Is My Fetish Weird?

Fetish: A form of sexual desire in which gratification is strongly linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.
~ Oxford English Dictionary.

On reading the above definition I started to think about the words ‘abnormal degree’. To what extent is finding a woman’s breast a turn on any different to her feet, ear lobe, arm pit etc? On the same lines why is rubber clothing any different to sexy lingerie? However boobs and lingerie are viewed as ‘normal’ and if the definition is suggesting that walking around with an engorged cock from viewing these and wanting to relieve yourself from such tension means you have a fetish then I’d say everyone who has ever wanted to rub themselves till they orgasm indeed has a fetish.

This got me thinking about labels and conformity and the very boring vanilla world we would live in if we were all frightened to be called ‘abnormal’. Is this why our world is so discreet? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take our pets, slaves, submissive, or whatever to say Asda (or one of the other reasonably priced supermarkets in your area) without being called abnormal or worse!?

You know when I was at college, doing my A levels, well I had a little change of heart. I went from being what we described as a ‘teeny bopper’ at the time. Long blonde hair, tight jeans, pink crop top and ankle boots to transforming into a ‘goth’ not by dictionary definition but basically everyone who was a bit different was a goth in college and so I became one of them. I chopped my hair into a bob and dyed it black with a bright pink side fringe. I accessorised this look with a pvc studded dog collar and leather wrist cuffs. Black crop tops with logos on that said things like ‘I go from 0 to bitch in 0.5 seconds’ accompanied with baggy combat pants that hung from my hips and showed the top of my thong was my new thing.

I’ve never grew out of wanting to be different. It’s more a need than a want actually. I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe in and I will ALWAYS be true to myself because if you’re hiding the real you from the rest of the world then it can be a pretty lonely place. Plus being different gives me a buzz. I’m extremely happy to report that there is only one of me and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with the same quirks. For instance I get great pleasure from inflicting consented pain but I still love having a Harry Potter box set marathon every now and then…. If that’s just lowered your opinion of me then so be it. I’m pleasing me, not you.

One of the fetishes that I’ve found people get most embarrassed about is stinky scents. They always reduce to very quiet voices and a form a stutter when enquiring if it’s OK to for me to have sweaty stinky feet or armpits that they can lick and sniff. It’s the freedom to relinquish all control and allow a Mistress in their natural form to humiliate them with their scents, perhaps returning them to a childhood memory that really gets these little cherubs off. However in my chambers, anything goes, there’s no need to feel embarrassed and if you’re enjoying yourself then I’m having fun too. I just felt this was a very important point to put across. I do what I do because I’m not vanilla and there’ll never be anything that you can’t discuss with me. Even if you think you’re the only person in the world that enjoys your particular fetish then I can assure you that you’re wrong. Like I said earlier, our world is very discreet for numerous reasons but my services are 100% confidential and respectful. Bare that in mind when you’re booking sessions. The more I truly know about your interests then the more things there are for us to explore.

I’ve digressed a little bit but going back to My initial point. ‘Abnormal’ or ‘different’ or just an ‘individual’- being yourself, is important and if ‘yourself’ is one kinky horny bastard then that’s something to smile about even if it’s just on the inside. Bravo to you!

Here are some other fetishes that people are often wary to divulge:

Balloon Fetish

Are you a LOONER?

Are you a balloon lover? Do you love all things inflatable? Is it the rubber? The pretty colours or pictures? The smell? The stretch? The possibility of popping? The inevitability of bursting with overfilling pressure?
I can share this experience with you. Provide a safe and discreet place to play. Organise the balloons, provide an overnight stay in a bedroom full of pretty balloons, pop the balloons for you, blow them up for you, grind on them or tease and torment you.

You can bring your own balloons for us to play with or I can provide them for an additional cost.

Whatever your balloon interests are I am here to ensure you have a great time.

I’ve always loved balloons and loved to pop them. I’ve always blown up condoms and rubber gloves and smacked people with them. I just find blown up rubber loads of fun. When I was 15 I got the whole maths class kept behind for half an hour for blowing up a condom and letting it blow across the room. Eventually I had to admit it was me because everyone was getting really angry with being kept after class.
Although I did become a legend for a while, thank god the cane was out in them days or I’m sure I’d have got at least 12 strokes.

There are loads of different reasons you can have to love a balloon but one thing is for sure, as soon as you see one, you can’t help but look. They grab your attention. The colour and shine draws you to it.
Weather you blow to pop, sit to pop or protect the balloon with your life so it won’t pop, your mind races through the many possibilities of the balloon.

They are delicate, yet tough. You can have sex on a balloon and although I don’t offer sex, I’m happy to take you from behind with a strap on while you are naked straddling a 5ft long airship type balloon.

Seriously balloons are really cool and fun. If you haven’t played with them before then you definitely should. It’s a normal and worldwide interest / fetish. It’s ok to play.

What kinds of balloons do you play with?

I’m happy to play with any material, size or type of balloon or inflatable so it’s really all down to your preference. I get joy from allowing people to be happy and at ease with their love for balloons / inflatable’s.

I don’t even mind if you want to be dressed as a dog, a horse, a sissy girl etc while we play. Your fantasy will draw me in and I’ll enjoy myself by helping you to fulfil it. It could be beach balls, arm bands, party balloons, helium balloons, blowing up balloons or whatever you like.

Although I’ve always been intrigued by this kink it’s not something I had indulged in until 2017 when I had my first ever inflatable session and WOW it was amazing! Probably the best fun I’ve ever had with an arm band I can tell you. Below is my encounter of the session:


It’s the anticipation of the ‘pop’ especially when you can see the pressure building and you know at any moment that squeaky full rubber item is going to explode and wither to nothing – a bit like a cock after it cums.

There’s a whole manner of ways to burst them too. Today I was dressed in my freshly shined, black, latex cat suit and thigh high boots (a favourite choice of clothing for myself and the other perves). I tucked my kinky subs cock inside an armband and ordered him to keep it still. I plunged my heel through the band with little conscience about the fact it may have squashed the dick hiding inside. I roared with laughter and pleasure as a surge of power shot through me like lightning.

Next I lay my sub down and placed a helium filled Minnie Mouse balloon over his cock and straddled him. The noise of the latex distressing the foil balloon was intoxicating and as I bounced up and down on the smiling balloon I realised it wasn’t going to pop easily. I bounced hard and fast but Minnie was not faltering. This was a job for my sharp talons to tackle. I bounced and stared my sub straight in the eye as I began to dig my nails into the foil. He knew a pop was inevitable and he almost looked fearful. I suspect like so many other balloon fetishists he has or has had, a balloon popping phobia in the past before lusting over them. I couldn’t help but giggle with joy as it popped and my arse splattered over his cock. He was so excited but ordered not to touch his cock. I’d already tied it up as a reminder it was mine and not his however he couldn’t help himself and that arm reached out to his dripping member once more. He needed to learn about the consequences involved with a lack of self control. This was his first time seeing a Mistress so I had to set the foundations of training in straight away. I chose a balloon and told him to pop it. He was apprehensive but as I stood over him and glared he knew he had no choice and began to squeeze the balloon. As it became tight the fear shot across his face again but he did as he was told and ‘bang!’ off went the balloon. There was a sigh of relief from him but one little balloon popping wasn’t going to train him to behave. I sat on the bench and he kneeled opposite me. I took a fresh balloon and blew it up. I placed it between our faces and sank My teeth into the rubber. I roared with laughter again and a whole range of emotions were visible on my subs face. There was sadness, fear, lust then excitement and he told me it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

There is lots more I could tell you about this session but I think the above can give you a feel for how powerful and satisfying it was for me.

This was the text I received from the sub afterwards:

‘Thank you so much, that was a truly amazing experience with a beautiful Mistress!

You made me feel at ease and gave me the opportunity to experience new things and my fetish!

You are a master sorry Mistress in Your field and it was certainly worth every penny!

Speaking to You afterwards made me realise I should not be ashamed of experiencing new things!

Thank You once again Your submissive


So he obviously enjoyed himself too.


If you’d like to indulge in this fetish please contact me Please note deposits will be required and if you’d like me to bring the inflatable’s these will also need to be paid for before purchase.

Bin Bag Fetish

Plastic bags, bin bags & heavy duty shrink wrap fall into this category.

I’ve always loved black rubber but I’ve recently been introduced to the wonders of heavy duty plastic bags. I’m having loads of fun with my guys exploring this fetish and have filmed a clip for my clip store where I kidnap and then bundle a naughty boy into a bin bag as punishment for his bad behaviour. You can find it on iwantclips or you can call me to book a session and have your own bin bag fantasy come to life.

Is it the crinkle sounds, the many uses, the loose but strong capabilities, the smell and the ability it has to make you sweat that makes you love it so much? The joy of you being trapped inside a sack gives me great pleasure. I can control your breathing, your escape and what happens to you while you’re bagged up. Are you simply to be treated like a piece of garbage or is there so much more that Mistress has in store for you today? Visit me to find out.

Newspaper Fetish

Do you love the smell and the crinkle of a newspaper? Do you love the way the ink comes off and dries on your skin? Imagine me wearing all white and us rolling round in the newspaper together. Would you like me to gag you with it? That crisp taste, yum,  the way it kind of dries your mouth out and slowly becomes soggy and messy, isn’t that just the best?
Maybe you’d like me to roll the newspaper up and spank you with it? Or line a latex / leather body bag with newspaper so you’re secured tightly, smothered in glorious newspaper?
Do you like the way the pages rip individually but together are very strong. Would it be torture for me to wrap you up and rip a piece off one by one? How about if I just rubbed you all over with a few crisp pages like a slow exfoliating massage?

Would you like to wrap me in it? I’m happy to switch.

We can have lots of fun together with this so give me a call and we’ll play.



Kidnapping is not an easy task to carry out but one I am happy to perform for the right price, it is not cheap but if it’s your desire then it is worth every penny.

Below is the recollection of a kidnap carried out by Mistress Buffy Brown and Myself:

My story –
It all started with an email from a girl called Lola.
Let me just say that I am a cross-dresser, my girly name is Justine and my male name is let’s say Bob, and the email from Lola said she was also a cross dresser. She wanted to meet up one Wednesday evening in Canal Street area of Manchester – her first venture out as Lola.
Well, Lola didn’t make it but sent me an email to say that she had problems. Then because I didn’t ask what the problem was, she went off on one. I got text and notes pleading to meet me.

Heaven knows who else she told because at the same time I started getting messages from someone threatening to expose me.
She kept changing the meeting place. Finally Lola said she would meet me in the cinema. She had me sit through a boring horror film and didn’t turn up. All the time I was never sure whether Lola was going to turn up, or I was going to be grabbed by this other person (the black mailer). It was a bad enough film without having all that apprehension on top.

I then got a message from Lola saying she had been taken by this other person and please follow the instructions or it would be bad for both of us. I was instructed to trek across town to be measured for a corset – how embarrassing.
Then I was directed to a typical male drinking pub and to order a pint of beer – remember dressed as a girl in a ‘man’s’ pub. Before I had time to say anything, the barmaid loudly asked “Hello Justine or is it Bob, you want a pint?” God she knows who I am how embarrassing – how many more people know? There I am the only ‘female’ amongst loads of blokes most probably having heard the barmaid. I’m sure two were gay. I wished I could shrink into the floor.

From there I was to find a busker. That turned out to be a rouse.
As on the way I was grabbed by two unknown females and dragged hooded down a dark alleyway, and handcuffed to the wall. There they left me stood unable to see or move. Anyone could have come down the alley – don’t let it be those two from the pub.
After an eternity they returned. God what now! Balls and tits were squeezed, really squeezed.
They proceeded to bandage my head. Why bandage my head? I can’t see anyway. I was then pushed down into what turned out to be a wheelchair and strapped in – still handcuffed.
More humiliation was to come, they pushed me round town with onlookers either asking about my health or laughing at me.
I was then left somewhere (I suspect outside a pub) while they had a laugh and a few drinks. So isolated, so humiliated.
Eventually they returned to push me further – to their hideout.

There I was thrown to the floor and left in the dark damp – heaven knows where! I dare not escape – as if it was possible being handcuffed and bandaged. There was a big bloke guarding the door I was informed.
After a while they returned to tie me up, and tried torturing me into confessing that I was not a girl but a man. Why should I? – I am what I am, not what they want me to be. They kept asking “What is your name Justine or Bob?”
There I was securely tied up, and they then started injecting me with all sorts of things. I felt my balls growing huge. I was never going to pass as a girl like this.
And then left again whilst my balls grew massive with whatever they were injecting into them. Please god don’t let the guard come in and have his way with me.
More torture on their return. I was scratched all over and my cock was subjected to something sharp. One of them was definitely more sadistic than the other. Then they started on my breasts. Pressing them, squeezing them, pulling the nipples. Eventually I had to give in. The pain was too much. Plus, I wanted to keep my cock and tits, my balls were probably past the point of no return by now.
Having confessed, I thought that would be it – oh no…
They obviously wanted me alive, so I was fed and watered. For more of their fun it turned out.
The bandaged head being replaced with a leather hood, they seemingly had more in store for me.
So I was re-secured with pallet wrap and encased in a rubber sack complete with hood. Then I felt it. They had shoved some sort of electrode up my bum. Ouch!
So there I was secured in pallet wrap and rubber on a hot night sweating like mad, my bum twitching every few seconds from the electric shocks and left for the night. At least if that guard comes in I am secured out of his way. Don’t know which would be the worse of the two – shocked and sweating or raped by a big guard!
After a long, sleepless, night I was asked if I had learned my lesson. Well not wanting to lose everything, I agreed – anything to save having more of the torture.
They untied me and kicked me out.
I’ve no idea what became of Lola. Sorry Lola but I’m not going looking for you.

Yes – I had asked Mistress Buffy to kidnap me and given her a vague (very vague) idea of what I had in mind. Mistress also called in the assistance of Mistress Eclipse.
What a brilliant, at times terrifying, painful and embarrassing experience.
Would I do it again – ‘yes’ – sorry “YES, YES and YES again”.


The Best Bits:

The bar – was really humiliating. Having the barmaid refer to by both names was just so gutting. Like the floor being pulled from under my persona.

Eating – having to sit there, being sure everyone was looking at Justine/Bob. The bar was actually quiet-ish but even so it was bad (or do I mean good!).

The snatch – so unexpected!

Being left in the alley. Gosh that really was so worrying. So many questions went through my mind. (A) was it possible for someone to come down the alley? (B) how long will I be left. (C) what are they going to do next?

The bandage – A stroke of genius.

The wheelchair was brilliant  (if a little strenuous for you). Gosh it is so disorientating. I had no idea what was happening. And not knowing what other people were doing saying or looking at, was really disturbing (good).

I thought you would go straight to the ‘dungeon ‘ – but no you stopped to have a drink and cause more humiliation

Torture – Mistress Buffy you obviously didn’t tell Mistress Eclipse  I’m not keen on nipple torture – I think I’m glad of that as it pushed my boundaries. You genuinely succeeded in getting me to plead to stop – effectively safe wording -I’ve only used that twice before. Mistress Eclipse -well done! Gold star.

The two of you should really consider doing more of this. You are really, really, good. Heaven help the next victim – please let it be me!!!!

The whole kidnap thing was excellent  (20 out of 10),


Cock and ball torture

An encounter of one of those fun sessions which I named The Electric Sock Shock On The Cock!

Haha this session was absolutely hilarious! Right up My street.

The client came in on a last minute same day appointment. I offered him the option to have a Double Domme session with Princess Aurora and I as We both had a free hour in between sessions, naturally he snapped it up.

Our sub said he wanted an ‘extreme cbt experience’ amongst other things such as tie & tease. With a little glint in my eye I looked at Princess Aurora and we both smirked at the thought. We’ve played together on numerous occasions and our creativity has no bounds as we joyfully push each other to take the session to new heights.

*** slaves please note: you shouldn’t say things you don’t mean because you’re going to get exactly what you’ve asked for! ***

Lying on the floor I bound his hands to the throne and tied up his cock so he knew who it belonged to. Me! I trampled his cock with my shoes and scratched my heel up and down the shaft. He squirmed a little but I ordered him to keep still. Princess A went to look for the violet wand as the pretty glow of purple light always puts us in a debauched mood.

I spat on his twitching member as he anticipated what was to come and then I delivered a cock slap like no other. It echoed throughout the room as did the sound of his scream. I stroked his face and told him to shush as he was getting exactly what he’d asked for. With no sign of the violet wand I suggested using other electrics so we started with some cock bands and PA began to tease him with her bottom. Every time the horny little sub moved I cranked up the electrics. He protested and begged for mercy ‘…it’s too much please, please no more….’ blah, blah. Again I reminded him that he was getting what he asked for and although he pleaded for us to go easy on him, his dripping, twitching, hard on, gave him away. He was more than enjoying himself- he was fooling no one.

Then as I was searching for something to increase the intensity I found a sock within the electric cabinet. I’d never used it before but thought it would be worth a try as this slave was a foot slut too. I fitted it with an E-Stim brush so I could run electrics up, down and round the body while manipulating the dripping cock with my sock. As soon as my little toes touched the tip of his mushroom he shook and cried out ‘Ouch’. I laughed as I was getting off on his pain and the more I wiggled my toes the more he shouted and contorted his body. Princess A held him still while I tormented him further running my foot from balls to head but with each attempt to escape PA and I could not hold in our excitement and we laughed and giggled and shook with elation at this poor subs predicament. When I’d decided he’d had enough I removed my sock and PA and I both shoved a foot each in his mouth. What a big, greedy cake hole he had to take both of our feet. We pushed in deep till he choked and gagged and once again we found ourselves in hysterics!

But I didn’t like the fact that his cock was enjoying itself without being tortured. So we decided to use the spiked chastity cage. Loosening the screws slowly so that he could take in what was coming to him was fun to watch. His eyes were wide with anticipation and then Aurora grabbed his balls and I snapped the cage around them. It took quite a bit of manipulation to push them in so I could completely close the cage which only magnified the pain and set us off laughing again. Once padlocked we began to tighten the screws so each one bit into the skin, forced the testes to retreat and made Our subject gasp. Rubbing our feet around his erogenous areas intermittently shoving our arses in his face and sitting on the queening chair so he could have a good look at what he would never ever get, ensured this boy was put this boy in his place.

With a vibrator on his cock he eventually couldn’t take the torment any longer and his worship puddle erupted. Cumming without permission is not allowed so we continued to vibrate his still erect cock causing him to emit a shrill cry as the pain of the cage became too much. After an apology for being a dirty cum spewing pervert I released him from his ties and we sent him on his way but not before he thanked Us and simply said ‘Wow, what a session. Just wow!’


Branding is the ultimate power exchange in a Domme/ sub relationship. Relinquishing ones freedom to your Mistress forms a very special bond. Her mark will stay with you forever and you’ll know how special you were to her at the time she chose to put her mark on you.

As an Equestrian I have crossed paths with lots of talented blacksmiths who are able to create beautiful pieces from their steel. Along the road I just happened to find a very kinky sub that was willing to create a branding iron for me.
I must say I was overwhelmed with the piece once in my possession and although it will not be used on just any slave, I am confident it will make a beautiful mark when I choose to pull it out.

So with that in mind have a think about how much you wish to truly belong, truly submit, truly give yourself over to me and then offer your servitude, your worship, your soul and I might just choose you to join the very exclusive club of Mistress Eclipse and her pets.


As you can see there are an array of different and unique fetishes, the ones I’ve touched on are merely a drop in the ocean compared to the vast topics that I could discuss. Just remember to be free, you have to be yourself.

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse xx

Manchester Mistress, Derby Mistress and professional Dominatrix

Mistress Eclipse holds cane, leather tawse and strap

Derby Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment & A Few Possible Scenarios

Very early on in my professional career I found corporal punishment to be one of my favourite kinks. During my initial training, back in 2015, Mistress Brown, the Queen of CP in Manchester, said I’m an ‘absolutely natural caner’.
While Mistress Sheba, an industry expert, said I was a ‘Natural Domme!’
With these credits and an abundance of years practice since then, I can assure you that you’ll be getting a session you’ll never forget.

To redden the bottom, bruise it like a peach and score it like a piece of pre cooked meat really gets my adrenaline pumping. I like to watch the twitching of my willing slaves bottom with each stroke that I administer, soak in the effect that my choice of implement has on their round globes and listen for their little whimpers or pleasure purrs when they realise they are getting what they deserve.

The hairbrush and spoon are a few of my favourite wooden beaters but I’m always drawn to a leather paddle and a tawse as part of my ritual punishments.

Role play is very important to me during these kinds of sessions. I like to have a reason to punish and sentence my naughty boys and girls to a particular amount of thrashings. For instance a naughty school boy may be sentenced to an over the knee spanking to warm them up, followed by 3 implements of their choice (if the implements are too soft then they will get 6 cane strokes for each silly choice), followed by 12 of the best.
A slave who has been caught playing with themselves, stealing ladies knickers and fantasising about me may be flogged, strapped, tawsed, slippered and caned until they apologise and I’m satisfied that they won’t do it again as the skin on their bottom threatens to break.
Sometimes it’s a 30 minute session, a judicial caning, a firm telling off followed by at least 24 of the best and kicked out on their ear. There are no niceties involved with this kind of punishment.

I’ve just given you an idea of a few scenarios that I like to play with but as you can imagine I also play the Stable Mistress very well and enjoy badgering the stable boys about their antics. However a cruel aunt, sadistic head girl, wicked teacher or spiteful step-mother suits me just as well. As long as I’m able to have a piece of your bottom then I don’t mind which title I take it by. There may be humiliating games or impossible questions to answer in between your hidings which will result in more reasons for me to tan you. **I like to keep myself entertained**

These sessions are about having trust and confidence in each other. My practices are always consensual but I will endeavour to push your boundaries. As a professional dominant a safe word can always be used (apart from in a judicial caning) but I’d like to think that I can read my subjects and push them to their limits without crossing them. I do enjoy being callous but I’d like you to enjoy your session as much as I, so I will stop when I need to, especially as it means I can punish you again in the future. With fully equipped chambers in Manchester and Derby that supply beautifully bespoke rooms to fit with any scenario, you can enjoy a safe, private session that will form a special bond between you and me.

Below are further snippets of how you may be summoned.

Mistress Eclipse as Head girl in her school uniform long white socks long red hair in two plaits

Head girl, school bully corporal punishment

Cruel head girl

When walking down the crowded corridor, towards Mrs Wright’s English class, you accidentally step on the foot of the pupil in front of you. She turns around in a flash and stares at you. Her cold glare feels like it’s boring a hole right through your head and your stomach lurches as you realise its Luna Eclipse, the new head girl. She’s already made quite a name for herself in the 3 short weeks she’s been appointed. Apparently her cane can slice rump just like a meat cleaver. Now it seems she has her sights on you.

‘Report to my Common Room after class. I haven’t got time for you now!’ she snaps.

In that moment you feel lost. You feel younger than you’ve ever felt before. Your bottom tenses at the thought of what could be in store for you. How will you ever concentrate in English? Your heart is beating ten to the dozen. The only thing certain for today is that you’ll be stood outside the Common Room in an hour and fifteen minutes, as instructed, and you’ll have to take whatever punishment Miss Eclipse wants to dish out.


Stable Mistress wears tight beige breeches and fitted white shirt with long leather riding boots and hairnet

Manchester Mistress Eclipse

The Stable Mistress

When the Stable Mistress opens her doors to new the recruits, she realises the trainee jockeys need to learn some manners, luckily she knows how to rein in the boisterous studs.
After equine lectures, Mistress Eclipse summons you to her private quarters, you’re excited to be alone with her, her canary yellow jodhpurs cling to her body and your manhood begins to rise.
You wonder why she has called you in? She walks towards you in her pristine polished Ariat boots, her spurs glinting a little in the light and then she’s right on top of you. You take in her scent as she presses her bosom against you, she whispers in your ear ‘You’ve been a very naughty stable boy. Turn around!’ You do as you’re told and as her hand sends a quick, sharp, smack to your behind you realise your punishment has only just begun. How far it will go depends on how remorseful you become and how much fun the Mistress has with your behind….

Naughty stable boys will always be summoned to a fully equipped tack room, full of crops, straps and canes to name but a few of the items at my disposal. With an expert hand the Stable Mistress will have you pawing at the floor and have you offering a sorry whinny in no time.

Fleshy thighs, short skirt and riding crop ready to punish a bottom

Derby Mistress over the knee punishment

The Headmistress

You have been summoned to the Office. Your adrenaline is pumping. You’d like nothing more than to be over her knee while your bottom twitches with each stroke that She administers. She calls you into her office. Your ears are ringing with fear and you’re not really taking in the words she speaks until She says ‘Are you deaf? Take them off NOW!’ She’s pointing at your trousers. You’re flustered. But hurriedly you take them off. How embarrassing to be stood in your underwear in the presence of this beautiful Woman. ‘Those too’ She says. You debate arguing but as quickly as the thought appears in your mind you counter it and remove your underpants. You’re over her knee in no time and she artistically switches from hand to plimsoll to paddle and back to hand. As the effect of each implement begins to take its toll on your round globes you allow little whimpers to escape your mouth which only makes her spank you harder.
Eventually she stops her rhythmic thrashing and rubs your bottom.
‘I know you want to be a good boy’ She says…. and your erection grows. ‘I’m going to teach you the errors of your ways. Now stand up.’

She gestures for you to bend over her desk which comes as some relief as at least you can now mask your wood under her wood. She begins to caress a cane that she has laid next to your right hand but your hard on stays intact.
‘This is what you deserve for being a naughty boy. When I’m satisfied that you have learned your lesson I will stop caning you and you can redress before going back to class. Understood? Now count!’ There is no time to reply with yes or no because she draws her hand back and swoosh your final punishment has begun.


Mistress Eclipse can always offer a beautiful, fleshy, thigh to pull you across and a caring embrace once your session has finished. Aftercare of your bottom is also of the upmost importance and if any dressings or creams are necessary then full advice will be given.

It is not necessary for all sessions to be very hard and intense, if you are a lighter player who likes being over the knee of a strong, powerful, woman but would only be able to take a light hand spanking then this is absolutely fine. I am happy to work within your boundaries and a fun cheeky session with light play is just as enjoyable for me than those which are much more extreme. The fantasy of what some people would like to participate in, is not always the reality of the body and mind can take.

First time subs are also very welcome and I am able to take you on a slow but exhilarating BDSM journey which will help you find your thresholds and perhaps even kinks that you never knew you had.

I hope to see you very soon.

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse of Derby and Manchester.


Ass worship/ face sitting / smothering Derby & Manchester Dominatrix

I absolutely love ASS WORSHIP. It’s one of my favourite parts of a session.’ –Manchester Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse.

Ass worship comes about in many forms but ultimately it is you burying your head in my butt cheeks. Stroking, kneading, massaging, kissing, licking and most importantly ensuring the very powerful Mistress Eclipse feels relaxed, loved and empowered. Mistress Eclipse is the best face sitting Dominatrix in the UK. Her arse cheeks are big and bold and can encase a face with ease. This Derby Dominatrix and Manchester Seductress is full of ideas on how to control you using her large bottom.

This can come in the form of a slow and sensual session where your only job is to please Mistress Eclipse with your touch and massaging skills. There’s no pain or suffering, you both just share a mutual understanding of what worshipping such a beautiful woman is all about. It can feel very hot and heavy, almost like the precursor to love making, not that you will be so lucky with the final outcome.

Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse can also use ass worship as a means to degrade you. Totally ignoring you, turning her back on you, texting her girlfriends while you fondle her posterior. She’ll be telling the girls all about what a dirty little pervert you are and as your cock stiffens you’ll feel pain as she will have locked it up in a chastity cage and owned it way before she’s permitted you to touch her derrière. Still you will try your best to get her attention with your skills. Perhaps lightly tickling your finger tips under the folds of her fantastic arse and down the tops of her thighs will be enough for her to remember you are there. Desperately hoping that at least one of your efforts will be enough to make her wet and horny so you might smell that sweet, tight, Mistress pussy of hers.

She may also order you to lie on your back and strap you down tightly. Hovering herself over you, teasing you, threatening to sit on your face, stroking your nose with her big, juicy, butt cheeks. Then she’ll overpower your airway with her ass until she can feel you struggling, watching your toes curl while your head goes woozy and you finally have to tap out. Maybe she will let you catch your breath immediately or maybe she will push you just a little further. She will be laughing loudly at your struggle, knowing she has all the power, all the control.

If you’re lucky enough to experience the true Eclipse, she will have pushed all of her weight onto your head, forcing you to see colours and stars flashing before your eyes and you will have gone to a place in your mind that only others have dared to dream. It’s such a fantastic sub space to feel so helpless under her bottom. After all you are now beneath her in every way possible; it is where you belong and where you will wish you could stay for the rest of your life. Several hours of this treatment will never be enough, you will be addicted to the rush, as much as you will be addicted to Dominatrix, Mistress Eclipse. It will be as if life never made sense before but it does now, you will feel blessed and at peace under her ass and if you never get chance to breathe again, it will be the perfect way to go, under such a fine rump.


With this in mind, I’d like to share with you a few things that have been said to me  recently from lovers of face sitting that have visited me for the first time.

Oh my god your bum is so much bigger in real life than it looks on photos’

‘You’ve got the best ass in the whole of England’ (I’d argue the world but he chose the word England).

‘You’re so nice. I was expecting you to be mean and shout.’

‘It’s nice that you’re having so much fun and I can just talk to you.’

‘I feel really safe and confident with you.’

‘I actually can’t breathe when you’re sat on my face. With others I’ve seen I can usually get some air in through my mouth’

‘Shit I actually lost my sight for a few seconds’

‘I’ve never seen stars and spots before, this is just a whole new experience’

‘I’m so glad I finally got the courage to see you. This has been a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be back’

‘You’re so sexy. Your ass is so smooth. This is just a dream come true to be able to touch, stroke and play with your ass and have it on my face. Since a boy it’s been my dream. Just wow’

As you can see, my clients have not always believed they were going to get such an amazing experience and have loved what they found once they visited.

I don’t think you can find anyone better than me to squish your face and have a great time with so I say if you want a great arse and a great experience then book your session with me. I’m the right choice and you know it.

I look forwards to smothering you soon,

Much love,

Mistress Eclipse – Manchester Dominatrix, Derby Dominatrix

#ass #arse #arseworship #facesitting #smothering #breathplay


Face Sitting Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer face sitting?

Hell yes I do! It’s one of my favourite things to seduce and control you with.

Do I have to be submissive to worship your arse?

No, not at all, sometimes people just like to worship my arse without having role play or being submissive. As long as you are respectful then you are welcome to come in and experience my bottom in all its glory.

Do you face sit naked?

No. But I am happy to wear a tiny g-string or thin tights.

What clothing do you face sit in?

I’m happy to face sit in any material as long as my lady bits are covered (pussy if you’re still not sure which bit). I have leather, latex, satin, silk, cotton, tights and will accommodate any other requests where possible.

Do you offer pussy worship as part of your face sitting sessions?

No. My pussy is a no go area, it is a hard limit for me. You may see it and get very close but you will never be permitted to have it.

Do you offer full weight face sitting?

The question is not will I offer it but can you handle it? I’m more than happy to put all of my weight on your head or any part of your body but be careful what you wish for as all 16 stone of me is more than some of you can take.

Can you offer breath play and smothering when face sitting?

Yes! That’s such a fun part of our power exchange but I will always offer you the opportunity to tap out if you’re feeling pushed beyond your limits because I’m nice like that.

Do you accept rimming?

No, I’m very conscious about sexual health and I’d like us all to stay safe and happy. I’m regularly tested but imagine if I had 15 guys a week in my bum hole. I couldn’t guarantee there’d be nothing getting passed on if I accepted this. Trust me it’s for your safety, just as much as mine. You can sniff away though and get as close to it as possible. You can even try it on a whiffy Wednesday were the smells are most potent.

Where do you carry out your face sitting?

I always have a suitable venue. There’s a choice when I’m working in Derby or Manchester of dungeon, medical suite, bedroom or a more domestic setting however if you’d feel more comfortable coming to a house than chambers, I can offer this setting in Widnes so please do let me know your preferred option and location when making a booking.

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions at all then please do not hesitate to ask. It is important that you feel at ease with the session and go away feeling like you have got everything that you were looking for

To enquire further please call, text or email using the details below



For Lovers of Stinky Sweaty Odours and Fart Fetish

For those with a love for scents I’ve decided to create Whiffy Wednesdays. This is where you’re guaranteed at least 36hrs of my natural scents to sniff, lick, wallow in and submit to every Wednesday.

The fetish for scents is known as osphresiolangnia which is a noun that describes the carnal excitement or erotic encounter generated by odours (according to the psychology dictionary).

This means you are not weird or alone for having such desire. Having an acute sense of smell which causes sensory stimulation in the nose is a way the subconscious mind can determine how strong and quality a potential mate is. Naturally I am top of the pile when it comes to that list and it’s what makes grown men so weak for my natural pheromones and odours. It’s ok to fall at my feet and beg to be near to me as I ooze moisture from every pour in my body.

Perspiration leaks from my body in abundance, it is like a fragrant, salty, serum that you just can’t get enough of. In latex socks, I can allow the secretion to run down my body and collect at my feet, leaving a refreshing cocktail for you to down at the end of our session.

Whiffy Wednesday’s were created due to so many of my clients asking for me to be as sweaty and stinky as possible when they come to see me. As you can imagine, I can’t spend my whole life unwashed but I’m willing to skip showers on a Tuesday so I’m ready for you to have an experience that until now you have only dreamed of with Mistress Eclipse.

Usually humiliation and domination compliments this kind of session. Most of my clients love to be told what filthy, dirty, disgusting animals they are whilst being ordered to lick my unwashed armpits or sniff my sweaty bum crack but as always, this does not have to be the case. I can put on some relaxing music and you can spend time slowly exploring the smells of your own accord, moving up, down and around my body as you please as long as my personal boundaries are kept.

Sometimes FART FETISH (Eproctophilia) is requested alongside the whiffy scents however it is often desired as a standalone session. It is not easy for me to prepare for such sessions and they must be booked and paid for at least 24hrs in advanced to ensure I can eat the right kinds of foods to get me really windy. Stinky blue cheese and garlic bread are a few things that set my body in full gale forced motion, other foods that get me windy, I’m happy to divulge via paid text or phone sessions.

As I am diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you can imagine the wind, tummy grumbles and rancid stench I am able to produce. Long, loud, stinky farts often pop out of my arse hole and ripple my cheeks in their wake. Although this is mostly the case, I cannot guarantee the kinds of smell you will get on the day but I can guarantee there will be plenty of wind to be had.

I can order you to open your mouth, crouch over your head and let rip while it echoes in your gob like a rock being dropped in a huge cave. You may feel the puff is so heavy, you could almost chew it and you’ll have to wait patiently while I compose myself because farts always make me chuckle. I am very proud of my fumes and there’s nothing anyone can say to make me feel otherwise. I love to spend a bit of time allowing you to worship my arse during the session too; really letting you get to know it before it lets out another trump. Facesitting and smothering are also a fun games to play with fart fetish because I can squash your face, withhold  your breath and time it perfectly so that the first big gulp of air you would take in when I finally allowed you to breathe would be my gas and you’d consume it greedily like your life depended on it. My roaring confidence and dominance over you while my arse and flatulence control and humiliate you will leave you with glorious memories that you will never forget.

People often ask how I got into farting on people, well the simple answer is it all started with sibling rivalry. I’ve always had smelly farts and often got banned from eating certain foods if we were going on long car journeys. My brother who is 13 years older than me used to capture his farts in his hand and shove it in my faced shouting ‘EGGS’. Naturally I wasn’t going to stand for that and I didn’t care how much bigger than me he was, I was going to get my own back which would lead to me maybe walking past him and shoving my arse on his knee as I farted and then ran off which lead into being older and pinning him down to fart on his head. I’ve never been ashamed to fart in front of people with a ‘it’s better out than in’ attitude. This perturbed some boyfriends in the past and occasionally left them retching as I’d fart in bed and pull the covers over their heads and trap them in while laughing uncontrollably.

I, myself, do not have a fetish to be farted on, I just love doing the farting, however I am not opposed to a good fart war so Mr Eclipse and I can sometimes spend whole days trying to get one over on each other, especially after a night out and a good curry. We just laugh for hours and berate each other for having farts that smell like rotting corpses.

If this all sounds like something you’d love to try in a confidential, safe, space then do not wait around, book your fart or odour session now with Mistress Eclipse.

#Fart #Fetish #Smelly #Odour #Mistress

P.S. Booking in advance is always preferred but occasionally I can do same day sessions. I will always ask for tribute in full on our first meet so please prepare for this.

Telephone bookings: 07907622890



Looking forwards to shoving my stinky feet & ass in your face very soon.

Love Mistress Eclipse xx


Non sexual companion / non sexual escort / professional friend / professional fetish exploration

Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I know it’s hard to get your head around someone that can switch from Mistress to equals but I like to be different.

I am a 5ft 1” size 14/ 16 curvy lady with an upbeat, witty personality. I have blue eyes, long brown hair and a big, round bottom.

I am an Aquarius and was born in 1986.

I value myself on having an open mind and NEVER judging my lovely clients for disclosing their hopes, dreams, desires, and kinks. I assure you that I offer a wonderful professional service where I can provide a safe space for us to connect or I can accompany you as an outcall for a number of hours to lift up and brighten your day.

I am available as a non-sexual escort for dinner dates and companionship, fetish play dates and overnight non-intimate intimacy. I am a non-smoker but I am happy for you to have a cigarette.

If you’re on business and would like someone to share dinner with or break up the monotony of being alone then I’m happy to accompany you.

Perhaps you just enjoy the company of a gorgeous lady or you need to attend an event where you’d be expected to have a partner? I’m happy to role play the new girlfriend.

I can dress down or dress to impress. Finding it easy to fit into any social circle you will feel relaxed and confident with me by your side.

(I have two horses so I really can go from one extreme to the other)

Please advise if you have a particular clothing request and I will do my best to accommodate.

Tribute for dinner dates & companionship starts from £70 per hour and must be a minimum of 3hrs. Please note I do not offer any sexual or personal services. All expenses I incur must be paid for by the client including travel costs. A 50% deposit must be paid for upfront via bank transfer.

I am predominantly available in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas but I do frequently travel to Derby and Newcastle and occasionally London.

I am available most days and times and prefer bookings to be at least 24hrs in advance.

Call: 07907622890


Sensual Domination – No Pain

Sensual Domination succumbs the mind, body and soul of the recipient. It is done through words, breath, touch and understanding. I love to play in this area. It’s a much calmer type of play to sadist sessions yet it creates a very intense relationship.

Please note:
Some of these sessions or some aspects of these sessions I can enjoy both giving and receiving so please give full details of your interests when contacting Me. I’ll never be offended by a polite request for anything but please understand that I do not offer sexual services.

Body tracing. Drawing pictures on the body with mine / your finger tips/ nails.

Decretive / graffiti body drawing with pens/ lipstick/ paint/ other things that leave visual pictures/ lines/ shapes.

The electricity between the two can leave both dripping with satisfaction and intense belonging. You can add sensory deprivation or restraints to this to make it even more mind blowing.

Playing with / brushing hair.
From chest hair, leg hair, Pubic hair, back hair, head hair, arm/ armpit hair- all hair can feel good to play with.
It can be very sensual to feel and see fingers / a hairbrush running through your hair. My head hair is long and thick. It’s at its best when it is freshly brushed and shiny. I’m happy to allow my hair to be washed, dried, brushed, curled, straightened, styled but not cut.

A light touch or a fist full of hair with a bit of pressure can allure you into sub space.
Shaving / cutting hair can be lots of fun too. A little bit of adrenaline and lots of trust is needed for this.

I also pose for life drawings. You can create your own pictures of Me to take home.

I enjoy feeding and being fed. I also love to carnivorously pull meat from a bone with my teeth while looking another in the eye, watching them enjoy the show. Holding it with my hands, sinking my teeth in and with a head thrust to the side drag the meat off, chew & swallow. I think there’s something sexy about eating chicken / steak / lamb in this way.

If you’d like to book a session that incorporates any of these things or anything else that you are dying to indulge in then contacting Me is safe, confidential and encouraged.

Much love

Mistress Eclipse xx









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Non-Intimate Intimacy 


Up to 12hr Non-intimate, intimacy.
This is where you can share your hopes, desires, fears, warmth and interests with me
as an equal, sub (or Domme if you do so wish). This may come simply in the form of closeness & warmth, softly touching, playing with each other’s hair and holding each other tightly. Perhaps helping each other eat, shower, or dress into our pyjamas before going to bed for the evening. I know it can be heart warming to just have someone there when you drift off in the evening and when you wake up in the morning. Someone you can chat to for several hours and feel comfortable and relaxed with.
In our 12hrs together we can go out for a meal, explore the city nightlife or simply chill out in chambers for the night with a cup of tea and a takeaway.

Fetish / kinky play can be incorporated into our time together if you wish but will require an additional fee.

I can do this as myself or in a role play form such as:
Daughter, mother, sister, school friend, auntie, boss, etc.

There’s always a choice of wardrobe options for both of us so please let me know if you do have any requests.









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Silly Latex Boy

I received a message on Adult Work from a client I’ve seen many times before. Out of courtesy he messaged Me on there so as not to disturb Me late at night but requested if I would be available to see him the following morning. Lucky for him I was awake and received the notification. Due to Me having two horses I need to know at least the night before if I am to do a morning appointment otherwise I will be at the stables.

A bit of background– This particular client is always fun to play with. He loves latex, poppers, breath play and boot worship amongst other things. O/our sessions are always more sensual than anything else as he isn’t into pain and I like to play within a person’s parameters. Oh don’t get Me wrong I push him one way or another every time. Mostly making him wish he could have so much more of Me than just the teasing, spitting latex clad bitch that stands before him demanding he worships Her. He’d like to get underneath the close fitting latex and worship Me in a more unorthodox way and his pleads to allow Me to let him cum make Me howl with laughter.

Back to the session- So I’d gone to bed with the thoughts of the next day in My mind. I dreamed about the client, the session and woke up very hot and horny. I had to masturbate as soon as I woke up at 5:45am in response to My latex filled dream, the power I had over the boy and the way I’d finally given in to My desires and let him satisfy Me till I quivered and quaked all over. But this was just a dream!

As the morning ticked on it was finally time for the session and although I had relieved Myself earlier I just couldn’t get the memory of My horny dream out of My head.

I dressed My submissive in latex. Ensuring he felt the same cold shiver that I did as I dressed. ‘It’s winter, latex is cold when it first suctions itself to your body but it warms up soon enough’ I told him.

Then kneeling before Me he raised his head so that our eyes locked and I couldn’t help but smile. ‘What should I do with you today?’ I smirked. ‘Whatever you want to Mistress’ he replied. I barked a laugh ‘I already know exactly what I’m doing with you’ and I began to re-enact My dream.

I strapped him to the leather chair, legs spread, body still as he waited My next move. I fitted the gas mask and urged him to breathe in the poppers, letting his mind swirl, effectively drugging him into My little latex bitch. Then I began to whisper, giving him the details of My dream and promising him he could play out the ending exactly as I remembered. His cock twitched and droplets of pre cum seeped from the end. I put on My rubber gloves and placed a condom on his member. From there I teased him, edged him, reminding him all the time that I really wanted My dream to become a reality. It wasn’t something I’d done before but I was certainly in the mood to do it right now.

I untied him from his restraints and I positioned Myself so that he could explore My latex skin. So close to My real body but shiny, black and with that intoxicating rubber smell. From time to time O/our latex would skim together and a delightful squeak would escape between us.  From the tip of the heel on My thigh high boots to the nape of My neck, every part of Me was explored. A gentle lapping of a tongue sending tingles all over My body. I decided that it was time, time for Me to take this session a little bit further. I lay the sub down on the floor and squatted over his face. Promising to expose Myself and let that tongue lap at My perfect pink pussy. Then right as I was about to treat Myself the silly latex boy touched his cock. Slap! I smacked his hand away hard. Enraged that he would touch what belonged to Me. ‘When you’re with Me everything you have is Mine including your cock. How dare you touch MY cock!’ I snapped and just like that I took away that privilege I’d promised him. Poor behaviour cannot be rewarded in My dungeon. I was frustrated but I laughed hard at his predicament. He wanted this so badly. I however was no longer willing to play the game I’d set out to perform. Then came the mind game. Was I ever really going to take things that far? Was I just looking for an excuse to take away the sweet prize I had promised? I didn’t need to look far for one and now the silly latex boy will never know will he. Never know if he could have really tasted his Mistress and let her convulse with orgasm from that desperate tongue. Such a shame.

The rest of our session was spent with more edging and discussions of what could have been until he could take no more and cried out louder and louder for Me to let him release himself over My boots. This I allowed him to do but I don’t like mess so it was important that he lapped it up as quickly as he spewed it out before I sent him home. W/we both left the session hot, horny and with plenty of wanking material to take home.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the tragic denial of the silly latex boy.

Manchester Mistress Eclipse













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The Foot Fetish- A Recollection

I get a phone call…

‘Hello can I help?’

‘Yes Mistress. Can You provide sweaty foot fetish?’

‘Of course. Let Me just finish mucking out My horses and I’ll come straight from the stables. There’s no need to freshen up when dealing with filthy boys like you now is there?’

‘No Mistress, thank You Mistress.’

… After paying a deposit the arrangement was set…

Mistress Eclipse had been walking around the farm, trudging through the muddy fields with her horses, cleaning out their muck from the stables and depositing it on the big pile of horse manure that had been gathering for months.

Where it had rained there were brown puddles on the floor which she referred to as ‘poo juice’ and partially rotten manure that swamped her feet as she stomped through the ‘poo juice’ sludge, began collecting on her boots. The foot slave was to be in for a real treat she smirked. The thought of such male devotion and submission to her mucky boots made Mistress Eclipse edgy with excitement as she set off in her car to meet him at the Manchester Dungeon where she had been a professional Dominatrix for over 6 years.

Eager as ever the salivating foot enthusiast was early, texting to confirm his arrival while his dominatrix was still driving to the Manchester Chambers. ‘Well he’ll just have to wait, I have no interest in responding as I drive’ she thought. The wait only helps add to his suspense. As a professional mistress, Eclipse loves the nervous excitement that envelops her submissive when they think she might leave them out in the cold and not turn up. ‘I’m a professional though soft lad. If I say I’m coming, then I’m coming!’ she mutters to herself.

In chambers she noticed her skin tight beige jodhpurs were splashed with mud and there were stray bits of hay stuck to the fibres. Oh well, it would only intensify her over all stench and we all know that’s what he is here for. He desires cleaning the dirty boots before having all of her sweaty toes forced into his mouth, causing him to gag and deeply inhale the potent perfume from her busy day.

After taking the remainder of the tribute Mistress Eclipse opened the door to her highly equipped chambers, expecting to see a naked, kneeling slave. Instead she got a half dressed, piteous excuse of a man that dared to simply sit.

‘Strip boy!’ she shouts. ‘Sorry Mistress’ replied the squeaky mouse and he hurriedly took off his clothes. ‘Now get down and kneel at my feet. How dare you greet a Mistress in anyway other than kneeling before her.’ From this point on the conversation was all one sided, Mistress Eclipse’s side of course. Instructing the slave to clean her boots, he gladly ran his big slimy tongue up and down the mucky rubber wellingtons. She explained the hardship the filthy boots had suffered throughout the day taking great joy in his reaction as she emphasised the poo juice she’d meaningfully stomped through. She could see little bits of hay and shavings from her horses bedding disappearing into his mouth as he consumed the debris. Being a thoughtful Mistress, Eclipse offered the boy a drink to which he gladly nodded his head. Spitting into his open chops she wondered if she should offer a bit more fluid to satiate his dry mouth. Instructing him to stay put she collected the dog bowl from the kitchen and put a little water in that which had flushed and swilled around her own mouth first. Then for good measure, Mistress Eclipse added a bit more frothy spit before presenting the bowl to the feeble specimen in the dungeon. ‘Here you can lap that up like a little puppy dog. Mistress likes dogs. In fact Mistress prefers all animals to men. Even spiders’ she scoffed at him.  As he sank down to the floor where he belonged she placed her size four foot on his head and pushed him into her spit. He slurped and Eclipse ordered him to shake his bottom like a dog. This humiliation would make her very happy. Manchester Mistress Eclipse has seen this slave many times and has fine tuned herself to his deepest, darkest, desires. There is no subject too taboo to discuss with her and she would never be shocked at anything you may consider a ‘weird fetish’ which is why this lapdog has been faithful to her for many years.


Watching him wag a little pretend tail, she knew her boy needed this. He needed her to tell him how pathetic and disgusting he was and humiliate him until she was ready to chuck him out.

Steering the foot slave to take off her boots, you could see the darker colour of her socks were they were wet from the sweat. She immediately shoved all of her toes in his over sized mouth and allowed him to suck the sweat from them one by one. She also noticed a little mud on her right big toe where there is a small leak in her wellington boot. Just think of all the germs and undesirable disgusting bacteria that is harbouring around her big toe at this very moment. Not for long. That foot can be sucked clean next. The smell radiating was not pleasant. Manchester Mistress Eclipse sweats really easily and after an 8hr day at the yard with her feet festering inside the rubber wellington there was bound to be a pong. Yet this slave was loving her bouquet, he was taking deep breaths as he explored every fold, every curve of her petite, well manicured foot.


Rubbing every toe slowly with his nose to savour the divine moment, the Manchester Dominatrix deemed that he was enjoying himself far too much. Foot fetish frequently comes with humiliation and this lousy slave was going to get a taste of it. ‘Why should all of his dreams come true when I’m not fully amused?’ She noted.

Taking her feet away, the slave was ordered to stand. ‘Now then. You are here to please Me. You are a slave and I am the Queen of the dungeon so you, you dirty foot licking fool you are going to make Mistress laugh. Do you understand?’ she ordered. The minion looked confused but nodded anyway. I think he thought Mistress Eclipse was expecting a stand up comedy act or something? She wasn’t looking to be disappointed! No! She was going to make her own fun.

‘Right then. You are now a snake. I’m going to take my socks off and shove them in that gob of yours. you are going to slither on the floor like a snake. If you can catch My bare foot I’ll let you worship it. If not then I’ll pick another animal and we will continue like this until I am satisfied with your efforts.’


This was hilarious to engage in, it was so much fun to have him gagged and squirming all over the place trying to catch her feet. Of course this was a game he was never going to win. Mistress Eclipse got to go through several different animals before she decided this foot fetish slave had earned the privilege to worship her bare feet. By this point he was so desperate, so deflated that he had not been able to catch a single toe that his dominant almost felt sorry for him. OK not really but she did pity him a little. As promised, she slowly took her socks out of his mouth and spat some fresh water in to hydrate him. The dry mouth you get when it has been filled with socks is both exhilarating and frustrating. Mistress Eclipse then placed her soft foot on his face and he inhaled deeply, somewhat lovingly and thankful for her kindness. As her feet caressed his face and he licked between each one of her toes, his bliss radiated onto her and she felt the same sexy happiness that he did. Watching him go to work on her size 4’s was satisfying and the deep relaxation she felt as he massaged her foot with is tongue was stunning. With her feet on his face she whispered to him that he could relieve himself and very quickly a huge spurt of hot cum ejected from his cock. This session was over. After he left Manchester Mistress Eclipse sat for a while, smiling, relaxing and remembering the details of the session. She does love a good foot worship and always has so much fun!

The foot fetish continued…

Sometimes when I’m writing I get so into the moment of the session that I’m describing I forget to finish off all My other points.

I just wanted to make some final comments regarding foot worship. I’m well aware that it’s not just simply my foot that gets you so excited, makes that cock twitch and your mouth water. No. It’s the skin that sits on the foot, the shape, my high arch, the way I tilt my foot to admire the small, perfect toes that sit on the end. The way those toes can move slowly, wriggle fast, and torment your nose and tongue is just a small part of what draws you to my feet. I know it’s important for you to watch me walk. See the way I land on the ball of my foot and place my heel down flat and gracefully. It’s the smell, the odour that is omitted from my Dominant female sweat glands, that pure female aroma, My Smell, my salty taste, the joy you get from receiving everything that my body pours out of me throughout the day or in fact days if I’ve remained unwashed. Any respectful request for me to wear the same socks for a number of days is welcomed. I have in the past worn the same bed socks every night for a month. I have no shame in wearing the same socks day and night, down at the stables, when I’m shopping, cleaning my house, etc, allowing the sweat to gather in the fibres, letting the stench build, my smell, my bouquet, my aroma. I understand this. You don’t want any old smell. Sticking My foot in some rotting fish won’t do because it’s me that you desire to know better, you want the real thing, the real me and I enjoy giving that to you foot perverts.


With that said, please come and book a session soon so we can have fun together. I am now working from Widnes, Manchester and Derby so I can meet you at any of these locations, I just need at least 24 hours notice to confirm out get together.


Mistress Eclipse



‘Thank You Mummy’ – I love these words! 

Latex Baby

So I had a booking from a guy who I’d seen before. Only once before. That time didn’t go so well. He wanted to cum twice within the hour and after his first blow out he couldn’t get his sub space back and we finished early. This time it would be completely my rules. He would do exactly as I said and the decision to allow him to ejaculate would be completely Mine.

I become ‘Mummy’. He becomes ‘My boy’.

After slipping on My black latex catsuit I dress My boy in the same. The feeling of our bodies completely submersed in the rubber is so Devine. We slide a little as we embrace due to the fresh application of Vivi Shine. The smell engulfs our lungs and we both take deep breaths until the moment becomes so intense we almost stop breathing. ‘I love You Mummy’ he gasps, ‘I love you too My boy’ I reply. With him sitting on My lap, the latex squeaks with excitement as we adjust ourselves, then I begin to explain the difference between little boys and big boys as I fondle the latex protecting his cock. As his member grows with anticipation it’s time for a little punishment as it’s revealed My boy has been playing with his little prick in the company of others. ‘Your cock belongs to Me and only Me. I will be the only one to play with it in any manor I see fit. Understand?’ ‘Yes Mummy’. And the spanking begins over My knee until I’m satisfied that My words have sank in and My thirst to hear that delicious smack, pull, squeek sound from My latex gloves on that latex bottom has been quenched.

His latex clad bottom sets alight another fire inside of Me and I explain the right of passage that all little boys must go through to allow them to evolve into big boys, into a man. The thing that brings a big, broad, smile to Mummy’s face. The act that brings forth manhood. I was going to fuck his arse!
Organising him in the leather sex swing I begin to strap up his legs. Wide spread, supported in thick leather cuffs. No escape. Once My boys hands were secured too then it was time to begin.

I made him beg for Me to do it. Beg for Mummy to probe My finger into his tight little arse. Stretch it by adding another and another until it was time to find a big fat cock to penetrate him with.
I climbed into My favourite strap on and added a bit of lube before sweetening his crack with My Mistress Mummy spit. Spitting always gets Me worked up. It makes My pussy as wet as My mouth and My carnal desires begin to erupt. I crave the feeling of power and lust that I get from fucking an arse hole. This boy is Mine in every way. So needy, yet eager, willing to accept whatever Mummy wants to do to him, hungry to receive pain or pleasure, so I plunge in. I consciously thrust My cock in slowly at first but I can’t help Myself, before I know it I hear the chains on the swing grind and groan as I get deeper and faster until it’s throwing My boys hole towards Me and I thrust it away again. My boy is panting and groaning, screaming at times but with pure pleasure until he can’t take any more and cum squirts high and fast out of his engorged cock. A wash of satisfaction pours over Me. My boy has become a man, he’s taken everything that I’ve throw at him and never forgetting his manners he finishes with a very clear ‘Thank you Mummy. I love you’ ‘Good boy’ I reply, ‘good boy.’












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