The Foot Fetish- A Recollection

I get a phone call…

‘Hello can I help?’

‘Yes Mistress. Can You provide sweaty foot fetish?’

‘Of course. Let Me just finish mucking out My horses and I’ll come straight from the stables. There’s no need to freshen up when dealing with filthy boys like you now is there?’

‘No Mistress, thank You Mistress.’

… After paying a deposit the arrangement was set…

Mistress Eclipse had been walking around the farm, trudging through the muddy fields with her horses, cleaning out their muck from the stables and depositing it on the big pile of horse manure that had been gathering for months.

Where it had rained there were brown puddles on the floor which she referred to as ‘poo juice’ and partially rotten manure that swamped her feet as she stomped through the ‘poo juice’ sludge, began collecting on her boots. The foot slave was to be in for a real treat she smirked. The thought of such male devotion and submission to her mucky boots made Mistress Eclipse edgy with excitement as she set off in her car to meet him at the Manchester Dungeon where she had been a professional Dominatrix for over 6 years.

Eager as ever the salivating foot enthusiast was early, texting to confirm his arrival while his dominatrix was still driving to the Manchester Chambers. ‘Well he’ll just have to wait, I have no interest in responding as I drive’ she thought. The wait only helps add to his suspense. As a professional mistress, Eclipse loves the nervous excitement that envelops her submissive when they think she might leave them out in the cold and not turn up. ‘I’m a professional though soft lad. If I say I’m coming, then I’m coming!’ she mutters to herself.

In chambers she noticed her skin tight beige jodhpurs were splashed with mud and there were stray bits of hay stuck to the fibres. Oh well, it would only intensify her over all stench and we all know that’s what he is here for. He desires cleaning the dirty boots before having all of her sweaty toes forced into his mouth, causing him to gag and deeply inhale the potent perfume from her busy day.

After taking the remainder of the tribute Mistress Eclipse opened the door to her highly equipped chambers, expecting to see a naked, kneeling slave. Instead she got a half dressed, piteous excuse of a man that dared to simply sit.

‘Strip boy!’ she shouts. ‘Sorry Mistress’ replied the squeaky mouse and he hurriedly took off his clothes. ‘Now get down and kneel at my feet. How dare you greet a Mistress in anyway other than kneeling before her.’ From this point on the conversation was all one sided, Mistress Eclipse’s side of course. Instructing the slave to clean her boots, he gladly ran his big slimy tongue up and down the mucky rubber wellingtons. She explained the hardship the filthy boots had suffered throughout the day taking great joy in his reaction as she emphasised the poo juice she’d meaningfully stomped through. She could see little bits of hay and shavings from her horses bedding disappearing into his mouth as he consumed the debris. Being a thoughtful Mistress, Eclipse offered the boy a drink to which he gladly nodded his head. Spitting into his open chops she wondered if she should offer a bit more fluid to satiate his dry mouth. Instructing him to stay put she collected the dog bowl from the kitchen and put a little water in that which had flushed and swilled around her own mouth first. Then for good measure, Mistress Eclipse added a bit more frothy spit before presenting the bowl to the feeble specimen in the dungeon. ‘Here you can lap that up like a little puppy dog. Mistress likes dogs. In fact Mistress prefers all animals to men. Even spiders’ she scoffed at him.  As he sank down to the floor where he belonged she placed her size four foot on his head and pushed him into her spit. He slurped and Eclipse ordered him to shake his bottom like a dog. This humiliation would make her very happy. Manchester Mistress Eclipse has seen this slave many times and has fine tuned herself to his deepest, darkest, desires. There is no subject too taboo to discuss with her and she would never be shocked at anything you may consider a ‘weird fetish’ which is why this lapdog has been faithful to her for many years.


Watching him wag a little pretend tail, she knew her boy needed this. He needed her to tell him how pathetic and disgusting he was and humiliate him until she was ready to chuck him out.

Steering the foot slave to take off her boots, you could see the darker colour of her socks were they were wet from the sweat. She immediately shoved all of her toes in his over sized mouth and allowed him to suck the sweat from them one by one. She also noticed a little mud on her right big toe where there is a small leak in her wellington boot. Just think of all the germs and undesirable disgusting bacteria that is harbouring around her big toe at this very moment. Not for long. That foot can be sucked clean next. The smell radiating was not pleasant. Manchester Mistress Eclipse sweats really easily and after an 8hr day at the yard with her feet festering inside the rubber wellington there was bound to be a pong. Yet this slave was loving her bouquet, he was taking deep breaths as he explored every fold, every curve of her petite, well manicured foot.


Rubbing every toe slowly with his nose to savour the divine moment, the Manchester Dominatrix deemed that he was enjoying himself far too much. Foot fetish frequently comes with humiliation and this lousy slave was going to get a taste of it. ‘Why should all of his dreams come true when I’m not fully amused?’ She noted.

Taking her feet away, the slave was ordered to stand. ‘Now then. You are here to please Me. You are a slave and I am the Queen of the dungeon so you, you dirty foot licking fool you are going to make Mistress laugh. Do you understand?’ she ordered. The minion looked confused but nodded anyway. I think he thought Mistress Eclipse was expecting a stand up comedy act or something? She wasn’t looking to be disappointed! No! She was going to make her own fun.

‘Right then. You are now a snake. I’m going to take my socks off and shove them in that gob of yours. you are going to slither on the floor like a snake. If you can catch My bare foot I’ll let you worship it. If not then I’ll pick another animal and we will continue like this until I am satisfied with your efforts.’


This was hilarious to engage in, it was so much fun to have him gagged and squirming all over the place trying to catch her feet. Of course this was a game he was never going to win. Mistress Eclipse got to go through several different animals before she decided this foot fetish slave had earned the privilege to worship her bare feet. By this point he was so desperate, so deflated that he had not been able to catch a single toe that his dominant almost felt sorry for him. OK not really but she did pity him a little. As promised, she slowly took her socks out of his mouth and spat some fresh water in to hydrate him. The dry mouth you get when it has been filled with socks is both exhilarating and frustrating. Mistress Eclipse then placed her soft foot on his face and he inhaled deeply, somewhat lovingly and thankful for her kindness. As her feet caressed his face and he licked between each one of her toes, his bliss radiated onto her and she felt the same sexy happiness that he did. Watching him go to work on her size 4’s was satisfying and the deep relaxation she felt as he massaged her foot with is tongue was stunning. With her feet on his face she whispered to him that he could relieve himself and very quickly a huge spurt of hot cum ejected from his cock. This session was over. After he left Manchester Mistress Eclipse sat for a while, smiling, relaxing and remembering the details of the session. She does love a good foot worship and always has so much fun!

The foot fetish continued…

Sometimes when I’m writing I get so into the moment of the session that I’m describing I forget to finish off all My other points.

I just wanted to make some final comments regarding foot worship. I’m well aware that it’s not just simply my foot that gets you so excited, makes that cock twitch and your mouth water. No. It’s the skin that sits on the foot, the shape, my high arch, the way I tilt my foot to admire the small, perfect toes that sit on the end. The way those toes can move slowly, wriggle fast, and torment your nose and tongue is just a small part of what draws you to my feet. I know it’s important for you to watch me walk. See the way I land on the ball of my foot and place my heel down flat and gracefully. It’s the smell, the odour that is omitted from my Dominant female sweat glands, that pure female aroma, My Smell, my salty taste, the joy you get from receiving everything that my body pours out of me throughout the day or in fact days if I’ve remained unwashed. Any respectful request for me to wear the same socks for a number of days is welcomed. I have in the past worn the same bed socks every night for a month. I have no shame in wearing the same socks day and night, down at the stables, when I’m shopping, cleaning my house, etc, allowing the sweat to gather in the fibres, letting the stench build, my smell, my bouquet, my aroma. I understand this. You don’t want any old smell. Sticking My foot in some rotting fish won’t do because it’s me that you desire to know better, you want the real thing, the real me and I enjoy giving that to you foot perverts.


With that said, please come and book a session soon so we can have fun together. I am now working from Widnes, Manchester and Derby so I can meet you at any of these locations, I just need at least 24 hours notice to confirm out get together.


Mistress Eclipse

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