Mistress Eclipse holds cane, leather tawse and strap

Derby Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment & A Few Possible Scenarios

Very early on in my professional career I found corporal punishment to be one of my favourite kinks. During my initial training, back in 2015, Mistress Brown, the Queen of CP in Manchester, said I’m an ‘absolutely natural caner’.
While Mistress Sheba, an industry expert, said I was a ‘Natural Domme!’
With these credits and an abundance of years practice since then, I can assure you that you’ll be getting a session you’ll never forget.

To redden the bottom, bruise it like a peach and score it like a piece of pre cooked meat really gets my adrenaline pumping. I like to watch the twitching of my willing slaves bottom with each stroke that I administer, soak in the effect that my choice of implement has on their round globes and listen for their little whimpers or pleasure purrs when they realise they are getting what they deserve.

The hairbrush and spoon are a few of my favourite wooden beaters but I’m always drawn to a leather paddle and a tawse as part of my ritual punishments.

Role play is very important to me during these kinds of sessions. I like to have a reason to punish and sentence my naughty boys and girls to a particular amount of thrashings. For instance a naughty school boy may be sentenced to an over the knee spanking to warm them up, followed by 3 implements of their choice (if the implements are too soft then they will get 6 cane strokes for each silly choice), followed by 12 of the best.
A slave who has been caught playing with themselves, stealing ladies knickers and fantasising about me may be flogged, strapped, tawsed, slippered and caned until they apologise and I’m satisfied that they won’t do it again as the skin on their bottom threatens to break.
Sometimes it’s a 30 minute session, a judicial caning, a firm telling off followed by at least 24 of the best and kicked out on their ear. There are no niceties involved with this kind of punishment.

I’ve just given you an idea of a few scenarios that I like to play with but as you can imagine I also play the Stable Mistress very well and enjoy badgering the stable boys about their antics. However a cruel aunt, sadistic head girl, wicked teacher or spiteful step-mother suits me just as well. As long as I’m able to have a piece of your bottom then I don’t mind which title I take it by. There may be humiliating games or impossible questions to answer in between your hidings which will result in more reasons for me to tan you. **I like to keep myself entertained**

These sessions are about having trust and confidence in each other. My practices are always consensual but I will endeavour to push your boundaries. As a professional dominant a safe word can always be used (apart from in a judicial caning) but I’d like to think that I can read my subjects and push them to their limits without crossing them. I do enjoy being callous but I’d like you to enjoy your session as much as I, so I will stop when I need to, especially as it means I can punish you again in the future. With fully equipped chambers in Manchester and Derby that supply beautifully bespoke rooms to fit with any scenario, you can enjoy a safe, private session that will form a special bond between you and me.

Below are further snippets of how you may be summoned.

Mistress Eclipse as Head girl in her school uniform long white socks long red hair in two plaits

Head girl, school bully corporal punishment

Cruel head girl

When walking down the crowded corridor, towards Mrs Wright’s English class, you accidentally step on the foot of the pupil in front of you. She turns around in a flash and stares at you. Her cold glare feels like it’s boring a hole right through your head and your stomach lurches as you realise its Luna Eclipse, the new head girl. She’s already made quite a name for herself in the 3 short weeks she’s been appointed. Apparently her cane can slice rump just like a meat cleaver. Now it seems she has her sights on you.

‘Report to my Common Room after class. I haven’t got time for you now!’ she snaps.

In that moment you feel lost. You feel younger than you’ve ever felt before. Your bottom tenses at the thought of what could be in store for you. How will you ever concentrate in English? Your heart is beating ten to the dozen. The only thing certain for today is that you’ll be stood outside the Common Room in an hour and fifteen minutes, as instructed, and you’ll have to take whatever punishment Miss Eclipse wants to dish out.


Stable Mistress wears tight beige breeches and fitted white shirt with long leather riding boots and hairnet

Manchester Mistress Eclipse

The Stable Mistress

When the Stable Mistress opens her doors to new the recruits, she realises the trainee jockeys need to learn some manners, luckily she knows how to rein in the boisterous studs.
After equine lectures, Mistress Eclipse summons you to her private quarters, you’re excited to be alone with her, her canary yellow jodhpurs cling to her body and your manhood begins to rise.
You wonder why she has called you in? She walks towards you in her pristine polished Ariat boots, her spurs glinting a little in the light and then she’s right on top of you. You take in her scent as she presses her bosom against you, she whispers in your ear ‘You’ve been a very naughty stable boy. Turn around!’ You do as you’re told and as her hand sends a quick, sharp, smack to your behind you realise your punishment has only just begun. How far it will go depends on how remorseful you become and how much fun the Mistress has with your behind….

Naughty stable boys will always be summoned to a fully equipped tack room, full of crops, straps and canes to name but a few of the items at my disposal. With an expert hand the Stable Mistress will have you pawing at the floor and have you offering a sorry whinny in no time.

Fleshy thighs, short skirt and riding crop ready to punish a bottom

Derby Mistress over the knee punishment

The Headmistress

You have been summoned to the Office. Your adrenaline is pumping. You’d like nothing more than to be over her knee while your bottom twitches with each stroke that She administers. She calls you into her office. Your ears are ringing with fear and you’re not really taking in the words she speaks until She says ‘Are you deaf? Take them off NOW!’ She’s pointing at your trousers. You’re flustered. But hurriedly you take them off. How embarrassing to be stood in your underwear in the presence of this beautiful Woman. ‘Those too’ She says. You debate arguing but as quickly as the thought appears in your mind you counter it and remove your underpants. You’re over her knee in no time and she artistically switches from hand to plimsoll to paddle and back to hand. As the effect of each implement begins to take its toll on your round globes you allow little whimpers to escape your mouth which only makes her spank you harder.
Eventually she stops her rhythmic thrashing and rubs your bottom.
‘I know you want to be a good boy’ She says…. and your erection grows. ‘I’m going to teach you the errors of your ways. Now stand up.’

She gestures for you to bend over her desk which comes as some relief as at least you can now mask your wood under her wood. She begins to caress a cane that she has laid next to your right hand but your hard on stays intact.
‘This is what you deserve for being a naughty boy. When I’m satisfied that you have learned your lesson I will stop caning you and you can redress before going back to class. Understood? Now count!’ There is no time to reply with yes or no because she draws her hand back and swoosh your final punishment has begun.


Mistress Eclipse can always offer a beautiful, fleshy, thigh to pull you across and a caring embrace once your session has finished. Aftercare of your bottom is also of the upmost importance and if any dressings or creams are necessary then full advice will be given.

It is not necessary for all sessions to be very hard and intense, if you are a lighter player who likes being over the knee of a strong, powerful, woman but would only be able to take a light hand spanking then this is absolutely fine. I am happy to work within your boundaries and a fun cheeky session with light play is just as enjoyable for me than those which are much more extreme. The fantasy of what some people would like to participate in, is not always the reality of the body and mind can take.

First time subs are also very welcome and I am able to take you on a slow but exhilarating BDSM journey which will help you find your thresholds and perhaps even kinks that you never knew you had.

I hope to see you very soon.

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse of Derby and Manchester.