All that jazz & Derby


Since My last post:

An update which I’m calling ‘All that jazz’

I decided not to move farms. It’s a very delicate operation to move two large animals and ensuring they have the right environment to live and thrive is imperative. Ultimately ‘the new farm’ wasn’t right and I’ve decided to stay put. It eased the stress as My usual grooms were able to tend to My horses whilst I was getting kinky in Derby. Phew!

I had a blast at SinNation with Mistress Buffy Brown, Miss Kitty Domme, Princess Aurora, Mistress Natasha and the willing subs that threw themselves at Our mercy. It was great to play, let My hair down and mingle with the other lovely Mistresses at the event.

I’ve ordered a few new items from Jack’s Floggers which I’ll be breaking in on My pain bitch as soon as they arrive. I’ve also had a sub make Me a heavy suede flogger and a small dragons tongue with his wood turner which I have yet to try out. I LOVE playing with new toys!!

On Tuesday the 28th Feb I set off to Derby bright and early to make sure I was on time for My first sissy session @11am. Unfortunately in My haste I did not make any pancakes and still feel aggrieved about this! I did have a gorgeous Indian meal in the evening though so it wasn’t all bad.

I’d booked lots of Double Domme sessions in with Vivienne L’Amour during this tour which was great because We really are very good personal friends which makes working together lots of fun. We both strive to get the best from Our submissives and it means there’s always one of Us to tease and torment you while the other is punishing you making it impossible to ever ask us to stop.

From outdoors activities (bondage & bull whipping), to large anal fuckery, to burning and branding this trip had it all and it most certainly ended with a bang when I was involved in a car crash! It’s most certainly not a time I’m going to forget in a hurry!

I did get chance to do a little bit of filming too with My collared slave, toy, who got to shower in his Mistresses piss. Lucky boy. Clips coming soon on Adult Work!


What’s coming up?

I’m hoping to start some professional wrestling lessons soon. I grew up watching WWF or WWE as it’s now known and I see Myself as a cross between My 3 wrestling hero’s (The Undertaker, Mankind and Stone Cold Steve Austin). I’ve postponed for now as I’m a little sore since My crash but I’m sure I’ll soon be ready for pinning people down and shoving My sweaty socks down their throat!

The 18th of March is BitchesUnleashed of course which I’ve been asked to compare. I just hope My latex dress is here on time or I’ll be going in My birthday suit.

Another photo shoot has been booked so there’ll be more pictures to tantalise your cum buds with soon.

I’m back in Derby Thursday 30th March till Sunday 2nd April and then I’m straight off to Edinburgh from the 3rd April – 6th April before heading back to Manchester for sessions on the 7th. It’s all GO GO GO in My world and I LOVE it!


Check in soon for more of Me.

Manchester Mistress Eclipse