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Inflatable Fetish

Beach balls, arm bands, party balloons, helium balloons, blowing up balloons and more falls into the category of the inflatable fetish.

Although I’ve always been intrigued by this kink it’s not something I have indulged in until today and WOW it was amazing!

Probably the best fun I’ve ever had with an arm band I can tell you.

It’s the anticipation of the ‘pop’ especially when you can see the pressure building and you know at any moment that squeaky full rubber item is going to explode and wither to nothing – a bit like a cock after it cums.

There’s a whole manner of ways to burst them too. Today I was dressed in My freshly shined, black, latex catsuit and thigh high boots (a favourite choice of clothing for Myself and the other perves). I tucked My kinky subs cock inside an armband and ordered him to keep it still. I plunged My heel through the band with little conscience about the fact it may have squashed the dick hiding inside. I roared with laughter and pleasure as a surge of power shot through Me like lightning.

Next I lay My sub down and placed a helium filled Minnie Mouse balloon over his cock and straddled him. The noise of the latex distressing the foil balloon was intoxicating and as I bounced up and down on the smiling balloon I realised it wasn’t going to pop easily. I bounced hard and fast but Minnie was not faltering. This was a job for My sharp talons to tackle. I bounced and stared My sub straight in the eye as I began to dig My nails into the foil. He knew a pop was inevitable and he almost looked fearful. I suspect like so many other balloon fetishists he has or has had a balloon popping phobia in the past before lusting over them. I couldn’t help but giggle with joy as it popped and My arse splattered over his cock. He was so excited but ordered not to touch his cock. I’d already tied it up as a reminder it was Mine and not his however he couldn’t help himself and that arm reached out to his dripping member once more. He needed to learn about the consequences involved with a lack of self control. This was his first time seeing a Mistress so I had to set the foundations of training in straight away. I chose a balloon and told him to pop it. He was apprehensive but as I stood over him and glared he knew he had no choice and began to squeeze the balloon. As it became tight the fear shot across his face again but he did as he was told and ‘bang!’ off went the balloon. There was a sigh of relief from him but one little balloon popping wasn’t going to train him to behave. I sat on the bench and he kneeled opposite Me. I took a fresh balloon and blew it up. I placed it between our faces and sank My teeth into the rubber. I roared with laughter again and a whole range of emotions were visible on My subs face. There was sadness, fear, lust then excitement and he told Me it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

There’s loads more I could tell you about this session but I think the above can give you a feel for how powerful and satisfying it was for Me.

This was the text I received from the sub afterwards:

‘Thank you so much, that was a truly amazing experience with a beautiful Mistress!

You made me feel at ease and gave me the opportunity to experience new things and my fetish!

You are a master sorry Mistress in Your field and it was certainly worth every penny!

Speaking to You afterwards made me realise I should not be ashamed of experiencing new things!

Thank You once again Your submissive


So he obviously enjoyed himself too.


If you’d like to indulge in this fetish please contact Me Please note deposits will be required and if you’d like Me to bring the inflatable’s these will also need to be paid for before purchase.

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