Sensual Domination – No Pain

Sensual Domination succumbs the mind, body and soul of the recipient. It is done through words, breath, touch and understanding. I love to play in this area. It’s a much calmer type of play to sadist sessions yet it creates a very intense relationship.

Please note:
Some of these sessions or some aspects of these sessions I can enjoy both giving and receiving so please give full details of your interests when contacting Me. I’ll never be offended by a polite request for anything but please understand that I do not offer sexual services.

Body tracing. Drawing pictures on the body with mine / your finger tips/ nails.

Decretive / graffiti body drawing with pens/ lipstick/ paint/ other things that leave visual pictures/ lines/ shapes.

The electricity between the two can leave both dripping with satisfaction and intense belonging. You can add sensory deprivation or restraints to this to make it even more mind blowing.

Playing with / brushing hair.
From chest hair, leg hair, Pubic hair, back hair, head hair, arm/ armpit hair- all hair can feel good to play with.
It can be very sensual to feel and see fingers / a hairbrush running through your hair. My head hair is long and thick. It’s at its best when it is freshly brushed and shiny. I’m happy to allow my hair to be washed, dried, brushed, curled, straightened, styled but not cut.

A light touch or a fist full of hair with a bit of pressure can allure you into sub space.
Shaving / cutting hair can be lots of fun too. A little bit of adrenaline and lots of trust is needed for this.

I also pose for life drawings. You can create your own pictures of Me to take home.

I enjoy feeding and being fed. I also love to carnivorously pull meat from a bone with my teeth while looking another in the eye, watching them enjoy the show. Holding it with my hands, sinking my teeth in and with a head thrust to the side drag the meat off, chew & swallow. I think there’s something sexy about eating chicken / steak / lamb in this way.

If you’d like to book a session that incorporates any of these things or anything else that you are dying to indulge in then contacting Me is safe, confidential and encouraged.

Much love

Mistress Eclipse xx









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