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Support Dominatrix Mistress Eclipse

Supporting your Mistress is VERY important. There are many ways in which to do this:

Only Fans – Here you can find raw short clips and pictures of your Mistress. For a very small fee of just $9.99 per month you can get a glimpse of what it would be like to be in my presence, to serve me, to worship me and to devote yourself to me. You can see what delicious delights I have to offer in mind, body and soul. You will understand why it is that once you have revealed your deepest desires to me, I am able to Eclipse your every thought, manipulate your will and have you begging for my attention on a regular basis.

I Want Clips -My preferred clip store is iwantclips. Here you will find lengthy clips that encapsulate the essence of my dominant nature, my creativity and my cruel but nurturing temperament. You can imagine how my supreme, Alfa, authority can make you bend to my every whim and then you can decide for yourself if you dare to request to meet me at my dungeon in Manchester or Derby or if you would rather book your own clip to relive over and over again. You may even decide to have a video call, phone chat or text session with me, to appease your need for contact, until you have the courage to kneel before me.

Amazon Wish List – My Amazon wish list has lots of items that could act as a token of your love, loyalty or gratitude when purchased. I strongly suggest you search through and make an appropriate selection depending on what kind of message you would like to send to me about your intention towards our BDSM relationship.

Sessions – Finally, sessions are a very important way to support me as your Mistress. Whether it is once per week, once per month or once per year, visiting Mistress Eclipse in the East Midlands where I hire a beautiful multi-room studio for our play dates or in the North West where I can hire a fully equipped, multi –room dungeon or invite you to the play room at my home in Widnes. Visiting me is what enables me to remain professionally available both online and in person. If you watch my clips and look at my photos, then take the leap and see me in person or have a phone or video chat. Although I have been a professional Dominatrix for the past 6 years, I love to see all those that I grace with my presence, having fun, this means that sometimes it is appropriate to change my demeanour for the individual. It is not all about whips, chains, bondage and latex (although those are wonderful pieces of kit to play with).

If an individual required a lighter session, fun, but respectful, then I’d be happy to oblige. You may have read a previous post where I have explained about non-intimate-intimacy. A cuddly, pain free, laughter filled session can be just as fulfilling for me as a heavy corporal punishment play date.

Now, my kinky little loves, I know a few of you have questioned the post lockdown pricing as my old prices are still showing on some old posts. In a dungeon tribute is now £200 per hour or £130 for 30 minutes. In the Widnes kink room tribute is £180 per hour or £100 for 30 minutes.
As we are all aware COVID has drove the prices of everything up. Gloves, cleaning products, hand sanitiser, room rents to name but a few obvious ones. As Mistresses We are also still leaving lots of time in between clients to air the rooms, steam floors & thoroughly clean to ensure we can keep everyone as safe as possible. This reduces the amount of clients we can see per day and at some point tribute has had to increase.

Double Domme sessions are usually £400 per hour but this depends on the pricing of the Mistress I am working with and as such should be checked at the time of booking.

Manchester Mistress Eclipse awaits your call wearing a red dress and holding her phone

Phone Domination Mistress Eclipse


If real time sessions are not possible then you can session virtually via the following:

Phone Chat

Text Chat

Video Chat (whatsapp or Skype)

Custom Clips 

You can email me and book a phone chat or video call via WhatsApp. You must pay for the texts/ calls/ video via bank transfer BEFORE the session begins. I’ll forwards these details via text or email during our prior correspondence.

You may also be able to find Me on Adult Work  DominatrixEclipse or DommeLine.

Charges are as follows:

Text on WhatsApp: £1.20 per minute

Phone Chat

5 mins: £10

10 mins: £20

15 mins: £30

20 mins: £40

30 mins: £60

45 mins: £90

1hr:         £100


Video Chat:

5 mins: £15

10 mins: £30

15 mins: £45

20 mins: £60

30 mins: £90

45 mins: £135

1hr:          £150


Custom Clips

Point Of View clips in a domestic setting:

15 mins: £60

30 mins: £120

1hr:          £210

Alternatively you can choose a dungeon setting with male masked submissive where the clip would be like a real time session of your choice.

15 mins: £100

30 mins: £200

1hr:          £270

Booking with me is easy, I prefer you to use email but you can call me on 07907622890 or DM me on Twitter @mistresseeclips

I expect you to support me soon, whichever way you feel most applicable to you right now, much love,

Mistress Eclipse