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Luxurious Latex


You’ve been thinking about it for a while. You’ve been looking at pictures on the net for what seems like your whole life and longing to be just like the lucky boys in the pictures. You know there’s places out there where you can dress up in the rubber you so desire to be smothered in. You know there’s a beautiful woman who will also cover herself from top to toe and enjoy the sweaty, squeaky experience with you. You make the call and nervously arrive at the premises.

You look into the deep blue eyes of your Mistress and you know She understands the importance of how it clings to your body, her body, in all of the right places. The wrinkles and folds it makes if you bend or move and the smell. Oh lord that distinct latex smell that lingers in your nostrils and reminds you of heaven. After the effort of push and pull and the high pitched melody that is sung by the material as it’s manipulated around your figure- you feel whole. Relaxed and complete as you catch a glimpse yourself glimmering in the light as your high shine rubber highlights your shoulders and thighs.

Your Mistress. Your stunning Latex Mistress now seems to possess magical qualities. She hypnotises you as She tests the elasticity of the material. Entrances you as She pulls and releases the gummy around your nipples and your crotch. Her breath momentarily changing the shade of the latex as She breathes her rich intoxicating smell all over your body.

Your cock is throbbing from the excitement of finally releasing yourself to your fantasy. Giving yourself over to the rubber and your Mistress. Mistress enjoys watching her latex slaves pull themselves into rubber thigh high boots and you notice she’s placed them in the corner of the room. She orders you to put them on but does not let you sit down to do so. She enjoys to watch you struggle as your movements are restricted in your catsuit and even more so as the second boot is pulled on and you attempt to balance on one unfamiliar heel.

However you know this is not the only thing She has in store for you today. She says ‘Theres no pleasure without a little pain. The more pain you can endure then the more pleasure you shall receive.’ Then She holds your head close and pulls on a hood before kissing your cheek and holding you even closer. With Her arms wrapped around you, both lots of rubber stick together, it’s like they belong to each other. Her presence is magnetic and you’re drawn to Her. The moment is perfect and you know you’ll do anything for this Rubber Goddess.

Then She begins to have her fun….

Cock & ball torture
Nipple torture
Body bag
Spanking / corporal punishment
Breath play
Face sitting
Anal play… And more


Latex nurse with medical play is also available.

Contact Latex Mistress Eclipse 07907622890











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