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11/03/2017 The Electric Sock Shock On The Cock!   Haha this session was absolutely hilarious! Right up My street. The client came in on a last minute same day appointment. I offered him the option to have a Double Domme session with Princess Aurora and I as We both had a free hour in between sessions, […]

  More equestrian items for sale soon. All items are on a first come first served basis. Sold as seen. Items have been used down at the stables on a daily basis until they are no longer fit for purpose. However I believe they will satisfy your fetish needs at home. Genuine sweat, manure, horse […]

23/01/2017   The Foot Fetish   I get a phone call… ‘Hello can I help?’ ‘Yes Mistress. Can You provide sweaty foot fetish?’ ‘Of course. Let Me just finish mucking out My horses and I’ll come straight from the stables. There’s no need to freshen up when dealing with filthy boys like you now is […]