For Lovers of Stinky Sweaty Odours and Fart Fetish

For those with a love for scents I’ve decided to create Whiffy Wednesdays. This is where you’re guaranteed at least 36hrs of my natural scents to sniff, lick, wallow in and submit to every Wednesday.

The fetish for scents is known as osphresiolangnia which is a noun that describes the carnal excitement or erotic encounter generated by odours (according to the psychology dictionary).

This means you are not weird or alone for having such desire. Having an acute sense of smell which causes sensory stimulation in the nose is a way the subconscious mind can determine how strong and quality a potential mate is. Naturally I am top of the pile when it comes to that list and it’s what makes grown men so weak for my natural pheromones and odours. It’s ok to fall at my feet and beg to be near to me as I ooze moisture from every pour in my body.

Perspiration leaks from my body in abundance, it is like a fragrant, salty, serum that you just can’t get enough of. In latex socks, I can allow the secretion to run down my body and collect at my feet, leaving a refreshing cocktail for you to down at the end of our session.

Whiffy Wednesday’s were created due to so many of my clients asking for me to be as sweaty and stinky as possible when they come to see me. As you can imagine, I can’t spend my whole life unwashed but I’m willing to skip showers on a Tuesday so I’m ready for you to have an experience that until now you have only dreamed of with Mistress Eclipse.

Usually humiliation and domination compliments this kind of session. Most of my clients love to be told what filthy, dirty, disgusting animals they are whilst being ordered to lick my unwashed armpits or sniff my sweaty bum crack but as always, this does not have to be the case. I can put on some relaxing music and you can spend time slowly exploring the smells of your own accord, moving up, down and around my body as you please as long as my personal boundaries are kept.

Sometimes FART FETISH (Eproctophilia) is requested alongside the whiffy scents however it is often desired as a standalone session. It is not easy for me to prepare for such sessions and they must be booked and paid for at least 24hrs in advanced to ensure I can eat the right kinds of foods to get me really windy. Stinky blue cheese and garlic bread are a few things that set my body in full gale forced motion, other foods that get me windy, I’m happy to divulge via paid text or phone sessions.

As I am diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you can imagine the wind, tummy grumbles and rancid stench I am able to produce. Long, loud, stinky farts often pop out of my arse hole and ripple my cheeks in their wake. Although this is mostly the case, I cannot guarantee the kinds of smell you will get on the day but I can guarantee there will be plenty of wind to be had.

I can order you to open your mouth, crouch over your head and let rip while it echoes in your gob like a rock being dropped in a huge cave. You may feel the puff is so heavy, you could almost chew it and you’ll have to wait patiently while I compose myself because farts always make me chuckle. I am very proud of my fumes and there’s nothing anyone can say to make me feel otherwise. I love to spend a bit of time allowing you to worship my arse during the session too; really letting you get to know it before it lets out another trump. Facesitting and smothering are also a fun games to play with fart fetish because I can squash your face, withhold  your breath and time it perfectly so that the first big gulp of air you would take in when I finally allowed you to breathe would be my gas and you’d consume it greedily like your life depended on it. My roaring confidence and dominance over you while my arse and flatulence control and humiliate you will leave you with glorious memories that you will never forget.

People often ask how I got into farting on people, well the simple answer is it all started with sibling rivalry. I’ve always had smelly farts and often got banned from eating certain foods if we were going on long car journeys. My brother who is 13 years older than me used to capture his farts in his hand and shove it in my faced shouting ‘EGGS’. Naturally I wasn’t going to stand for that and I didn’t care how much bigger than me he was, I was going to get my own back which would lead to me maybe walking past him and shoving my arse on his knee as I farted and then ran off which lead into being older and pinning him down to fart on his head. I’ve never been ashamed to fart in front of people with a ‘it’s better out than in’ attitude. This perturbed some boyfriends in the past and occasionally left them retching as I’d fart in bed and pull the covers over their heads and trap them in while laughing uncontrollably.

I, myself, do not have a fetish to be farted on, I just love doing the farting, however I am not opposed to a good fart war so Mr Eclipse and I can sometimes spend whole days trying to get one over on each other, especially after a night out and a good curry. We just laugh for hours and berate each other for having farts that smell like rotting corpses.

If this all sounds like something you’d love to try in a confidential, safe, space then do not wait around, book your fart or odour session now with Mistress Eclipse.

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P.S. Booking in advance is always preferred but occasionally I can do same day sessions. I will always ask for tribute in full on our first meet so please prepare for this.

Telephone bookings: 07907622890



Looking forwards to shoving my stinky feet & ass in your face very soon.

Love Mistress Eclipse xx