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Corporal Punishment & A Few Possible Scenarios Very early on in my professional career I found corporal punishment to be one of my favourite kinks. During my initial training, back in 2015, Mistress Brown, the Queen of CP in Manchester, said I’m an ‘absolutely natural caner’. While Mistress Sheba, an industry expert, said I was […]

Sensual Domination – No Pain Sensual Domination succumbs the mind, body and soul of the recipient. It is done through words, breath, touch and understanding. I love to play in this area. It’s a much calmer type of play to sadist sessions yet it creates a very intense relationship. Please note: Some of these sessions […]

The Foot Fetish- A Recollection I get a phone call… ‘Hello can I help?’ ‘Yes Mistress. Can You provide sweaty foot fetish?’ ‘Of course. Let Me just finish mucking out My horses and I’ll come straight from the stables. There’s no need to freshen up when dealing with filthy boys like you now is there?’ […]