in the dark damp – heaven knows where! I dare not escape – as if it was possible being handcuffed and bandaged. There was a big bloke guarding the door I was informed.
After a while they returned to tie me up, and tried torturing me into confessing that I was not a girl but a man. Why should I? – I am what I am, not what they want me to be. They kept asking “What is your name Justine or Bob?”
There I was securely tied up, and they then started injecting me with all sorts of things. I felt my balls growing huge. I was never going to pass as a girl like this.
And then left again whilst my balls grew massive with whatever they were injecting into them. Please god don’t let the guard come in and have his way with me.
More torture on their return. I was scratched all over and my cock was subjected to something sharp. One of them was definitely more sadistic than the other. Then they started on my breasts. Pressing them, squeezing them, pulling the nipples. Eventually I had to give in. The pain was too much. Plus, I wanted to keep my cock and tits, my balls were probably past the point of no return by now.
Having confessed, I thought that would be it – oh no…
They obviously wanted me alive, so I was fed and watered. For more of their fun it turned out.
The bandaged head being replaced with a leather hood. They seemingly had more in store for me.
So I was resecured with pallet wrap and encased in a rubber sack complete with hood. Then I felt it. They had shoved some sort of electrode up my bum . Ooooch!
So there I was secured in pallet wrap and rubber on a hot night sweating like mad, my bum twitching every few seconds from the electric shocks. Left for the night. At least if that guard comes in I am secured out of his way. Don’t know which would be the worse of the two – shocked and sweating or raped by a big guard!
After a long sleepless night. I was asked if I had learned my lesson. We’ll not wanting to loose everything, I agreed – anything to save having more of the torture.
They untied me and kicked me out.
I’ve no idea what became of Lola. Sorry Lola but I’m not going looking for you.

Yes – I had asked Mistress Buffy to kidnap me and given her a vague (very vague) idea of what I had in mind. Mistress also called in the assistance of Mistress Eclipse.
What a brilliant, at times terrifying, painful and embarrassing experience.
Would I do it again – ‘yes’ – sorry “YES, YES and YES again”.


The Best Bits:

The bar – was really humiliating. Having the barmaid refer to by both names was just so gutting. Like the floor being pulled from under my persona.

Eating – having to sit there, being sure everyone was looking at Justine/Bob. The bar was actually quietish but even so it was bad (or do I mean good!).

The snatch – so unexpected!

Being left in the alley. Gosh that really was so worrying. So many questions went through my mind. (A) was it possible for someone to come down the alley? (B) how long will I be left. (C) what are they going to do next?

The bandage – A stroke of genius.

The wheelchair was brilliant  (if a little strenuous for you). Gosh it is so disorientating. I had no idea what was happening. And not knowing what other people were doing saying or looking at, was really disturbing (good).

I thought you would go straight to the ‘dungeon ‘ – but no you stopped to have a drink and cause more humiliation

Torture – Mistress Buffy you obviously didn’t tell Mistress Eclipse  I’m not keen on nipple turture – I think I’m glad of that as it pushed my boundaries. You genuinely succeeded in getting me to plead to stop – effectively safewording -I’ve only used that twice before. Mistress Eclipse -well done! Gold star.

The two of you should really consider doing more of this. You are really really good. Heaven help the next victim – please let it be me!!!!

The whole kidnap thing was excellent  (20 out of 10),



06Jun 2016


imageDerby Tour Dates 11th & 12th June 2016

Come and serve Vivienne L’Amour and I in Derby. There’ll be a whole range of kinky seduction, severe punishments and mind blowing scenarios.

Can you really miss this opportunity?

When two Sexy, Dominant, Women come together there’s bound to be pheromones, sparks & steam in the room. What a lucky slave you’ll be if you’re apart of it.

Call or email mistresseclipse@gmail.com to book