14Feb 2017



Happy Valentine’s Day


Hello perverts, kinksters and the like.

Once again W/we have reached another ‘February the 14th’. For some this day is very romantic and a reminder of how much love is in the air while for others it’s a lonely, miserable time, even if you’re with someone, if you’re hiding the real you, it can be very isolating.

But the day is what you make it! You might have to endure a vanilla day but if you’ve got a special Mistress whom you can spoil with your favourite kinky gifts you’ll be able to look forwards to seeing Her in them, touching them or begging Her to use them on you in the near future.

Or you may be a kinky couple and are heading to a play area with a fresh new cane, whip, strap on or whatever you have indulged in on this day.


However like I said before it is just another day. I have been given a super abundance of gifts today but then again I’m spoiled all year round just because I’m Me. When You’re superior to most, with an air of aristocracy, nice things tend to come Your way. Sometimes submissives don’t know what to buy and transfer Me money to purchase My own items. I’ve bought latex with any money that has been sent to Me today so if this is you then keep your eyes peeled for photos as and when it arrives.


The other thing I’d like to approach here is something that I have mentioned before. I am a Mistress but I am also a person too. I do genuinely care about My subs and their well being. Some need this to be obvious while others would prefer Me to ignore their plight. Don’t get this confused with reality though, I don’t lie awake at night worrying about what’s happening to you but I do have empathy if you share with Me something that negatively effects you. Let’s be honest if someone is causing you some kind of pain then I’d much prefer it to be Me! Consensual pain and suffering, be it physical or in the mind, is very different to some fuckwhit in the outside world that offers no reward for tormenting you and is effecting your home life. This is not directed towards one person but is an observation from things that have been shared with Me over the past 12 months.

Kink can be a place where you can live a different life, you can just be you but the pressures from vanilla partners or family members who are not willing to understand, work colleagues that are a general shower of shite or a lack of money meaning you cannot explore your desires as frequently as possible can play with your mind more than your Mistress and can push you into a black hole where you’re causing yourself harm physically and emotionally. I understand that when you find yourself in this place then you may need to take time out from Me / kink / fantasy and focus on surviving and getting well. This is a perfectly acceptable notion to have as long as you understand that I will be here when you’re ready to return and let Me play with you once more. You may dip in for just a day, a week or a month because a little of what you fancy does you good and then you can continue your healing process.

Unless you are openly kinky then I am never going to be part of your ‘real world’ and so I will not add any pressure to that part of your life. I am here when you want to escape. I do not need any one of you to look after Me, serve Me or spoil Me unless it is within your means to do so.

My gift to you is freedom. Free to be a slave when the time is right and free to flee to the vanilla world until you’re ready to continue your journey.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Manchester Mistress Eclipse

18Jan 2016

Date 29/11/15


It’s All About Me

Ok so here’s the deal. I’m not your typical ‘lifestyle’ Mistress. I’m honest and open about My experiences both pre and post Pro Domme. You can ask Me anything, I won’t be offended.

I have had a few partners prior to becoming a professional Dominatrix who I’ve done some anal training with and rode them with a strap on. I’ve always been a Domme in the bedroom and getting My partner to dress in tight, ball strangling, baby pink thongs while kneeling before Me and writing ‘sissy’ on his head in bright red lipstick has been a common thing. I’ve always been open minded and must be drawn to men who enjoy more interesting love lives?

Let’s get this over with…

I am single or as the usual tick box requires My official status is ‘divorced’. I married young you see but I wasn’t willing to put up with that little pricks shit and we never even got through a whole year of marriage before I was bored of his routined missionary positioned sex and his frightfully dull personality. After being cheated on and him refusing to wear a chastity device I upped, moved abroad and never looked back (well not at him.) England is my home and I missed My farmyard roots which is why I eventually made My return.


I’m just going to run through the Important stuff so…..

Day to day I’m just a typical farm girl. I walk My dog, ride My horse and muck out. I’ve been training animals all of my life so it wasn’t going to be a big stretch to move on to people. I own bridles, saddles, whips, spurs, horse treats (you’ve got to reward good behaviour) and I think if I can handle a stallion I can handle you!

What do I want? Well I want the strong spirit of a horse that is willing to yield to me and the loyalty of a dog who would never bite the hand that feeds him (even if he goes for a walk with someone else.) What I am saying is, for Me, this is all fantasy. In the real world (what everyone else sees) should be someone charming, fascinating and strong willed. In my world (the dungeon) I want you to lose your power, give in to Me, worship Me, do as I say and try your best to please Me. I appreciate you may need to see other Mistresses from time to time but don’t forget Me, come to be petted by Me when you can and never disclose our time together as in the dungeon we can be whoever we want to be but if I can’t trust you then you’ll be discarded like a dead dog (or my ex-husband -same thing!)

Amongst other qualifications, I did My degree in contemporary theatre and specialise in live art / performance art. As time goes on some of you may even be invited to see some of my shows?
With this in mind you can definitely expect interesting sessions when you come to see Me. If you know anything about performance art you’ll know its weird and wonderful and can include blood letting / on stage anal fisting / prolonged pain endurance, etc (so maybe I have been living within the lifestyle without even knowing it but who needs a label?)
Becoming a Professional Mistress, for Me, was just somewhat a natural progression. It’s an exciting career and promises to be one hell of a ride for both Me and My subs.

You can see Me, Mistress Eclipse at The Fetish Emporium. Double Domme available with Mistress Saphire,Mistress Sheba, Mistress Buffy Brown & Princess Aurora. You can keep up to date with My kinky activities through My blog and on Twitter

Email mistresseclipse@gmail.com or phone 07907622890 to book a session.







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