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Pony Play with Manchester Mistress Eclipse


About Me and pony play sessions


So pony play as you know is something I’ve always been passionate about. I spend most of My spare time with My real horses as I prefer them to people. To turn a person into the loyal, strong, magnificent animals that I adore so much has a great calling for Me. I enjoy everything from grooming, bathing, tacking up, riding, training and even mucking out.


Pony play activities can vary depending on what kind of experience each person is looking to achieve. From bondage, veterinary inspections, boot worship, latex wear, leather wear, whippings, pony mannerism and behaviour training, ridden pony training, show pony training, cart horse training, sexual role play etc.

Each pony has to have a start point for their training and I don’t mind what level your ability is when you first come to visit Me, I just ask that you try to carry out all tasks I set to the best of your ability. A horse that is willing to try is much more desirable than one that is lazy / stubborn.

***Please note I have no desire for stallions to be slapping their cocks against their belly to attract mares, geldings or other stallions. All cocks will be tied or locked up as I control the swellings, spunk and actions of every cock in My stable. Naughty ponies may be sent for gelding***


As you may have seen I’ve recently took up residence a couple of days per month at Celestial Studios in Derby. I’m not restricted to pony play in this studio but the majority of My session time will be dedicated to the stable, ménage and field area while I’m there. As you can see from the picture above the space is perfect for Me to carry out My training and just looking at it really puts a huge smile on My face. I’ve worked closely with the studio owner Vivienne L’Amour to make the area as authentic as possible. There’s a spacious stable area where I can offer overnight stays on the rubber matting and cosy shavings bed. Pony blankets to keep you warm over night, water bucket that’s topped up daily, feed bucket, boredom breaker toys etc. Everything My own horses get you can have too.

Exercise and education will take place in the ménage. As you can see from the picture, the arena is complete with sand and dressage letters for precision training. Video clips from a recent session can be found on My twitter page @Mistresseeclips and will help you get a feel for the space available.

Conveniently ponies can be turned out right next to the manage in the play field. Made from Astroturf for durability this is where ponies can stretch their legs, have some special time on their own and Mistress can watch you at play from the gate.


To book a session then please send all enquiries to and note that deposits will be required to prove your authenticity.


Here’s to forming a very special relationship between you ponies and I. Carrots and Polo’s for everyone J



Review from a pony


Good afternoon Mistress I wanted to write to you today as an expression of how much fun the last two days where for me, as I feel I was a little quieter during training than I thought I would be and did not thankyou enough for all the wonderful things we did.


Everything we did was beyond my wildest dreams, the Riding School setting is absolutely amazing, the feeling of sand on my hooves while trotting around the ménage will stay with me for a long time. I learned so many exciting new things to bring home and train with in preparation for my next trip to the yard and even my once over from the dreaded Vet was not as scary as Jasper thought it would be she was actually really nice.


Then to finally meet you Mistress my amazing trainer, so kind and caring I felt at ease virtually straightaway and my nerves dis-appeared easily. Always offering encouragement and guidance in a clear and precise way the tone of your voice encouraged me to work harder and harder to impress my trainer and even learning the hard way to not be a cheeky pony just spurred me on to do better.


I had the greatest time and cant wait to be back on the Bit and continue my journey as Mistress Eclipses Ponyboy very soon.


Much love and whinnies.










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