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The Photo Shoot

Hello slaves.

Well aren’t you nosey… Prying into my day to day activities… I’d pretend that I didn’t enjoy the attention but I think we all know that I love to be worshipped.

I’ll begin with explaining how it came about.
I was new to the Mistress scene and as I began to collect followers on Twitter one very keen slave contacted me. He was a fellow equestrian in his vanilla life and wanted to compliment Me on my authentic riding wear and lifestyle. After exchanging several Tweets, the slave sent Me some images, they were of an Equestrian Mistress enjoying punishing Her slave. He explained how he would love to be trained by an authentic Mistress like Myself and particularly adored helping equestrian women with their turn out. This means helping to pick their clothes and making sure everything is beautifully clean and ironed. Boots and spurs polished till they gleam, breeches that cling to the skin in all the right places, a tight fitted shirt to compliment their curves and hair pulled back and placed into a net so the neck is elegantly exposed.

I knew exactly what he meant as I relish in the thought of dressing up on competition day. I adore the clothes and all of the different styles/ fabrics for each different discipline.
The equestrian slave sent Me another set of images this time capturing the ladies that he grooms for at home. He pointed out all of the things he liked about their clothes and beauty and asked if I’d consider doing a photo shoot for him in my competition wear. I would have the right to use the photos as I wished and I would send him the full sized images so that he could make storyboards, similar to the ones he’d sent Me, and enjoy them at his leisure.

Initially I declined the offer but after further conversation and a very respectful second request I indulged his plea. We discussed exact clothing desires and I allowed him to choose what outfits I wore within the shoot. Anything I did not have I allowed to be bought for Me but of course I had to like how it looked upon my body before agreeing.

I recruited my usual photographer, Steve Satin (@steve_satin on Twitter) to take the photos. I guided and directed the shoot while Steve captured the moment. I used several props to aid the shoot such as My trusty black leather riding crop and shiny black leather saddle. I know how the equestrian slave enjoys the thought of their Mistress astride the saddle, they know they’ll soon get to hold and polish the exact spot that Mistress has sat and worked up a sweat.
With that in mind I regarded the seated pose as one of My favourites of the day.

Moving on… Steve provided several backdrops at his studio so that I could create different moods as I changed into each set of clothes chosen by My slave. Once I was satisfied with My work in the studio we headed off to Eccles, Manchester, to take a few more in the Domestic Room within The Fetish Emporium. I really do have a thing for the sofa and mirrors in that chamber and I thought that the setting would be ideal to finish off the shoot. I played around with my hairstyle and ensured that I set some focus on the hairnet and bun holder that I’d just worked into my hair. Again it’s an equestrian detail but a very important part of looking presentable at a competition. I do like to go out of my way to be completely authentic to ensure that I’m satisfied overall with my look.

As the shoot concluded I asked for some sample photos to be sent over to Me ASAP. These arrived by the next day and was forwarded to My eagerly awaiting slave. The response: ‘WOW’ and of course payment for the photographer who was rearranging the photos into an email drop box to be pulled by the grateful slave as soon as they were ready.

Does the thought of this tantalise your kink buds? Would you like Me to wear your outfits of choice and pose for your pleasure? Then I guess it all comes down to respectful requests and appropriate payment. Have a little think about it in that little brain of yours and if you’d like to arrange something to suit your kink (and mine) then drop Me an email and I’ll see if I like the sound of it.
The other offer of course is to have your own pictures taken with myself during a session. I know Steve can set up a camera to go off frequently and capture all of your training and punishments as they occur.

Let me know your desires and I’ll tell you what I can do about them:

Much love, disgust and pity
Mistress Eclipse xx






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