Newspaper Fetish

Do you love the smell and the crinkle? Do you love the way the ink comes off and dries on your skin. Imagine Me wearing all white and us rolling round in the newspaper together. Would you like me to gag you with it? That crisp taste… mmmm. The way it kinda dries your mouth out and slowly becomes soggy and messy.
Maybe you’d like me to roll the newspaper up and spank you with it? Or line a latex / leather body bag with newspaper so your secured tightly, smothered in glorious newspaper?
Do you like the way the pages rip individually but together are very strong. Would it be torture for me to wrap you up and rip a piece off one by one? How about if I just rubbed you all over with a few crisp pages. Like a slow exfoliating massage.

Would you like to wrap Me in it? I’m happy to switch.

We can have loads of fun together with this so give Me a call and we’ll play.

Mistress Eclipse