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27/01/2016 The Photo Shoot Hello slaves. Well aren’t you nosey… Prying into my day to day activities… I’d pretend that I didn’t enjoy the attention but I think we all know that I love to be worshipped. I’ll begin with explaining how it came about. I was new to the Mistress scene and as I […]

Date 9/12/15   In At The Deep End  We’d been advertising for about two weeks. ‘Mistress training session- Wednesday 9th December 2015. £100, all day, will not run as a normal session.’ Mistress Eclipse or Mistress Eeclips if you’re looking on Twitter (how utterly bloody annoying when someone has taken your name but doesn’t use […]

Date 29/11/15   It’s All About Me Ok so here’s the deal. I’m not your typical ‘lifestyle’ Mistress. I’m honest and open about My experiences both pre and post Pro Domme. You can ask Me anything, I won’t be offended. I have had a few partners prior to becoming a professional Dominatrix who I’ve done […]

I am Mistress Eclipse of Manchester. I have a very wide range of BDSM interests and I session in one of the very best multi roomed dungeons in the UK – The Fetish Emporium, just 3.7 miles from Manchester. Click here to session with me, Manchester Mistress Eclipse