Hello all. I hope you’ve had a very kinky week?

So as you may have seen it’s My birthday on the 8th of February and apart from certain individuals that I’ve asked to buy Me other things, then Mistress requires latex! You’ll know from previous posts just how much I love wearing rubber. I’ve put some items on My Amazon wishlist


which can be sent straight to My house or if you’d like to purchase some of the beautiful things from My Latex Catfish wish list you can find it here:


I know it won’t be delivered on time but just knowing it’s coming will make Me very happy. You’ll have to send them to My Doddle address so I can pick them up at My convenience. It’s in a vanilla name to avoid any issues. In fact anything you want to buy Me can be sent to My Doddle address and they’ll just text Me when it arrives. Here’s the details you require:

Name: K. Lamb.
Doddle – Liverpool ONE
Information Centre
5 Wall Street
L1 8JQ

Thanks for helping Mistress Eclipse to have a rubbery, squeaky, slip slidy birthday.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse xx