Silly Latex Boy

I received a message on Adult Work from a client I’ve seen many times before. Out of courtesy he messaged Me on there so as not to disturb Me late at night but requested if I would be available to see him the following morning. Lucky for him I was awake and received the notification. Due to Me having two horses I need to know at least the night before if I am to do a morning appointment otherwise I will be at the stables.

A bit of background– This particular client is always fun to play with. He loves latex, poppers, breath play and boot worship amongst other things. O/our sessions are always more sensual than anything else as he isn’t into pain and I like to play within a person’s parameters. Oh don’t get Me wrong I push him one way or another every time. Mostly making him wish he could have so much more of Me than just the teasing, spitting latex clad bitch that stands before him demanding he worships Her. He’d like to get underneath the close fitting latex and worship Me in a more unorthodox way and his pleads to allow Me to let him cum make Me howl with laughter.

Back to the session- So I’d gone to bed with the thoughts of the next day in My mind. I dreamed about the client, the session and woke up very hot and horny. I had to masturbate as soon as I woke up at 5:45am in response to My latex filled dream, the power I had over the boy and the way I’d finally given in to My desires and let him satisfy Me till I quivered and quaked all over. But this was just a dream!

As the morning ticked on it was finally time for the session and although I had relieved Myself earlier I just couldn’t get the memory of My horny dream out of My head.

I dressed My submissive in latex. Ensuring he felt the same cold shiver that I did as I dressed. ‘It’s winter, latex is cold when it first suctions itself to your body but it warms up soon enough’ I told him.

Then kneeling before Me he raised his head so that our eyes locked and I couldn’t help but smile. ‘What should I do with you today?’ I smirked. ‘Whatever you want to Mistress’ he replied. I barked a laugh ‘I already know exactly what I’m doing with you’ and I began to re-enact My dream.

I strapped him to the leather chair, legs spread, body still as he waited My next move. I fitted the gas mask and urged him to breathe in the poppers, letting his mind swirl, effectively drugging him into My little latex bitch. Then I began to whisper, giving him the details of My dream and promising him he could play out the ending exactly as I remembered. His cock twitched and droplets of pre cum seeped from the end. I put on My rubber gloves and placed a condom on his member. From there I teased him, edged him, reminding him all the time that I really wanted My dream to become a reality. It wasn’t something I’d done before but I was certainly in the mood to do it right now.

I untied him from his restraints and I positioned Myself so that he could explore My latex skin. So close to My real body but shiny, black and with that intoxicating rubber smell. From time to time O/our latex would skim together and a delightful squeak would escape between us.  From the tip of the heel on My thigh high boots to the nape of My neck, every part of Me was explored. A gentle lapping of a tongue sending tingles all over My body. I decided that it was time, time for Me to take this session a little bit further. I lay the sub down on the floor and squatted over his face. Promising to expose Myself and let that tongue lap at My perfect pink pussy. Then right as I was about to treat Myself the silly latex boy touched his cock. Slap! I smacked his hand away hard. Enraged that he would touch what belonged to Me. ‘When you’re with Me everything you have is Mine including your cock. How dare you touch MY cock!’ I snapped and just like that I took away that privilege I’d promised him. Poor behaviour cannot be rewarded in My dungeon. I was frustrated but I laughed hard at his predicament. He wanted this so badly. I however was no longer willing to play the game I’d set out to perform. Then came the mind game. Was I ever really going to take things that far? Was I just looking for an excuse to take away the sweet prize I had promised? I didn’t need to look far for one and now the silly latex boy will never know will he. Never know if he could have really tasted his Mistress and let her convulse with orgasm from that desperate tongue. Such a shame.

The rest of our session was spent with more edging and discussions of what could have been until he could take no more and cried out louder and louder for Me to let him release himself over My boots. This I allowed him to do but I don’t like mess so it was important that he lapped it up as quickly as he spewed it out before I sent him home. W/we both left the session hot, horny and with plenty of wanking material to take home.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the tragic denial of the silly latex boy.

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