Is My Fetish Weird?

Fetish: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
~ Oxford English Dictionary.

On reading the above definition I started to think about the words ‘abnormal degree’. To what extent is finding a woman’s breast a turn on any different to her feet, ear lobe, arm pit etc? On the same lines why is rubber clothing any different to sexy lingerie? However boobs and lingerie are viewed as ‘normal’ and if the definition is suggesting that walking around with an engorged cock from viewing these and wanting to relieve yourself from such tension means you have a fetish then I’d say everyone who has ever wanted to rub themselves till they orgasm indeed has a fetish.

This got me thinking about labels and conformity and the very boring vanilla world we would live in if we were all frightened to be called ‘abnormal’. Is this why our world is so discreet? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take our pets, slaves, submissive, or whatever to say Asda (or one of the other reasonably priced supermarkets in your area) without being called abnormal or worse!?

You know when I was at college, doing my A levels, well I had a little change of heart. I went from being what we described as a ‘teeny bopper’ at the time. Long blonde hair, tight jeans, pink crop top and ankle boots to transforming into a ‘goth’ not by dictionary definition but basically everyone who was a bit different was a goth in college and so I became one of them. I chopped my hair into a bob and dyed it black with a bright pink side fringe. I accessorised this look with a pvc studded dog collar and leather wrist cuffs. Black crop tops with logos on that said things like ‘I go from 0 to bitch in 0.5 seconds’ accompanied with baggy combat pants that hung from my hips and showed the top of my thong was my new thing.

I’ve never grew out of wanting to be different. It’s more a need than a want actually. I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe in and I will ALWAYS be true to myself because if you’re hiding the real you from the rest of the world then it can be a pretty lonely place. Plus being different gives me a buzz. I’m extremely happy to report that there is only one of me and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with the same quirks. For instance I get great pleasure from inflicting consented pain but I still love having a Harry Potter box set marathon every now and then…. If that’s just lowered your opinion of me then so be it. I’m pleasing me, not you.

One of the fetishes that I’ve found people get most embarrassed about is stinky scents. They always reduce to very quiet voices and a form a stutter when enquiring if it’s OK to for me to have sweaty stinky feet or armpits that they can lick and sniff. It’s the freedom to relinquish all control and allow a Mistress in their natural form to humiliate them with their scents, perhaps returning them to a childhood memory that really gets these little cherubs off. However in my chambers, anything goes, there’s no need to feel embarrassed and if you’re enjoying yourself then I’m having fun too. I just felt this was a very important point to put across. I do what I do because I’m not vanilla and there’ll never be anything that you can’t discuss with me. Even if you think you’re the only person in the world that enjoys your particular fetish then I can assure you that you’re wrong. Like I said earlier, our world is very discreet for numerous reasons but my services are 100% confidential and respectful. Bare that in mind when you’re booking sessions. The more I truly know about your interests then the more things there are for us to explore.

I’ve digressed a little bit but going back to My initial point. ‘Abnormal’ or ‘different’ or just an ‘individual’- being yourself, is important and if ‘yourself’ is one kinky horny bastard then that’s something to smile about even if it’s just on the inside. Bravo to you!

Here are some other fetishes that people are often wary to divulge:

Balloon Fetish

Are you a LOONER?

Are you a balloon lover? Do you love all things inflatable? Is it the rubber? The pretty colours or pictures? The smell? The stretch? The possibility of popping? The inevitability of bursting with overfilling pressure?
I can share this experience with you. Provide a safe and discreet place to play. Organise the balloons, provide an overnight stay in a bedroom full of pretty balloons, pop the balloons for you, blow them up for you, grind on them or tease and torment you.

You can bring your own balloons for us to play with or I can provide them for an additional cost.

Whatever your balloon interests are I am here to ensure you have a great time.

I’ve always loved balloons and loved to pop them. I’ve always blown up condoms and rubber gloves and smacked people with them. I just find blown up rubber loads of fun. When I was 15 I got the whole maths class kept behind for half an hour for blowing up a condom and letting it blow across the room. Eventually I had to admit it was me because everyone was getting really angry with being kept after class.
Although I did become a legend for a while, thank god the cane was out in them days or I’m sure I’d have got at least 12 strokes.

There are loads of different reasons you can have to love a balloon but one thing is for sure, as soon as you see one, you can’t help but look. They grab your attention. The colour and shine draws you to it.
Weather you blow to pop, sit to pop or protect the balloon with your life so it won’t pop, your mind races through the many possibilities of the balloon.

They are delicate, yet tough. You can have sex on a balloon and although I don’t offer sex, I’m happy to take you from behind with a strap on while you are naked straddling a 5ft long airship type balloon.

Seriously balloons are really cool and fun. If you haven’t played with them before then you definitely should. It’s a normal and worldwide interest / fetish. It’s ok to play.

What kinds of balloons do you play with?

I’m happy to play with any material, size or type of balloon or inflatable so it’s really all down to your preference. I get joy from allowing people to be happy and at ease with their love for balloons / inflatable’s.

I don’t even mind if you want to be dressed as a dog, a horse, a sissy girl etc while we play. Your fantasy will draw me in and I’ll enjoy myself by helping you to fulfil it. It could be beach balls, arm bands, party balloons, helium balloons, blowing up balloons or whatever you like.

Although I’ve always been intrigued by this kink it’s not something I had indulged in until 2017 when I had my first ever inflatable session and WOW it was amazing! Probably the best fun I’ve ever had with an arm band I can tell you. Below is my encounter of the session:


It’s the anticipation of the ‘pop’ especially when you can see the pressure building and you know at any moment that squeaky full rubber item is going to explode and wither to nothing – a bit like a cock after it cums.

There’s a whole manner of ways to burst them too. Today I was dressed in my freshly shined, black, latex cat suit and thigh high boots (a favourite choice of clothing for myself and the other perves). I tucked my kinky subs cock inside an armband and ordered him to keep it still. I plunged my heel through the band with little conscience about the fact it may have squashed the dick hiding inside. I roared with laughter and pleasure as a surge of power shot through me like lightning.

Next I lay my sub down and placed a helium filled Minnie Mouse balloon over his cock and straddled him. The noise of the latex distressing the foil balloon was intoxicating and as I bounced up and down on the smiling balloon I realised it wasn’t going to pop easily. I bounced hard and fast but Minnie was not faltering. This was a job for my sharp talons to tackle. I bounced and stared my sub straight in the eye as I began to dig my nails into the foil. He knew a pop was inevitable and he almost looked fearful. I suspect like so many other balloon fetishists he has or has had, a balloon popping phobia in the past before lusting over them. I couldn’t help but giggle with joy as it popped and my arse splattered over his cock. He was so excited but ordered not to touch his cock. I’d already tied it up as a reminder it was mine and not his however he couldn’t help himself and that arm reached out to his dripping member once more. He needed to learn about the consequences involved with a lack of self control. This was his first time seeing a Mistress so I had to set the foundations of training in straight away. I chose a balloon and told him to pop it. He was apprehensive but as I stood over him and glared he knew he had no choice and began to squeeze the balloon. As it became tight the fear shot across his face again but he did as he was told and ‘bang!’ off went the balloon. There was a sigh of relief from him but one little balloon popping wasn’t going to train him to behave. I sat on the bench and he kneeled opposite me. I took a fresh balloon and blew it up. I placed it between our faces and sank My teeth into the rubber. I roared with laughter again and a whole range of emotions were visible on my subs face. There was sadness, fear, lust then excitement and he told me it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

There is lots more I could tell you about this session but I think the above can give you a feel for how powerful and satisfying it was for me.

This was the text I received from the sub afterwards:

‘Thank you so much, that was a truly amazing experience with a beautiful Mistress!

You made me feel at ease and gave me the opportunity to experience new things and my fetish!

You are a master sorry Mistress in Your field and it was certainly worth every penny!

Speaking to You afterwards made me realise I should not be ashamed of experiencing new things!

Thank You once again Your submissive


So he obviously enjoyed himself too.


If you’d like to indulge in this fetish please contact me Please note deposits will be required and if you’d like me to bring the inflatable’s these will also need to be paid for before purchase.

Bin Bag Fetish

Plastic bags, bin bags & heavy duty shrink wrap fall into this category.

I’ve always loved black rubber but I’ve recently been introduced to the wonders of heavy duty plastic bags. I’m having loads of fun with my guys exploring this fetish and have filmed a clip for my clip store where I kidnap and then bundle a naughty boy into a bin bag as punishment for his bad behaviour. You can find it on iwantclips or you can call me to book a session and have your own bin bag fantasy come to life.

Is it the crinkle sounds, the many uses, the loose but strong capabilities, the smell and the ability it has to make you sweat that makes you love it so much? The joy of you being trapped inside a sack gives me great pleasure. I can control your breathing, your escape and what happens to you while you’re bagged up. Are you simply to be treated like a piece of garbage or is there so much more that Mistress has in store for you today? Visit me to find out.

Newspaper Fetish

Do you love the smell and the crinkle of a newspaper? Do you love the way the ink comes off and dries on your skin? Imagine me wearing all white and us rolling round in the newspaper together. Would you like me to gag you with it? That crisp taste, yum,  the way it kind of dries your mouth out and slowly becomes soggy and messy, isn’t that just the best?
Maybe you’d like me to roll the newspaper up and spank you with it? Or line a latex / leather body bag with newspaper so you’re secured tightly, smothered in glorious newspaper?
Do you like the way the pages rip individually but together are very strong. Would it be torture for me to wrap you up and rip a piece off one by one? How about if I just rubbed you all over with a few crisp pages like a slow exfoliating massage?

Would you like to wrap me in it? I’m happy to switch.

We can have lots of fun together with this so give me a call and we’ll play.



Kidnapping is not an easy task to carry out but one I am happy to perform for the right price, it is not cheap but if it’s your desire then it is worth every penny.

Below is the recollection of a kidnap carried out by Mistress Buffy Brown and Myself:

My story –
It all started with an email from a girl called Lola.
Let me just say that I am a cross-dresser, my girly name is Justine and my male name is let’s say Bob, and the email from Lola said she was also a cross dresser. She wanted to meet up one Wednesday evening in Canal Street area of Manchester – her first venture out as Lola.
Well, Lola didn’t make it but sent me an email to say that she had problems. Then because I didn’t ask what the problem was, she went off on one. I got text and notes pleading to meet me.

Heaven knows who else she told because at the same time I started getting messages from someone threatening to expose me.
She kept changing the meeting place. Finally Lola said she would meet me in the cinema. She had me sit through a boring horror film and didn’t turn up. All the time I was never sure whether Lola was going to turn up, or I was going to be grabbed by this other person (the black mailer). It was a bad enough film without having all that apprehension on top.

I then got a message from Lola saying she had been taken by this other person and please follow the instructions or it would be bad for both of us. I was instructed to trek across town to be measured for a corset – how embarrassing.
Then I was directed to a typical male drinking pub and to order a pint of beer – remember dressed as a girl in a ‘man’s’ pub. Before I had time to say anything, the barmaid loudly asked “Hello Justine or is it Bob, you want a pint?” God she knows who I am how embarrassing – how many more people know? There I am the only ‘female’ amongst loads of blokes most probably having heard the barmaid. I’m sure two were gay. I wished I could shrink into the floor.

From there I was to find a busker. That turned out to be a rouse.
As on the way I was grabbed by two unknown females and dragged hooded down a dark alleyway, and handcuffed to the wall. There they left me stood unable to see or move. Anyone could have come down the alley – don’t let it be those two from the pub.
After an eternity they returned. God what now! Balls and tits were squeezed, really squeezed.
They proceeded to bandage my head. Why bandage my head? I can’t see anyway. I was then pushed down into what turned out to be a wheelchair and strapped in – still handcuffed.
More humiliation was to come, they pushed me round town with onlookers either asking about my health or laughing at me.
I was then left somewhere (I suspect outside a pub) while they had a laugh and a few drinks. So isolated, so humiliated.
Eventually they returned to push me further – to their hideout.

There I was thrown to the floor and left in the dark damp – heaven knows where! I dare not escape – as if it was possible being handcuffed and bandaged. There was a big bloke guarding the door I was informed.
After a while they returned to tie me up, and tried torturing me into confessing that I was not a girl but a man. Why should I? – I am what I am, not what they want me to be. They kept asking “What is your name Justine or Bob?”
There I was securely tied up, and they then started injecting me with all sorts of things. I felt my balls growing huge. I was never going to pass as a girl like this.
And then left again whilst my balls grew massive with whatever they were injecting into them. Please god don’t let the guard come in and have his way with me.
More torture on their return. I was scratched all over and my cock was subjected to something sharp. One of them was definitely more sadistic than the other. Then they started on my breasts. Pressing them, squeezing them, pulling the nipples. Eventually I had to give in. The pain was too much. Plus, I wanted to keep my cock and tits, my balls were probably past the point of no return by now.
Having confessed, I thought that would be it – oh no…
They obviously wanted me alive, so I was fed and watered. For more of their fun it turned out.
The bandaged head being replaced with a leather hood, they seemingly had more in store for me.
So I was re-secured with pallet wrap and encased in a rubber sack complete with hood. Then I felt it. They had shoved some sort of electrode up my bum. Ouch!
So there I was secured in pallet wrap and rubber on a hot night sweating like mad, my bum twitching every few seconds from the electric shocks and left for the night. At least if that guard comes in I am secured out of his way. Don’t know which would be the worse of the two – shocked and sweating or raped by a big guard!
After a long, sleepless, night I was asked if I had learned my lesson. Well not wanting to lose everything, I agreed – anything to save having more of the torture.
They untied me and kicked me out.
I’ve no idea what became of Lola. Sorry Lola but I’m not going looking for you.

Yes – I had asked Mistress Buffy to kidnap me and given her a vague (very vague) idea of what I had in mind. Mistress also called in the assistance of Mistress Eclipse.
What a brilliant, at times terrifying, painful and embarrassing experience.
Would I do it again – ‘yes’ – sorry “YES, YES and YES again”.


The Best Bits:

The bar – was really humiliating. Having the barmaid refer to by both names was just so gutting. Like the floor being pulled from under my persona.

Eating – having to sit there, being sure everyone was looking at Justine/Bob. The bar was actually quiet-ish but even so it was bad (or do I mean good!).

The snatch – so unexpected!

Being left in the alley. Gosh that really was so worrying. So many questions went through my mind. (A) was it possible for someone to come down the alley? (B) how long will I be left. (C) what are they going to do next?

The bandage – A stroke of genius.

The wheelchair was brilliant  (if a little strenuous for you). Gosh it is so disorientating. I had no idea what was happening. And not knowing what other people were doing saying or looking at, was really disturbing (good).

I thought you would go straight to the ‘dungeon ‘ – but no you stopped to have a drink and cause more humiliation

Torture – Mistress Buffy you obviously didn’t tell Mistress Eclipse  I’m not keen on nipple torture – I think I’m glad of that as it pushed my boundaries. You genuinely succeeded in getting me to plead to stop – effectively safe wording -I’ve only used that twice before. Mistress Eclipse -well done! Gold star.

The two of you should really consider doing more of this. You are really, really, good. Heaven help the next victim – please let it be me!!!!

The whole kidnap thing was excellent  (20 out of 10),


Cock and ball torture

An encounter of one of those fun sessions which I named The Electric Sock Shock On The Cock!

Haha this session was absolutely hilarious! Right up My street.

The client came in on a last minute same day appointment. I offered him the option to have a Double Domme session with Princess Aurora and I as We both had a free hour in between sessions, naturally he snapped it up.

Our sub said he wanted an ‘extreme cbt experience’ amongst other things such as tie & tease. With a little glint in my eye I looked at Princess Aurora and we both smirked at the thought. We’ve played together on numerous occasions and our creativity has no bounds as we joyfully push each other to take the session to new heights.

*** slaves please note: you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean because you’re going to get exactly what you’ve asked for! ***

Lying on the floor I bound his hands to the throne and tied up his cock so he knew who it belonged to. Me! I trampled his cock with my shoes and scratched my heel up and down the shaft. He squirmed a little but I ordered him to keep still. Princess A went to look for the violet wand as the pretty glow of purple light always puts us in a debauched mood.

I spat on his twitching member as he anticipated what was to come and then I delivered a cock slap like no other. It echoed throughout the room as did the sound of his scream. I stroked his face and told him to shush as he was getting exactly what he’d asked for. With no sign of the violet wand I suggested using other electrics so we started with some cock bands and PA began to tease him with her bottom. Every time the horny little sub moved I cranked up the electrics. He protested and begged for mercy ‘…it’s too much please, please no more….’ blah, blah. Again I reminded him that he was getting what he asked for and although he pleaded for us to go easy on him, his dripping, twitching, hard on, gave him away. He was more than enjoying himself- he was fooling no one.

Then as I was searching for something to increase the intensity I found a sock within the electric cabinet. I’d never used it before but thought it would be worth a try as this slave was a foot slut too. I fitted it with an E-Stim brush so I could run electrics up, down and round the body while manipulating the dripping cock with my sock. As soon as my little toes touched the tip of his mushroom he shook and cried out ‘Ouch’. I laughed as I was getting off on his pain and the more I wiggled my toes the more he shouted and contorted his body. Princess A held him still while I tormented him further running my foot from balls to head but with each attempt to escape PA and I could not hold in our excitement and we laughed and giggled and shook with elation at this poor subs predicament. When I’d decided he’d had enough I removed my sock and PA and I both shoved a foot each in his mouth. What a big, greedy cake hole he had to take both of our feet. We pushed in deep till he choked and gagged and once again we found ourselves in hysterics!

But I didn’t like the fact that his cock was enjoying itself without being tortured. So we decided to use the spiked chastity cage. Loosening the screws slowly so that he could take in what was coming to him was fun to watch. His eyes were wide with anticipation and then Aurora grabbed his balls and I snapped the cage around them. It took quite a bit of manipulation to push them in so I could completely close the cage which only magnified the pain and set us off laughing again. Once padlocked we began to tighten the screws so each one bit into the skin, forced the testes to retreat and made Our subject gasp. Rubbing our feet around his erogenous areas intermittently shoving our arses in his face and sitting on the queening chair so he could have a good look at what he would never ever get, ensured this boy was put this boy in his place.

With a vibrator on his cock he eventually couldn’t take the torment any longer and his worship puddle erupted. Cumming without permission is not allowed so we continued to vibrate his still erect cock causing him to emit a shrill cry as the pain of the cage became too much. After an apology for being a dirty cum spewing pervert I released him from his ties and we sent him on his way but not before he thanked Us and simply said ‘Wow, what a session. Just wow!’


Branding is the ultimate power exchange in a Domme/ sub relationship. Relinquishing ones freedom to your Mistress forms a very special bond. Her mark will stay with you forever and you’ll know how special you were to her at the time she chose to put her mark on you.

As an Equestrian I have crossed paths with lots of talented blacksmiths who are able to create beautiful pieces from their steel. Along the road I just happened to find a very kinky sub that was willing to create a branding iron for me.
I must say I was overwhelmed with the piece once in my possession and although it will not be used on just any slave, I am confident it will make a beautiful mark when I choose to pull it out.

So with that in mind have a think about how much you wish to truly belong, truly submit, truly give yourself over to me and then offer your servitude, your worship, your soul and I might just choose you to join the very exclusive club of Mistress Eclipse and her pets.


As you can see there are an array of different and unique fetishes, the ones I’ve touched on are merely a drop in the ocean compared to the vast topics that I could discuss. Just remember to be free, you have to be yourself.

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse xx

Manchester Mistress, Derby Mistress and professional Dominatrix