Valentine’s week

Wow! What a week! I’ve been so busy that this evening is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and fill you in on what I’ve been up to.

So where do I start? Let’s go with Monday eh? Another day another slave to train. One particular slave came to Me wanting a long term relationship, training regularly by one Mistress, Me, who he could stay loyal to and worship. I accepted the challenge of this newly awakened kinky pervert. A fresh, untainted, mind to manipulate and nurture into a well behaved, good mannered, submissive.

The session flowed with ease as he closed his eyes, took a deep breath and listened to My instructions. I began by strapping him to the interrogation chair. A multitude of leather straps holding him still. A bit of mild breath play, poppers to calm the nerves and off I set with the violet wand. The stunning lightning strikes throwing themselves at his cock and balls hissed as they landed on their target. Short sharp breaths of elation escaped him as the pleasure / pain sensation wreaked through his body.


Look at Me getting carried away… It wasn’t My intention to go into great detail about each session so I’ll just leave that one there. I want to tell you about the ‘Sexy Boy’ I saw on Valentine’s Day.


The Sexy Boy

Valentine ’s Day 2017.

I spent most of the day with My horses. Both girls rode, groomed and mucked out. Then I got a call to ask if I would be available later that evening for some anal play. Well I didn’t have any other plans so getting kinky seemed like a great way to spend the rest of My night.

When I got to chambers I set up the red room, prepared the enema equipment and waited for the client to arrive.

I was impressed when he walked in. He was a well dressed, good looking guy but it very quickly became apparent that he wasn’t used to being dominated. I called him out and he denied that he was used to getting his own way. I very clearly explained, with admission or not, he may be used to getting what he wanted in ‘the real world’ but in My world, in My dungeon, he would have to do as he was told. He nodded his head. He was clearly a ladies’ man but that shit doesn’t go down well with Me and he was too young to truly lust after. I’m not easily seduced into giving a boy everything that he wants anyway unless I’ve had My kicks first so this guy had no chance.

Naked- He had a well toned body and a cock that anyone would be aroused by. However I knew I’d be much more turned on by making him suffer a little and I couldn’t wait to tease and deny his schlong.

After the enema it was time to get deep and erotic with his arse hole. Using a vibrator to penetrate his orifice I began to tease the cock that was already standing to attention in front of Me. Showing off his abs the ‘sexy boy’ flexed his stomach and partially sat up to watch as I commanded his cock to swell further. Every vain pulsated as I spat and circulated My saliva into the tip of his dick. It responded by spewing pre cum from its split like a ravenous whore presented with a 10 inch cucumber. Then I just looked the ‘sexy boy’ in the eye and grinned. He reached for his member but I quickly chastised him and reminded him that everything in the room belonged to Me including his dick and he wasn’t allowed to touch My dick. He writhed in frustrated agony. I threatened to strap him down but it was so much more fun watching him wring his hands together, the knuckles turning white as he was squeezing them so hard trying to fight the urge to wank himself off. I lowered My head, still watching him, till My lips were so close to his mushroom shaped tip they could almost touch and I blew ever so lightly. I saw his body react and shudder with excitement. I spat again and rubbed My Mistress spit up and down his shaft. This torment continued as I slid My vibrator in and out of his arse. His legs quaked and it reminded Me of the way My own body reacts to orgasm and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at his unfortunate predicament as no way was he getting release any time soon. I mocked and tortured him with a stop start wanking rhythm until I just crossed My arms and observed the subdued victim in front of Me. Not so cocky any more. I regurgitated My well known phrase ‘If you want Me to touch your cock you must ask for it. Say please Mistress will You touch Your cock.’ (Reminding him that it belonged to Me) He did as I asked but I’m never satisfied with that so I demanded he called out louder. His response was the same audible tone. Not good enough! LOUDER! ‘I can’t’ He said. ‘Well then that cock will not be played with and I’m just going to laugh at you until it’s time for you to leave with a big dirty hard on’ I explained. With that he took a deep breath, defeated, he very loudly shouted ‘Please Mistress will You play with Your cock’. ‘Good boy’ I laughed. I reinserted the vibrator into his ass and began spanking his monkey. ‘Please I want to cum’ he said. ‘Not yet’ I ordered and I got faster and faster till he shouted ‘PLLLLEEEEAAASE MISTESS’ and with that I said ‘OK’ and allowed him to release.

As he cleaned his mess up I conversed with him a little further and it turns out this ‘sexy boy’ stood up his valentine to visit Me for some kinky bum fun. I knew from the second he walked in that he was used to getting his own way with women and obviously picked them up and dropped them as the mood took him. He didn’t get that from Me though, especially when part way through he asked if I’d overlook My professionalism and just fuck him wild. Obviously I declined and I actually think he enjoyed life much more under My thigh high boot than he would have if he was between My thighs. Haha. Perhaps not but then again he’ll never find out. I enjoyed Myself though and that’s the part that really counts!


The rest of the week

Like I said at the beginning, this week has been mental, with sessions, partying, horses and urgent admin I’ve had little time to do anything else. Here’s a snippet from My week:

I got the photos back that I had taken at the beginning of the month so I have had go through, watermark and categorise these. I will start to leak them out soon.

I had to order latex with money that was sent to Me for valentine’s Day to spoil Myself with. I also had to find somewhere for the rest of the gifts I got on VD to go…

Friday I was looking forwards to Thank Fuck It’s Fetish but Mistress Saphire, Princess Aurora and I ended up in chambers until 10:30pm so it never quite came off.

Saturday I had a birthday party to go to and as I knew a brethren of pirates and a steam punk league of extraordinary gentlemen (and ladies) would be attending I thought I better make an effort to fit in and it was a great excuse to wear a corset and jodhpurs! I think I looked pretty damn good in them too 😉

After a late night sessions started at 10am Sunday so there was definitely no rest for the wicked!

I’ve also decided to move farms with the horses again which is always a busy and stressful time. Official moving date is now Saturday 25th Feb.

Organising My next trip to Derby on the 28th of February till 2nd March has been interesting with the farm move. Slots are still available both for solo sessions and Double Domme with Vivienne L’Amour but are filling up fast so if you want to visit Me / Us in Derby book early and be prepared to pay a deposit.


I think that’s about it for now. I’ll check in with you again soon. I’m going to tell you about My new pain bitch but I think I’ll wait till after his next session as I’ve got some pretty fun things planned for him…

Ciao for now.


Manchester Mistress Eclipse