Non-Intimate Intimacy 


Up to 12hr Non-intimate, intimacy.
This is where you can share your hopes, desires, fears, warmth and interests with me
as an equal, sub (or Domme if you do so wish). This may come simply in the form of closeness & warmth, softly touching, playing with each other’s hair and holding each other tightly. Perhaps helping each other eat, shower, or dress into our pyjamas before going to bed for the evening. I know it can be heart warming to just have someone there when you drift off in the evening and when you wake up in the morning. Someone you can chat to for several hours and feel comfortable and relaxed with.
In our 12hrs together we can go out for a meal, explore the city nightlife or simply chill out in chambers for the night with a cup of tea and a takeaway.

Fetish / kinky play can be incorporated into our time together if you wish but will require an additional fee.

I can do this as myself or in a role play form such as:
Daughter, mother, sister, school friend, auntie, boss, etc.

There’s always a choice of wardrobe options for both of us so please let me know if you do have any requests.