manchester mistress
manchester mistress
manchester mistress

Date 9/12/15


In At The Deep End 

We’d been advertising for about two weeks.

‘Mistress training session- Wednesday 9th December 2015.
£100, all day, will not run as a normal session.’

Mistress Eclipse or Mistress Eeclips if you’re looking on Twitter (how utterly bloody annoying when someone has taken your name but doesn’t use the account!)
Domme Sakura (the other trainee) and then the pros, Mistress Saphire and Mistress Sheba.

So I rock up at The Fetish Emporium for 11:30am. I’m dressed in My equestrian wear consisting of a navy blue jacket, white fitted show shirt, diamond embellished stock tie, canary yellow breeches and long leather riding boots complete with long neck dressage spurs.
There were two guys already waiting when I got there. One who was immediately chatty and said he’d messaged me on Twitter the day before. In My mind I’m thinking ‘there’s been so many messages, which one is this?’ However as the day went on I realised that this guy was in fact a little sissy girl. Lucy, as she liked to be called, was in fact a pervert. She knew she was a pervert and after slipping into a pink frilly dress and a curly wig I dressed her full lips with red lipstick and gave her a fan to hide her face away from me when I entered the room. Lucy needed to feel ashamed of her dirty, fishy fanny and her malevolent dark thoughts. Lucy was a SLUT!
The other guy was a photographer who had came to meet some other Mistress and was not in fact apart of our kinky day. How was I supposed to know that as I whispered and gave a dodgy gesture asking what we were going to do with him.

Next came a guy wanting a bondage session. As I carefully watched Mistress Saphire tying ropes around his legs,balls, neck and back I wondered how I was going to remember all of these knots? She firmly secured his body to a cage in several areas, professionally explaining the friction burns he may be feeling wouldn’t leave any permanent marks. He was left to his thoughts, unable to move and naked while we visited our first medical patient of the day. I was surprised at how chatty and ordinary he was. He hadn’t come in specifically for ‘kink’ he’d visited Mistress Sheba to help him to lose weight. As part of this she gave him the once over, gave him an enema (who knew coffee was a great cleanser and much safer than soapy substitutes that can cause all sorts of erosion?) and inserted a urethral sound. I’d seen this procedure online and thought it looked really painful however the client said although he’d never had one before it didn’t hurt, it just gave him an unusual sensation and it went in really easy. I learned you don’t push it in you just hold it gently and it slides down. Before I could see anymore I was rushed off to see the next submissive.

Again another really nice chatty guy. He was completely open to me being a newbie and seemed quite excited to show Me his suitcase collection of toys and implements. Although relatively new to the scene (18 months or so) he liked to carry a selection of BDSM accessories. This meant he knew how everything worked and was happy for Me to use him like an instruction manual.
We started off with a chastity device. This is something I’ve often wanted to use in my personal life as, let’s face it, guys think with their cock and I don’t like to share my possessions with others.
Anyway I digress, back to the guy in question, so I locked his cock and balls up tight (which wasn’t quite as easy as I thought, the ball sack needed quite a lot of manipulation to squeeze the suckers in) and then knock, knock, so I slipped the key into My pocket and went to visit our next play mate.

He was another great, well I don’t know what to call him, maybe a nipple slave? He’s a guy that knows what he wants, has a specific need and just stays until that’s satisfied. I really enjoyed chatting to him and watching the enjoyment flood his face with every tweak of his nipple or flick of my riding crop across them. When I’d finished playing with him I went back to the toy collector.

The strangest feeling was not knowing where everything was in the room and not being sure how to use it when I found it. I struggled at first to strap the ‘Toy Collector’ to the stretching rack just because I didn’t know how to use everything but once I figured the first one then I began to get into My stride. I wasn’t as vocal as I usually would be because I was in thinking mode. I didn’t want to hurt my Sub unless I meant to and my next choice of tool to play with was an electrical sound. Initially I hadn’t realised I needed a hard cock to put it down and was somewhat weirded out when I realised it was sat in his foreskin and looked like it was going to pop out of the side of his dick…. Look I’m just being honest here ya know. It was my first day. Trial and error and all that…. Anyway so I worked it out and was surprised then at how easy it was. There was more electric play, nipple torture, sensation play and stretching during our time together but of course it was a busy day and I had to see an enema being performed….

That enema lead to a great deal of fisting, there wasn’t much room in his tight hole, a little hand rotation and we got the release we were looking for though.

I also got to see some water sports but I never got chance to take part which was disappointing.

I’m sure I’ve probably missed a slave or two but it’s been a long day and a great learning experience. I can’t wait to play with more slaves very soon.

M. Eclipse







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