Ass worship/ face sitting / smothering Derby & Manchester Dominatrix

I absolutely love ASS WORSHIP. It’s one of my favourite parts of a session.’ –Manchester Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse.

Ass worship comes about in many forms but ultimately it is you burying your head in my butt cheeks. Stroking, kneading, massaging, kissing, licking and most importantly ensuring the very powerful Mistress Eclipse feels relaxed, loved and empowered. Mistress Eclipse is the best face sitting Dominatrix in the UK. Her arse cheeks are big and bold and can encase a face with ease. This Derby Dominatrix and Manchester Seductress is full of ideas on how to control you using her large bottom.

This can come in the form of a slow and sensual session where your only job is to please Mistress Eclipse with your touch and massaging skills. There’s no pain or suffering, you both just share a mutual understanding of what worshipping such a beautiful woman is all about. It can feel very hot and heavy, almost like the precursor to love making, not that you will be so lucky with the final outcome.

Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse can also use ass worship as a means to degrade you. Totally ignoring you, turning her back on you, texting her girlfriends while you fondle her posterior. She’ll be telling the girls all about what a dirty little pervert you are and as your cock stiffens you’ll feel pain as she will have locked it up in a chastity cage and owned it way before she’s permitted you to touch her derrière. Still you will try your best to get her attention with your skills. Perhaps lightly tickling your finger tips under the folds of her fantastic arse and down the tops of her thighs will be enough for her to remember you are there. Desperately hoping that at least one of your efforts will be enough to make her wet and horny so you might smell that sweet, tight, Mistress pussy of hers.

She may also order you to lie on your back and strap you down tightly. Hovering herself over you, teasing you, threatening to sit on your face, stroking your nose with her big, juicy, butt cheeks. Then she’ll overpower your airway with her ass until she can feel you struggling, watching your toes curl while your head goes woozy and you finally have to tap out. Maybe she will let you catch your breath immediately or maybe she will push you just a little further. She will be laughing loudly at your struggle, knowing she has all the power, all the control.

If you’re lucky enough to experience the true Eclipse, she will have pushed all of her weight onto your head, forcing you to see colours and stars flashing before your eyes and you will have gone to a place in your mind that only others have dared to dream. It’s such a fantastic sub space to feel so helpless under her bottom. After all you are now beneath her in every way possible; it is where you belong and where you will wish you could stay for the rest of your life. Several hours of this treatment will never be enough, you will be addicted to the rush, as much as you will be addicted to Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse. It will be as if life never made sense before but it does now, you will feel blessed and at peace under her ass and if you never get chance to breathe again, it will be the perfect way to go, under such a fine rump.


With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a few things that have been said to me  recently from lovers of face sitting that have visited me for the first time.

Oh my god your bum is so much bigger in real life than it looks on photos’

‘You’ve got the best ass in the whole of England’ (I’d argue the world but he chose the word England).

‘You’re so nice. I was expecting you to be mean and shout.’

‘It’s nice that you’re having so much fun and I can just talk to you.’

‘I feel really safe and confident with you.’

‘I actually can’t breathe when you’re sat on my face. With others I’ve seen I can usually get some air in through my mouth’

‘Shit I actually lost my sight for a few seconds’

‘I’ve never seen stars and spots before, this is just a whole new experience’

‘I’m so glad I finally got the courage to see you. This has been a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be back’

‘You’re so sexy. Your ass is so smooth. This is just a dream come true to be able to touch, stroke and play with your ass and have it on my face. Since a boy it’s been my dream. Just wow’

As you can see, my clients have not always believed they were going to get such an amazing experience and have loved what they found once they visited.

I don’t think you can find anyone better than me to squish your face and have a great time with so I say if you want a great arse and a great experience then book your session with me. I’m the right choice and you know it.

I look forwards to smothering you soon,

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse – Manchester Dominatrix, Derby Dominatrix

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Face Sitting Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer face sitting?

Hell yes I do! It’s one of my favourite things to seduce and control you with.

Do I have to be submissive to worship your arse?

No, not at all, sometimes people just like to worship my arse without having role play or being submissive. As long as you are respectful then you are welcome to come in and experience my bottom in all its glory.

Do you face sit naked?

No. But I am happy to wear a tiny g-string or thin tights.

What clothing do you face sit in?

I’m happy to face sit in any material as long as my lady bits are covered (pussy if you’re still not sure which bit). I have leather, latex, satin, silk, cotton, tights and will accommodate any other requests where possible.

Do you offer pussy worship as part of your face sitting sessions?

No. My pussy is a no go area, it is a hard limit for me. You may see it and get very close but you will never be permitted to have it.

Do you offer full weight face sitting?

The question is not will I offer it but can you handle it? I’m more than happy to put all of my weight on your head or any part of your body but be careful what you wish for as all 16 stone of me is more than some of you can take.

Can you offer breath play and smothering when face sitting?

Yes! That’s such a fun part of our power exchange but I will always offer you the opportunity to tap out if you’re feeling pushed beyond your limits because I’m nice like that.

Do you accept rimming?

No, I’m very conscious about sexual health and I’d like us all to stay safe and happy. I’m regularly tested but imagine if I had 15 guys a week in my bum hole. I couldn’t guarantee there’d be nothing getting passed on if I accepted this. Trust me it’s for your safety, just as much as mine. You can sniff away though and get as close to it as possible. You can even try it on a whiffy Wednesday were the smells are most potent.

Where do you carry out your face sitting?

I always have a suitable venue. There’s a choice when I’m working in Derby or Manchester of dungeon, medical suite, bedroom or a more domestic setting however if you’d feel more comfortable coming to a house than chambers, I can offer this setting in Widnes so please do let me know your preferred option and location when making a booking.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions at all then please do not hesitate to ask. It is important that you feel at ease with the session and go away feeling like you have got everything that you were looking for

To enquire further please call, text or email using the details below