Are you a LOONER?

Are you a balloon lover? Do you love all things inflatable? Is it the rubber? The pretty colours / pictures? The smell? The stretch? The possibility of popping? The inevitability of bursting with overfilling pressure?
I can share this experience with you. Provide a safe and discreet place to play. Organise the balloons, provide an overnight stay in a bedroom full of pretty balloons, pop the balloons for you, blow them up for you, grind on them or tease and torment you.

You can bring your own balloons for us to play with or I can provide them for an additional cost.

Whatever your balloon interests are I am here to ensure you have a great time.

I’ve always loved balloons and loved to popped them. I’ve always blew up condoms and rubber gloves and smacked people with them. I just find blown up rubber loads of fun. When I was 15 I got the whole maths class kept behind for half an hour for blowing up a condom and letting it blow across the room. Eventually I had to admit it was me because everyone was getting really angry with being kept after class…
Although I did become a legend for a while… thank god the cane was out in them days or I’m sure I’d have got at least 12 strokes 😂

I suppose there’s loads of different interests you can have with a balloon but one thing is for sure, as soon as you see one, you can’t help but look. They grab your attention. The colour and shine draws you to it.
Weather you blow to pop, sit to pop or protect the ballon with your life so it won’t pop, your mind races through the many possibilities of the balloon.

They are delicate, yet tough. You can have sex on a balloon and although I don’t offer sex, I’m happy to take you from behind with a strap on while you are naked straddling a 5ft long airship type ballon.

Seriously balloons are really cool and fun. If you haven’t played with them before then you definitely should. It’s a normal and worldwide interest / fetish. It’s ok to play.

What kinds of balloons do you play with?

I’m happy to play with any material, size or type of balloon or inflatable so it’s really all down to your preference. I get joy from allowing people to be happy and at ease with their love for balloons / inflatables.

I don’t even mind if you want to be dressed as a dog, a horse, a sissy girl etc while we play. Your fantasy will draw me in and I’ll enjoy myself by helping you to fulfil it.

Please call or email to discuss further or if you have interests that you do not see in this post.

Please note deposits are essential to book an appointment.


Mistress Luna Eclipse xxx